Saturday, 17 September 2011 - Listing site for serious models

X marks the spot!

Are you an independent model looking to expand your customer base and gain more traffic to your personal site? Are you set up to take on private payments and perform private shows through instant messenger services as well as through your primary cam site? If this sounds like you then may be able to help you achieve your goals as a model.

VirtualXGirls are a listings directory, meaning that while they don't stream live cam shows, they will list your profile and model contact information in exchange for free advertisement on your own blog or webpage. If you don't have a web page to place one of their banners, the service is $5 a month.

This could be an invaluable service to serious independent models, dedicated to building their brand and reaching more customers. Marketing and exposure is a fundamental part of building your brand and when it comes at the cost of a banner placement on your site I certainly think it is worth considering.

If you want more information regarding you can find it on their sign up page, or on their thread at the StripperWeb Forums.

Wishing you all much wealth!



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