Friday, 2 September 2011

My insane female customer...

I have my very own Bunny Boiler Barbie!

There is a girl who used to frequent my room called Jamie. She is pretty, young thing and says shes is 18, which by the look of her is believable. She looks very, young and certainly acts that way. She kind of reminds me of a Barbie without the big breasts. She essentially stalks me when I'm online, never giving me a minutes peace from the moment I log on to the moment I log out. I will have to repeatedly ban her on MFC every 60 days, but it's probably my own fault we got into this situation.

The first time she messaged me she wanted me to view her cam as she said she was a woman and she wanted to ask me what I thought of her. Curiosity got the better of me and knowing that if she turned out to be a dude I could just ban her for wasting my time, I opened up her stream and she really was as she described. She was absolutely gorgeous and I left her cam on just because it made a change from all the ugly, old cock I had been viewing for tokens!

We talked a lot during my show and she asked if she could have my Skype as she was an aspiring web cam model too and wanted to chat about it. She said she didn't really want to do site work as she always arranged things privately, but was interested in how it worked should she look into it in the future. Being the sucker I am for helping a damsel in distress, I gave her my stage name emails and told her to message me any time.

That was my first mistake...

Every time I was online she would start talking to me which was cute at first, but was really just the start of a very strange relationship. She was overtly sexual and told me over and over how much she wanted me and really thought we would be good together. I was flattered at first and thanked her. I even told her I thought she was pretty too, because it was the truth, however looking back this probably only spurred her on because the girl clearly had some psychological issues and it got pretty intense.

The first time we talked on  Skype she asked if we could video chat and I said yes. I was fully clothed at this point and just relaxing at home, but when I answered her call she was completely naked. Maybe it's the British in me but I was just too polite to even question it. I just smiled and talked to her as if nothing was out of the ordinary and I had of course totally expected to see her naked...

We chatted about working as a cam girl and how the sites worked, but during our conversation she kept changing the subject back to me and asking me if I really was bisexual.

"Of course I am." I said. "It's one of the few truths on my MFC profile."
"Oh wow so you have been with women then?!" she asked
"Of course... If I hadn't been with women I would probably describe myself as bi-curious..."
"How many women have you slept with then? Are they better in bed than a man? I've only been with men but I'm bi-sexual."
I balked at the directness of the question. "Ummm... I've been with a few women sexually, but never had a relationship with them. I don't really want to get in to numbers..."
"Is it because it's a lot? It's okay if it is." Her eyes lit up. "I think it's hot to have a lot of experience!"

Her hand slid down her flat stomach and onto her pussy. I could see her playing with herself and had no idea what to say. I wasn't used to a woman behaving that way without at least having the other party naked at the same time!

"Jamie... what are you doing?" I asked, although we both clearly knew what she was up to.
"Touching myself... I was hoping you would get naked too and we could do it together..."
"I see..."

I looked at her, all young and eager and a part of me wanted to throw her a bone and have some fun. She was very pretty, but I just wasn't interested. Something about her personality just turned me off. She was too babyish and I like my women to be feisty and strong. She seemed so needy, and using her nakedness and constant references to sex to seduce me came across as desperate and immature. No woman has ever seduced me with a skimpy outfit, lets put it that way. There is nothing hotter in my mind than good conversation and that is exactly why I was so into the pilot!

It didn't take long for my rational side to kick in anyway. If a man turned on his camera and was naked without paying for it I would have instantly switched off. It was actually disrespectful of her to assume I would just want to see her naked at any given time without asking me. It was also disrespectful to assume she wouldn't have to pay for my sexual services.

"Jamie, I think you should put your clothes on."
"Why?!" she cried "Don't you want to play with me?!"
"Not really, darling. I don't generally have cyber sex with people I hardly know for free. You're very pretty but I would prefer to be just friends."
"But I really like you!" she whined.
"Then you'll be glad to be friends or you will pay for my services. The choice is yours."

She sat silently for a while not moving or attempting to dress, like a huffy teenager, so I logged off without saying goodbye. She was clearly a little deluded and not used to being turned down so I thought the shock might do her some good. I hoped maybe the dent to her ego would calm her down so we could actually be friends.

Second mistake...

From them on every time I came online to do a show she would harass me with PMs begging me to talk to her and view her cam. I gave her plenty of warnings that I was actually working and would ban her but she didn't listen so eventually I had to block her as she was flooding the room with messages. Nothing abusive, just all very needy and attention seeking saying she loved me and I was gorgeous and she wanted me so much.

After the block she started sending me emails begging me to un-ban her and talk on Skype. She sent me hundreds of naked pictures of herself and kept trying to convince me to meet her in person to sort all this out and have sex. She was an absolute nutter this girl! Completely insane and I have had to block her and ban her from every single online method of contact. All her mail goes straight to spam now so for the most part I can just ignore her now. I know she still emails me though.

It just goes to show you that the women can be just as bad, if not worse than the men sometimes. I have never had a man send me hundreds of pictures of his dick after I rejected him, but maybe I've just been lucky so far!

I hope none of you are Jamie's next victim. If you see a pretty blonde on MFC desperate to cam with you, think twice before handing over any contact info. Even if she is an "aspiring model".

May much love and happiness come flying your way!



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