About me...

My weakness... Mmmm sugary, creamy, sweetness!

 My name is London Jones and I started documenting my journey as a webcam model from the very beginning in March 2011. I live in London and work from home writing this blog and performing for my customers.

I started writing this blog as a guide for women wanting to start out as online models, documenting my personal experiences and opinions of the sites I work with, the tricks I learn and pretty much every other area of the industry. I also include diary entries and the off topic posts for a bit of fun such as Sunday Camgirl Anthems.

It is my hope that people will find this blog a useful tool in getting started as a cam model and a place where they can discuss or ask for advice, or even just have some fun. I know how tough it can be to get started in the adult entertainment industry when it can be hard to tell even your closest friends and so I want this to be a place where other models can feel supported and heard and entertained by my posts. I hope people will feel free to ask for or leave advice because I always appreciate the opinions of others!

For those readers who are not cam models I hope that they will understand the job we do a little better from the other side of the camera, and appreciate the things we can experience on a daily basis. Hopefully shed some light on our secret little world and give them a glimpse of the reality behind the lens. I hope to do all of the above and of course entertain and titillate them along the way with my sexy and silly stories. Not setting myself a mammoth task or anything...

I love sharing advice and receiving stories, tips, info, whatever from others so please feel free to contact me. I always aim to reply to the emails I am sent so don't hesitate to email me any questions or hot tips! You can email me at londoncamgirl@gmail.com or tweet me on my twitter account @LondonCamgirl

Look forward to getting to know you and hope you enjoy following my journey as I continue the path of the camgirl! And if you see a girl in a Starbucks in London, drinking an iced drink with too much cream, muttering to herself about personal lubricant/dildos/anal obsession while she taps away on a laptop it's probably me so come say hi!

Peace and love to you.