Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Personal Prices and Pay Sites...

How much do you charge and where do you charge it?

Many people have been asking me about my personal prices for selling my panties etc on MFC. I never thought to include this before here before as it seems like something that each individual needs to decide on their own. Some people will think I'm too cheap, others too expensive, but I have found a price range that works for me and my regulars and enables me to reach the goals I set myself for each show.

They have also been asking me which e-wallet/pay sites I use and if I don't take PayPal, for my private business external to the cam site, then what am I using instead? Today I will reveal my personal prices and the pay site/e-wallet I favour and my reasons for this.

I currently use AlertPay for my MFC payments. I use AlertPay because it isn't a risk to use in the way that PayPal is, and it doesn't charge me for it's services aside from a small fee for transferring money into my bank account. Although it doesn't offer me a debit card system, which would be awesome, I hate the idea of being charged daily just for the privilege of having an account which I have noticed many e-wallets and pay sites do.

I have previously said PayPal was a good way to be paid, but I now know this is not correct. PayPal have taken a real conservative stance against the camming and sex industry and will ban users for using their accounts for adult work. My old cam studio, no longer offers PayPal for payments, and if you are currently with any cam site or studio that is offering PayPal as their primary method of pay, I suggest you find work elsewhere or at the very least change your own payment options. Your account can be frozen permanently and they may ban you from having an account in the future.

I often come across customers who want to pay for shows without using the site of giving out credit card information. They want to use PayPal or Western Union, but I would never recommend accepting these or giving them any of your personal bank details as they could be used for fraud or to trace you. As I make plenty from my public shows on MFC from time to time I am happy to accept Amazon Vouchers in place of tokens. (I buy so much online these days it seems perfectly logical to me!) They send them to my stage persona's email account and I can buy products with my Amazon account registered under my stage email. When accepting these gift vouchers, always make sure to apply them to your account before you begin the show to ensure they are real and valid, as some customers may attempt to send you fake voucher codes.

So as well as prices for things like photo gallery passwords and panties, on MFC I offer private Skype and Instant Messenger shows instead of private shows through MFC at the customers request so I have worked out the pricing for this. I have included UK Pounds Sterling (£) as I'm in England of course, but just so you are all clear it's 0.05 cents per token anyway and as a model you keep the full 5 cents each token is worth.

To encourage men to buy my IM shows I would slightly undercut the amount of tokens they would spend taking me to an exclusive chat through MFC. Remember a private is 60 tokens per minute. Again, those that don't want to go through tokens on MFC would pay me in Amazon vouchers, so I have also included the value I accept for these. I do not book private shows under 10 minutes long, but included the per minute price so you know what I'm working for.

You will also notice that my token price per minute goes down the longer the show is. I do this to encourage the customers to book more time for better value. They don't have to use all their time in one go, so I will sometimes have a regular buy 60 minutes and use it up over a couple of shows.

OK so my prices for my private IM shows are as follows:

Book 10 - 15 mins and the token price is 50 per min

1 min = 50 tokens - £1.52 - $2.50

10 mins = 500 tokens - £15.20 = $25.00 - Amazon Voucher £15/$25

15 mins = 750 tokens - £22.80 = $37.50 - Amazon Voucher £20/$35

Book over 20 mins and above and token prices go down to 40 per min

1 min = 40 tokens - £1.23 - $2.00

20 mins = 800 - £24.60 = $40.00 - Amazon Voucher £25/$40

25 mins = 1000 - £30.75 = $50.00 Amazon Voucher £30/$50

30 mins = 1200 - £36.90 = $60.00 - Amazon Voucher £35/$60

Book 45 mins and the price goes down to 35 tokens per min

1 min = 35 tokens - £1.07 per min - $1.75

45 mins = 1575 tokens - £48.15 = $78.75 - Amazon Voucher £50/$80

Book 1 hour and the price goes down to 30 tokens per min

1 min = 30 tokens - 0.92 - $1.50

60 mins = 1800 - £55.20 = $90 - Amazon Voucher £60/$90

This is how I make some of my money. I made this list so when asked about private shows over Skype or MSN I had amounts to give people. It's enough to make it worthwhile in my mind. I keep the list open on my laptop in a word document and have the prices advertised on my profile so I can direct customers there if needs be. I will point out now that I DO NOT advertise the Amazon Voucher prices. I only offer this to customers who express an interest in spending money externally from MFC that I cannot convince to pay in tokens.

I also sell lingerie, stocking and tights I buy from a cheap store in the UK called Primark. I pay something like £1 per pack of 3 lace panties and sell them off at about £12 a pair. I also sell phone services, body painting requests, pictures and videos. The prices are as follows:

  • 400 tokens panties or stockings delivered to UK mainland - £12.66 - $20 - Amazon Voucher £10/$20
  • 500 tokens panties or stockings overseas delivery - £15.83 - $25 - Amazon Voucher £15/$25
  • 250 per video - £7.91 - $12.50 - Amazon Voucher £10/$15
  • 100 - 300 tokens for my photo gallery password (different levels of nudity/sexual actions in each) - £3.16 - £9.50 - $5 - $15 - Amazon Vouchers £10/$10-$15
  • 1000 tokens for personalised message in body paint with 10 pics sent to email - £31.67 - $50 - Amazon Voucher £30/$50
  • 2000 tokens for my stage persona's mobile number (replies and texts etc at my discretion and this is stated clearly) - £63.34 - $100 - Amazon Voucher £65/$100
These are my prices and I based these on what girls similar to myself were charging, along with the prices of the top models on MFC. I try to give fair, reasonable prices for a girl who isn't a particularly prolific online model, as I want to keep my anonymity some what still. If I was trying to truly build my brand I would increase my prices as my fan base grew.

I will tell you now that I make the majority of my money from my public shows and these are just a few services I offer on the side to encourage offline tips and bring in more cash. This is another reason I can afford to keep my prices at what I consider to be a modest level. When I work I set a goal of between 2000-3000 tokens per shift and try to reach it every time I log on. I don't always make it because some nights people just don't bite, but more often than not now I have my regular clients I do quite well and completely exceed my target. My aim to to make a minimum of $100 in a 4 hour shift, but I often make at least $200 or easily $300 on a good day. This pales in comparison to some girls, but again I haven't built up my brand as much as some women do. I am confident that if I was to market myself more openly and create more content that I could make a lot more money each shift.

I hope some of you have found this helpful and enlightening as to what I personally charge. I am not saying these prices will be right for every one by any means, but it may give you a rough idea of what some of the ladies out there are charging and help you plan accordingly.

Hope you are all really well. Keep going with it ladies and you will get there eventually.

Much love




  1. London, how far do you go in public? I thought from your blog that you really only tease. Do you now do more?

    It's a tricky balance, isn't it? One night, my connection was so bad, that to thank the guys for their patience I set a target and did a public room was so full but it seemed unfair on the guys who had tipped that the freeloaders saw the show, too. I'm trying to tease and seduce in public then go to group or private...also new faster connection is imminent to make things easier for everyone!


  2. Now that I am on MFC I will perform a complete masturbation show if the group hits my public show target. On MFC public shows are the more usual way to earn your money. Private shows are less frequent, but I do get them a few times a night.

    On a site like Streamate I wouldnt do public nudity or flashing. When I worked on I didnt ever flash, just teased. If you work on MFC though it is a completely different set up.

    The freeloaders are always a problem in public shows :( Fast internet will be good though and then hopefully you can stream more easily in private :)



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