Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Gamer Ladies Make The Green!

Gaming is the perfect Friday night! ... Just me then? ... Fine! The cheese stands alone!

As technology has advanced more and more over the past 30 years, and has taken a dramatic leap even in just the past 10, video gaming has become fairly common in our culture. What was once considered a past time for teenage boys and hard core nerds has transcended into the mainstream with the majority of us owning at least one console or hand held gaming device. Most of us own one of these gaming devices by default now just through owning a cell phone. I know I have spent many a dull hour playing with my iPhone. Sushi Cat anyone?

"What does this have to do with camming?" I hear you asking me. Everything my friends, if you have the skills and desire to expand your fan base even further. This applies more to girls who know how to do some serious gaming, but any one could feasibly do this. Personally, I think it is always better when you play to something you are passionate about. I am going to share my experience first of all, and then I will go on to giving you some links so you can progress with this yourselves if you want to. 

I grew up gaming. My dad had an old Commodore 64 and an Amiga when I was a kid and I remember playing games like Captain Planet and Zool before I was even in Primary School. (My favourites were the Lucas Arts games like Monkey Island which I have even now on Steam, and also the British Simon the Sorcerer Series *Fan girl squee!*) I also had brothers and so gaming was a firm staple in my house. My brothers have had every console imaginable as well as PCs, and of course I never wanted to be left out so I had to do everything they did, and do it better!

I play several multi-player games like Counter Strike, World of Warcraft, FIFA, and Worms. These are all games you can play online with people across the globe and one day I was talking about playing Worms Reloaded in my room. One of my customers piped up "I want to play you at Worms, can I have your Steam ID?" I told him that he couldn't because it was personal, but it got me thinking and soon I created new accounts and avatars across my consoles and games for my stage persona. I figured why not give these guys the opportunity to play with me, as long as they are willing to pay for it first.

I contacted the customer and asked if he was still interested in gaming with me, but that if he wanted my ID it would cost him 1000 tokens for a friend add and 20 minutes of gaming. If I stayed longer it was at my discretion and he could arrange further gaming times at my Skype rates or just see if I would play him on the off chance for free. He agreed but asked if I would game topless and appear on Skype while we played so he could flick between the two. I said yes and the rest is history. I now offer this service to all my customers across various platforms. I have a Steam account all set up for the PC gamers, as well as a PS3 service and a World of Warcraft character that is just ready and waiting to go on sexy quests!

I personally love to do this now and have had several customers take me on quests or play Worms. They often like me to game naked and while it does impair their ability to play somewhat, it's still great fun. I love getting paid to masturbate and play video games!

I also try to incorporate my gaming into my public shows every now and again. I do naked dance mat, and naked Wii Fit jogging/yoga. I have cosplayed as game characters too like Rikku from Final Fantasy and Princess Peach from Mario (I love Nintendo and I really want to cosplay as Midna from Zelda: Twilight Princess). I'm even thinking of doing X-rated photo shoots of me dressed as video game characters. I have a very geeky fan base and they really seem to enjoy these fun kinds of shows and features. It's goes to show again how important it is to be creative in pleasing your fans and working the niche that best fits you. Just look at this other UK MFC gamer hottie! She has a great cam score!

If you are a gamer already you will probably already know about Steam and what not. If you aren't a gamer girl, but would like to look into it, I highly recommend you download Steam from here and set up an account. You can download games or get customers to gift them to you, and go from there. I recommend starting with something like Worms Reloaded which is fairly user friendly and fun. If you have never gamed before and are trying to keep up with veteran Counter Strike dudes then you will struggle! Also...

Who said gaming isn't sexy!
I hope this has been a helpful post, and please don't forget to contact me with any feed back and suggestions at

Hope you are all well and I wish you much happiness!

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  1. There's a very slim market for this. On one hand, it can be most profitable if you look DON'T look like you've been gaming all your life. Those performers that are life long gamers (and do not look like mainstream beauty) have a hard time selling the concept.

    There is also a shrinking market of appeal to this. Its almost like going OMG I'm a girl who likes MOVIES! there are more adult women playing games than young boys. The demographics are shifting so the novelty is wearing off. Its also turning into ire at the idea that women are "getting over" on men for charging them to play or trying to appeal to their nerdiness.

    As much as geek culture has taken over the world, I still say most guys don't care what your gamer score is once they can see your vagina.

    I did one weekend marketing myself as a nerdy gamer and one weekend as the run of the mill cam girl, I made 82 dollars more without mentioning my hobbies.

  2. The gaming market works for some and not for others. The alternative girl market is lucrative. You only have to check out suicide girls and model mayhem to see that.

    I personally make a lot with my gaming style as I am conventionally attractive in a girl next door way and my fans like to see me geek out a bit. You just have to know your audience. Some love it, some don't :)