Thursday, 22 September 2011

Where I disappeared off to that time I went away...

I love a man who isn't afraid to have a man with a moustache like that tattooed on his arm.

Some of you may have noticed that I disappeared for about month in July. Well, when I say some of you noticed, I really mean a lot of you noticed and actually emailed me to make sure the pilot I was posting previously about hadn't killed me or that I wasn't really sick as you are aware I suffer with long term health issues. I greatly appreciate all of you who emailed me during that time, and I apologise to those who have not yet received a personal response from me. You will receive one I assure you, but I am quite behind on my correspondence so bear with me just a little while longer.

Things between Beau and I have been a real whirlwind. Not something I had planned on happening at all when I started this blog back in March. I am one of the most level headed, logical people you will meet on days and so it has come as quite a shock to me to throw aside my usual "Type A" tendencies and allow myself to be swept away in a relationship.

Beau is nothing like the men I usually go out with. In the past I have picked complicated, troubled men. I suppose I am a fixer. I am trained in counselling and I am aiming to get a PhD in Psychology so it has always been a passion of mine to help people who are struggling with emotional issues. It took me me some time to realise that I needed firm boundaries regarding my boyfriends mental health and stability, which would probably be completely obvious to others. That coupled with my health problems meant I would always put up with a lot of crap because I thought no one sensible would ever want to build a life with someone who is at times essentially disabled.

I was skeptical with Beau. I had been single for a while and I was trying to suss out his deal. I was convinced he would be a psycho, because in truth that is what pretty much all my boyfriends turned out to be in the end. I watched him so closely on our dates, but his reserved nature and softness gave me a sense of security. The first night we were together confirmed that he was not ordinary by any means.

Beau is actually an incredible man. He is talented, creative and successful as well as being sensitive and loving. After two months of dating he had to go away to Spain for an extended period of time to work on one of his projects. He took me to dinner and said that the past two months had been so special that he wanted to throw caution to the wind and ask me join him. I'll never forget it.

We were at The Ivy in the West End. He had booked us a table there after taking me to see a show. I remember feeling a bit nervous because no one had ever taken me anywhere so nice before (I sound like I'm Eliza Doolittle or something I know! But really it's just most of my previous boyfriends were unemployed or students...). He looked so handsome in his Armani suit and tie. He doesn't usually dress up, but he was the one who insisted we have a fancy pants night in the West End and he did not disappoint. I felt giddy with adrenaline as we walked from the theatre to the restaurant. It was like I'd been drinking champagne on an empty stomach, I had butterflies and my head was deliciously swirly. I couldn't remember a time I had felt more proud or happy to be on some one's arm.

The dinner was beautiful and I was excited to try creme brulee for the first time. Beau was laughing at me as I tried to crack the caramelised top with the base of my spoon unsuccessfully. We were laughing, and then suddenly he grabbed my hand and said bluntly, "I just found out that I have to go to Spain for at least a month, but I don't want us to be apart. I understand if you say no or if you can't come, but tonight just confirmed to me that I want you with me. Will you come and stay with me in Spain?"

I didn't know what to say. I sat there in silence looking at him with the spoon still in my hand hovering in mid air. A million thoughts rushed through my mind. Looking at it logically the idea of Spain seemed ridiculous. I had only known Beau for two months and it was far too soon. We hadn't even talked properly about whether or not we were truly exclusive. My mind was whirring as I tried to process everything.

Beau looked disappointed but resilient as I remained silently stunned and he quickly began to make his case. "London, I know this seems really fast, but I think we have a connection and I wouldn't ask if I didn't have a good feeling about us. I have never felt this way before, or taken a risk like this, but I think we should take a chance and really give it a try. It might not work, but lets just do it! Life is too short and like people say if you find something that makes you happy, hold on to it. And you make me more than happy..." He trailed off for a moment. He gripped my hand so tightly I could see my fingers turning purple. "London, I think I love you. If you feel the same then let's just go for it. You don't have to worry about the money, it's all paid for. You just need a passport. What do you think?"

His warm brown eyes looked full of fear as I watched him confess his love. It was the most passionate I had ever seen him. In that moment I knew I loved him too and I that even if it didn't work out, it was completely worth the risk. If I didn't go with him I would regret it for the rest of my life. Seeing him overcome his natural reserve gave me more faith than I had ever had before that this could be it. He could be the one.

"I love you too and I will go to Spain with you." I laughed nervously, not quite believing what I was saying.
"You will?" he said shaking his head in disbelief himself. He started to laugh, the relief of my answer spreading across his face. "Thank God!" he laughed, and I felt his hands shaking with adrenaline as they were cupped around mine. "I'm so glad!"

He called for the bill and we left. The walk back to his place was magical. The warm night air enveloped us as we kissed deeply at the top of his road. My shoes were killing my feet so he had scooped me up and carried me for the last few streets. I was so turned on seeing him in his suit and smelling his aftershave. He smelled so clean and fresh, like the rain on sweet, fresh cut grass. As we kissed, his hands roamed over my body and he tugged at my dress. I could feel him so hard against my thigh as he grabbed my ass and pulled me in closer. I wanted him to take me right there in the street.

He groaned and swept me up into his arms again and dashed towards his house. "I need to get you inside." he panted as he leaped up the steps on his front porch. He fumbled for his keys, but in no time at all we were in his flat and he was tearing off my dress with his teeth. He set me on the kitchen table and slid off the straps of my dress. He kissed my nipples and I felt his hot breath move down my stomach as he pulled the satin over my thighs and let it drop to the floor. Naked on his kitchen table I let him ravish me. He tore off his shirt as he kissed my body, sucking and biting my nipples, letting his tongue run down to my thighs. There was no teasing this time as he buried his face in my pussy. He let his tongue explore every part of my and I steadied myself as the pleasure from his tongue washed over me.

I spread my legs wider as he focused on my clit. His tongue flicking and swirling all over it as he teased my tight little ass with his fingers. I could feel him circling my anus and stroking my taint. It drove me wild and even more so when he plunged his fingers deep into my pussy. I shuddered with ecstasy as he took care of me. I felt so complete as he slid in and out with his fingers and tasted me with his tongue. I could feel myself getting close and I gripped the table hard to brace myself.

He sped up his tongue and fingers and I ran my own fingers through his hair. My legs were shaking as I came so close. "Don't stop!" I begged. "Oh God! Don't Stop!" As the waves of pleasure flooded my clit I held his head and pushed his face further into my crotch. "I'm gonna cum!" I could feel the pressure building as his fingers brushed my G-Spot over and over. "Oh God! Yes!" I cried as I arched my back and sprayed his face with my juices. He made me squirt all over his kitchen floor and I collapsed with my damp, sticky back against the table.

Beau licked my pussy as I winced at the sensitivity of it. I let him clean me up before he climbed on top of me. The table creaked as he pressed his body against mine and kissed me sensually. His tongue entered my mouth and I could taste myself. I could feel his throbbing cock against me and he pushed me legs back so I could take him. He slid inside me and moaned loudly. I ached with pleasure as he began to grind deep in my soaking pussy. I took his dick and loved it. He pushed me legs right back over my shoulders and fucked me so good. I moaned as he filled me. It felt so tight and delicious. I came hard again all over his cock.

He got off the table when I came and slid my ass down to the edge. He stood up and started to really pound me hard. I bit my lip to keep from screaming his name and waking the neighbours, but he knew if he bent me over he would break me and make me cry out. He flipped me over and spanked me like a naughty girl and slid back inside my pussy. He fucked me nice and rough and pulled my hair, knowing how much I love it. It felt so amazing and I began to lose control. His cock kept hitting my G-Spot over and over and soon I was crying out and screaming his name as he fucked me over the table. The louder I got the harder he fucked me until he couldn't contain himself any longer. He pulled out as he got close and turned me around. He stroked his cock a few more times and blew his load all over my face. It tasted so good.

His cum dripped down to my tits as I licked as much as I could from my face. He smiled at me and handed me some tissue. "You're amazing." he sighed with contentment. "I can't wait until Spain."
"Me either." I said as he pulled me too my feet. "I think it could be the best thing I ever do!"

And so with the last of our energy we fell into bed and slept...


  1. That's so cute... and romantic... and sexy! Wow girl :) he sounds pretty amazing. What a good reason to "disappear" for a while ;)

  2. Thanks Innes. So sweet of you to say :)

    It was a very good reason to disappear I agree. I havent even gotten to the Spain entry yet!


  3. Teehee, well I will be watching for that! :)