Thursday, 8 March 2012

Something for the gents... Male Model post


Since September last year my inbox has been filling up more and more with emails from aspiring male models looking for advice on entering the cam modelling world. I am really pleased to know that so many guys are reading the blog and so because of this repeated request I have decided to attempt this issue in a post.

I have been reluctant to do this in the past for several reasons, the main one being that I think the best people to give advice and advocate are male models working in the industry. As a white, heterosexual, cisgendered woman I can only offer a limited view of what the industry really is. We need voices to represent the rainbow of participants and build a strong advice community that values and respects our different experiences.

Another reason I haven't done a male centric post is because there is little information out there that I can find specifically relating to guys. Some of the advice on my blogs regarding technology and etiquette can be applied across the board. But for more specific stuff regarding gay sites and what female customers want, I wouldn't feel right telling men what is popular because I simply don't know. I have never used a cam site to talk to a guy and as I am not a gay male I can't tell you what it's like from my experience which is what a lot of my posts boil down to. I also can't give you pay rates for most of the male model sites because again I can't apply for them with no identification.

The site I used to work for, internet modeling does take on male models. They never treated me badly, but the pay wasn't the best out there for female models. As I can't gather data for what the male sites pay this may be a good option for some of the guys out there.

 Some of the top sites that come up for male models are: - This is the site that internet modeling will put you on. - This site is the male version of LiveJasmin. I haven't heard great things about LJ from the ladies, but I have no rates for the boys. Assuming it is the same it's not great. - This looks like a streamate affiliate similar to internetmodeling so wouldn't surprise me if the rates were the same.

I really can't say what the best paying site is for guys. I don't know if the rates change for men, as they are in less demand than female models. My advice is to sign up with as many as possible and find out all their rates. See who treats you best and when you find a site that has a decent commision on top of good traffic then make it your home!

Regarding your customer base, if you are a straight male, be aware that the majority of you clients will be gay men. I would hope you already know that because if you go into it thinking otherwise you are naive. You should be comfortable with having online sexual encounters with men and if you aren't then web cam modelling probably isn't for you. In the same breath if you are gay it is possible you will encounter female customers and you should also ideally be comfortable having online sexual encounters with them. Sexuality in this industry must be somewhat fluid to make the most money.

You should also be prepared to be asked to perform the same stuff females get asked to do like anal play and deep throating. You should consider getting your own selection of toys and fetish costumes, if you haven't already, to cater to niche markets. Ideally you will work out how you really feel about these sort of things beforehand because its more than likely to come up pretty fast. (I have a post on faking anal if it's really not your thing.)

If you are looking for a useful male model tutorial, my old site also has tips for new male models here. I found their tutorials very helpful when I was starting out so hopefully you will find the same.

Alot of the stuff is common sense and applicable to all of us. Smile, flirt, don't look bored, keep chatting, play games, keep bringing the conversation back to sex, the usual.

My final thought for the night is that if you are a guy reading this, or a woman, cisgendered or transgendered, heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, Asian, Black, White, Hispanic, and you have views and experiences to share on camming please start a blog! People need to hear what you have to say, especially you men. This is one of the few industries in which women usually make more money than their male counterparts, (models not executives I will point out.) and there is very little information out there on the subject. If this simple gal from London town can start a blog and be heard, why not you?

I wish all my readers, male, female, intersex, whatever, the best of luck in all their endeavours and much health and wealth and happiness!

Much love


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