Sooo many questions!

These are real questions that I have been asked several times over and over so I thought would just stick my answers on here and redirect the future question askers. Please don't be shy in asking me questions of course, its just probably a time saver if I stick my most commonly asked ones here.

Q) Who are you?
A) London Jones

Q) No, seriously. Who are you?
A) London Jones

Q) Will you ever reveal who you really are?
A) Perhaps...

Q) What is your stage name? Can I get a link to your model page?
A) No. My stories are real and I respect my clients privacy so I do this blog anonymously.

Q) But I want to watch your show so I can learn!
A) I know and I would love to help, but then you will know who I am and it compromises my customer's privacy. Just watch lots of MFC models and see if they are getting tipped. If they have a camscore of 3500 or above they are usually pretty good.

Q) Will you do a private Skype show?
A) Again that would be a no. Video chat would kind of ruin my anonymity.

Q) But I like your erotic journal entries so what if you just type sexy stuff while I wank?
A) I am a camwhore. The whore part implies I expect payment for said wanking material so that would also be a no.

Q) Would you write an erotic novel?
A) Maybe. I am not a writer, I have never been published and I have never studied the art form. I have no idea about character development or plotting or anything, so I prefer to just journal about my actual sex life and write my advice posts. If I do decide to challenge myself and write a novel, or even a short story you can guarantee I will be promoting it shamelessly here.

Q) Why are you doing this blog?
A) Because I like to help other people mostly. I don't want to see people get hurt in this industry through lack of preparation or real information readily available. I genuinely want other new cam girls to be successful because most of us do this for reasons that aren't usually related to being nymphomaniacs regardless of what some people would have you believe. There are a lot of debt, redundancy, single parent, health problem, addiction stories in this community of people to go right along side the attention seeking nymphos. We are real people and we need other real people to turn to for advice and support. Don't get me wrong I love my job, but we all have our reasons for starting.

Q) Why did you become a cam girl?
A) Because I am an attention seeking nymphomaniac... Honestly it's because the job market held few opportunities for me after a series of health problems. It was the best option for me to help my recovery and still earn money as I could make large amounts on very flexible part time hours. It offered me a flexibility no other job could. I am glad this industry was available to fall back on and while it may not have been my first choice of career, I have had far worse jobs and I have grown to love performing and being a part of the cam girl community.

Q) Does anyone you know, know you are a cam girl?
A) Yes. Some friends, no relatives. Only a handful of friends really.

Q) Can I advertise on your blog?
A) Potentially. Email me about it.

Q) You mention a religious upbringing in some of your posts. Are you still religious? Doesn't that conflict with the camming?
A) I have been brought up as a Christian and while I do still believe, I have never been "religious". I am very flexible with my faith and I don't feel the need to justify my actions as appropriate or inappropriate for my beliefs. This is just what I do and it doesn't define me as a person. I'm pretty confident Jesus still loves me anyway so there you go!

Q) Will you follow/link my blog?
A) If your blog is related to the cam girl community or has a positive sexual message then probably as long as it is fairly well written, I like it and you are happy to follow and link back. If it is unrelated to camming or sex then no because it's not relevant to my readers.

I will add more questions as they appear in my inbox time and time again!