Thursday, 8 September 2011

Connecting with other models...

We are individuals with a common role in a huge industry...

The adult industry, and camming in particular, is like no other job. At times it can feel amazing, liberating and fun, but like all jobs it has its ups and downs. There are some days when we could just throw our laptop out the window after the millionth Johnny Nobody yells "show ur titz bitch!" There are days of low financial takings, sometimes that turns into a slump. It can be easy to get demotivated and want to give up when we lack the support we need and let our concerns get on top of us.

When I think of most regular jobs, usually people are working with a team of colleagues who help keep their spirits up, assist them with their projects, ease their concerns and offer advice. As most cam girls work solo and work from home, there isn't that same level of camaraderie that you would get with most other work if you are not connected into the community. The cam girl community isn't just a presence at events like Exxxotica, it is a living, breathing, vibrant community online with 1000's of women chatting daily about anything and everything on forums and blogs.

Networking in this industry is important not only for business opportunities, but also for personal fulfilment. I think it is important to interact with other people going through the same thing, who you can vent to when things get tough, ask advice when you need it, or just share a really good tip or story. You can also chat about day to day things to do with your life outside camming with other models. It can be nice to get away from the customers and just have some personal time talking to people who are your peers.

Aside from making friends, you can also find these communities a great way to keep up to date about the latest cam girl networking tools, the best up and coming sites and current industry news. For me personally, I have met a few girls in my local area and after building up a friendship we have started doing the odd show or two together. It has been a great way to boost income and expand my repertoire.

Bearing all this in mind I will now hit you with the linkage (I have a terrible Pauly Shore impersonation in my mind whenever I say linkage and an urge to go watch "California Man"...):

1) Stripper Web Forums is home to a community of strippers, lap dancers, cam girls and more. They have a special section of the forum dedicated to those of us who strip online and are a warm, friendly, welcoming community. I highly recommend!

2) AmberCutie Forums is the home of AmberCutie a lovely model on MFC. Fans and models post regularly on her board and again it is a wonderful community!

3) Cam-girl Notes is a very informative community of women, with many members weighing in on the political side and darker side of camming and adult work. A great community with a strong global presence.

As well as forums you can also find a whole host of information and friends on sites like Experience Project where people start groups based on common experiences and feelings. You can also find a lot of support from the blogging community on sites like Tumblr, LiveJournal, Blogger, etc. I recommend getting stuck in and looking for like minded people to connect with. In the long run, knowing you have friends in the industry to help you through the tough times as well as celebrate the good can be really uplifting.

Hope you make lots of new friends and find what you are looking for!

Much love and peace




  1. Hey there! I am a new camgirl on Streamate and am loving your posts. I have heard that lesbian couples make exponentially more than single females, but unfortunately most of my bisexual/lesbian/bicurious friends aren't too hot on the idea of camming. I have searched on dating sites with little luck. Do you know of any camgirl meet-up websites, where camgirls can find each other to work with?

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