Advice Index

You're in my advice index!

This is a list of all my pretty much solely advice based posts for new webcam models. I'm hoping this list will make it easier for new models and others to find what they are looking for info wise on my blog. It saves sifting through my diary/experience posts and will hopefully be easy to navigate. This page will be updated each time I add another advice post. I will still say the experiences may be a useful thing to read as well if you are starting out. In fact I would recommend reading as many camgirl blogs as possible to get a full picture of the job, but this stuff below is the stuff I feel you really should know and consider before starting out.

1) Deciding to be a webcam model...
2) Be equipped to cam - Technology
3) Private Shows - Boundaries, ect
4) My alter ego - Stage Personas
5) Streaming your camera in HD - Technology
6) Dealing with the chaff - Dodgy Customers
7) Telling your friends about your job...
8) Site info/review -
9) Taking care of down there - Health
10) Independent Modeling - Getting rid of the studios!
11) Model rates on various sites
12) suck! - Model Rates
13) Dear London - From Alternative Model
14) Making the most of Twitter/Camgirl Tweet - Social Media 
15) respond - Model rates!
16) Lingerie/Costume Advice - Dressing for your show 
17) 5 Points Modelling - Another suck's ass studio! 
18) Faking Anal - Exactly what it says on the tin!
19) SkinVideo - Approved so far...
20) Sakuralive - More like Suck-uralive...
21) Streamate - Rates - They sort of suck...
22) How to use my site reviews... 
23) Making Picture Adverts - Part 1
24) Making Picture Adverts - Part 2
25) Cammed Peaches - Pay rates/Review
26) Making Picture Adverts - Part 3
27) Image Hosting, HTML and useful links
28) iFriends Review
29) Camming when menstruating...
30) Camming and toilet play...
31) A card game for customers
32) Offering Phone Services
33) Privacy...
34) Camming Mothers...
35) Connecting with other models...
36) Acronyms, Shorthand and Slang with Elizabeth Battleree...
37) Daily Dot reports on camming - Industry in the news!
38) - Listing site for models
39) Roll Those Dice - Public Show Games
40) ExtraLunchMoney (ELM) - Site Review
41) London's Personal Prices and Pay sites
43) Jenga - Camgirl games
44) Gamer Ladies Make Green!
45) Camming and Escorting
46) Something for the gents - Male model info
47) Watermarking - Benefits and Manycam Tutorial

If you spy any posts I have missed that should be on this page, or have any recommendations for a topic then please don't hesitate to drop me a message.