Friday, 1 March 2013


Ok my lovelies, I have been quiet for a while and it is because my health again took a dramatic turn for the worse. At present I can hardly move from my bathroom floor, let alone get on cam or update this blog. It happened not long after I began working as a domme and I'm at a point now where there is just no way I can work in any physical capacity. My body is broken.

I have Beau to take care of me, but I'm going to be seeking private medical care as soon as I can afford it. Don't cam and live in London if you want to save money!

I want you all to know that while I am truly, very, very sick, I am still upbeat and rooting for you all. I'm grateful for your readership, your support of the blog, and of course for your beautiful emails that have touched me and made my dark days more bearable. Trust me that if I am ever able to return to this world and continue my adventures, I most definitely will!

Be safe, be smart and be kind to yourselves.

Much love