Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Calling All Cam Girls! Be Part of a Channel 4 Documentary...

I was contacted by Annabelle Draper from Back2Back productions regarding their latest documentary about cam girls and our industry. Following on from their very successful documentary about phone sex workers, (click here to view) they are looking to get in touch with women currently working the the industry who would like to contribute to the film with their opinions and experiences.

In my opinion this is a fantastic opportunity for girls who are looking to shine a spotlight on our industry and maybe show that there is no shame in doing what we do. Furthermore it could be a boost to your personal brand if you are featured.

The documentary will be tackling misconceptions about the industry, with our stories at the heart. To quote Annabelle directly:

"This will be a thoughtful and positive look at an industry which can be often misunderstood, and hopes to dispel myths and challenge any taboos that exist to date. Clean in content, with a light-hearted and warm tone, this documentary will get to know the real lives of the women behind the webcams,and is all about female empowerment. First and foremost, we want to focus on our contributors as people, as well as on the industry they work in, defying any preconceptions that may stand. 

Although there have been various forms of media on camming in the past, many have fixated on the cruder and 'sadder' stories of girls in camming which aim to patronise and belittle and I do not believe represents the majority of women in the industry! 

In particular we hope to hear from confident women who may receive or cater for some funny or unusual requests, not hard-core, just interesting or humorous. Also to tell the stories of these women, their backgrounds, other interests, otherwise ‘normal’ lives they lead who have made an intended decision to embrace the world of the web."

I was personally a fan of their work on the phone sex documentary and therefore happily invite any of my female, currently camming or considering camming readers to get in touch with Annabelle or Emma to share their stories and be potentially featured in an interesting and empowering look into our world.

If you do decide to take part and contact the girls them let me know in the comments! I will be excited to see how this turns out and hopefully see some of my readers representing us on Channel 4!

Much Love as always




  1. Blimey. This company has emailed every UK cam model on AdultWork and is now posting in various forums...and is not getting any favourable responses!

    1. I know, and I saw those and I understand where the girls are coming from, but this is my opinion:

      To the people saying it will bring millions of new girls online and screw everything up - I personally have never feared competition. If I did I wouldn't have made this blog telling girls my own tricks to get the most out of their time on cam. I believe in welcoming people into this industry and trusting that those with talent and drive will make it. There have always been hundreds of thousands of girls online and so what the hell are a few more going to do?

      People keep repeating it will all be a bunch of unprepared idiots signing up, so really what is the big fuss? They will all drop out after a few weeks when they realise it is actually hard work if you want to make the big money. And if they make the big money then I'm happy for them. We all deserve the opportunity for happiness and success.

      Sometimes it disappoints me just how insular, bitter and snobbish we can be in this industry. We were all newbies once. We all wanted to make big cash and we should be thankful we made something of ourselves and want to share it with others. It's just good karma.

      And in my opinion, if they are that worried about losing customers are they really putting on decent shows? If you have built up a loyal base of regulars is there really anything to fear?

      And to the people whining about their family finding out, as I repeatedly state that is always a risk. If you have to cam in secret then dont be in a documentary, set your country/state block settings up so you are as safe as can be and make sure all your pictures are in locked galleries where possible.

      Privacy is always a risk when camming so if its that big of a deal then they shouldnt be camming in the first place. And I hardly think its likely mum and dad will be sat watching the documentary (assuming they watch it at all anyway) and then immediately start intensively searching through every single cam site. Most of the girls who are on the first page, earning the big bucks market themselves so much they are high risk of being outted anyway (assuming for whatever reason they arent already open about it).

      I'm not saying I dont see any validity in their concerns, but I do think there is too much of a knee jerk reaction with people piling on without actually asking any pertinent questions. And the stuff they are so worried about is already a risk/going on anyway.

      The positives of the documentary for girls who do decide to partake are that they will have a platform to present a picture and message of the community that others will not. They will have brand exposure, especially helpful to girls who are invested in marketing themselves heavily. They will also help attract clients to the sites, meaning a potential increase in traffic.

      At the end of the day if everyone focusses on the potential negatives and none of the positives and no one with real experience actually bothers to find out more about the documentary then it may well become a farce. If only newbies and people with limited exposure to our industry decide to talk about it, it may come off as cheesy and ridiculous. But if they could get some classy, intelligent girls telling our stories it could become a more empowering, as well as titillating and light hearted, look into the community.

      But what do I know? I was stupid enough to write a blog offering to help other girls for free so maybe I'm just as bad as these people and deserve a pile on too.

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