Friday, 23 September 2011 Site Review!

Social networking meets sex... finally... *sigh* is a cam site with twist. It's a cam site that operates with a social network style that I am personally loving. Each girl sets up her own profile page with pictures and a bio and can update her status, just like you would on a site like Facebook. You get paid to respond to emails and can set your own rates for video chats, pictures sales etc. With starting commission at 65% for models it's not a bad take home considering you choose the rates, and interestingly with the more you earn, the higher you take home percentage gets. You can take up to 90% commission as a high earner and if that isn't enough incentive to shake your money maker then I don't know what is!

You can find more information regarding MyGirlFund here on StripperWeb Forums, and on the MyGirlFund site directly, but it looks pretty good to me. They have a variety of payment options and give a decent rate of commission. If the traffic is as good as they claim then this could be a tidy little earner for us ladies! I will definitely be looking into it myself.

Although saying that hopefully they won't sue me for no real reason like they have done with some people... *cough* Look at this! *cough*

London approves (but not of their over litigiousness)!



  1. I enjoy working on's very user friendly and very different from MFC and AW


  2. Even though they are threatening us with legal pressure, overall I'd have to say I've heard good things about MGF. But with any site (including our own little website) it's best to spend the time researching the sites. Stripperweb is a great place to start. I for one learned a bunch just browsing the forums there. Nice job including the link.

  3. Although there are many who love MGF, I have to say that it isn't for me. I did not have much success on this site and I just canceled my account with them. The problem is that some girls are charging like $5 for ten videos or crazy things like that. I know my videos are worth more than that. The concept is great and I might check out another site with a similar concept but with better traffic or something.

  4. I think that part of the allure of mygirlfund is the fact that you can charge your own price for your content, and your time.
    I generally charge at least double what most of the other girls are charging, and many times it is 5x more than what other girls charge for the same thing. And I get it too! This is simply because... I cater to a different market within the site, that most girls are missing out on completely.
    On mygirlfund, you can market yourself in two different ways. One way, is to be a content/camshow provider only. A lot of girls take this route. They set up their profile with a huge pricelist, and a bunch of gifs of them shaking their ass. This does make good money on MGF; like pay your rent good. Especially if you have a lot of fetish content.
    The other way to market yourself on mygirlfund, is to provide an interactive and social networking type of experience for the guys who frequent your profile. Content, and itemized transactions are secondary with this method. This way is like pay your mortgage good.
    MGF guys are different than the guys on other camsites. They are not the same crowd as Myfreecams for instance. (although I do see a lot of crossovers following their favorite girl to mgf) They have a big enough interest in the girl behind the content, that they are willing to pay much more for it, because they are helping someone they have gotten to know, and care about...
    It's a big difference, and requires a completely different attitude than most seasoned camgirls are willing to adopt.
    MGF has a lot of girl next door "new to the industry" models.
    They do very, very well on the site. The crossover girls from other camsites... not so much. That is because they are used to being mainly content/show providers.
    On myfreecams, I was on cam for 8 hours a night. I barely got by. On mygirlfund, I cam MAYBE 8 hours a month, create and edit content probably 30 hours a month, and answer emails for 75 cents a piece (my cut, the guys get charged a dollar) the rest of the time.
    Oh yeah, I spend hours and hours chatting.... for free. Probably 10 to 12 hours a month, at least.
    But MGF pays my mortgage, and I develop loyal, long term customers who are emotionally and financially invested into me as a person. I haven't looked at another camsite in 6 months or more... and I don't miss it a bit.
    Thanks for reading. Apt_no_7

  5. I have been working on a site called for about 6 months. I really love the layout and the commision is 70%!! If any of you girls sell homemade content like fetish clips or picture sets then you really should check them out.

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