Monday, 19 September 2011

Shake it nice, then roll those dice - Cam Games

Vegas or Bust!

I regularly mention that the key to successful camming, especially on sites like MFC, is keeping your customers interested. This means varying your shows and engaging with your customers in new and creative ways. Here I am going to outline a simple game for you to play with your room. It has been a big hit in my room and is so simple, you can break it out at any time you like without any real planning needed.

All you need is 1 dice. You assign an action to each number, with one number in particular, usually 6 as something especially risque. The reason I suggest having something extra naughty for one of the numbers is so that the customers have a bigger incentive to roll. It's gambling and they may have to roll 10 times before they get to see what they really want to see. For me it would be as follows:

1 = Ass flash/booty clap to the cam
2 = Deep throat/suck on my dildo
3 = Tit flash/bounce
4 = Pussy flash/spread
5 = Sexy dance/strip till fully nude
6 = Nude Masturbation

Now I set the price of a roll pretty low because I know I will get a lot of interest and many fans will want multiple rolls. I will set the roll price between 50-100 tokens, but you know your customers so set whatever you like. You can also be creative and do offers like "Buy 2 rolls get the 3rd free!" You could even add another dice, or a dice with more sides and increase the amount of actions and numbers in the game.

I try to be fair to the people who pay for rolls and will perform for a similar amount of time as someone who tips me, if not a little longer. If my performance is encouraged by more tips I roll with it and keep the party going rather than stopping to take more rolls.

This is really just a simple way to interact with customers that is a little more interesting and can help add some variety to your performances. Go break out your old Monopoly set and borrow the dice for the evening and see how it goes! Hopefully you will be making it rain in no time!

Wishing you much prosperity!

Much love



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