Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Thank God that's over!

Closed for business now! Sorry!

I finally ditched my stupid, game playing sub customer. He was driving me up the wall so he had to go. Seriously!

There is a thing known in this industry as "topping from the bottom", which is where a "submissive" is actually very controlling and will not really enter the submissive role. I find it's impossible to work in these sort of conditions as a cam girl because we are actresses trying to get into a character and play the role effectively and so if someone says they are a sub, but keeps interupting and correcting your role in the game, it is frustrating for both parties and means it is difficult to have a proper session. Topping from the bottom is frowned upon, insincere and impolite and you are well within your rights to call the person out on this behaviour. At the end of the day a true submissive relishes the loss of control, and even if they have boundaries (which is fair enough) they will obey you completely until those boundaries are reached.

I am not so desperate for money I will let some prick come in and try and manipulate and rip me off at every turn. I sent him a lengthy email outlining how our relationship would work and he tried to make out I was unreasonable for expecting prompt payment before speaking with him. I told him in return that he was a rude, cheap bastard whom I had no interest in working with any more... Ooops!

He got pretty upset and tried to win me back again by saying I was the only model he wanted and it wasn't his fault he didn't understand and really I should want to talk to him for hours for free because he's such a sweet guy. I essentially told him to go fuck himself. I told him if he didnt know how to treat a girl after this many weeks, and this many warnings he was obviously too stupid for me to respect. (I don't pull my punches!) I also told him I have plenty of real men in my life to talk to so I don't need to spend hours with him talking about his whiney-ass problems. If he wants someone to talk to he can go see a shrink. They are probably cheaper per hour than me anyway, although admittedly you don't usually get to see their tits...

Customers pay for our time and once they have paid for it we do whatever was agreed between us. This guy obviously wanted to talk but not pay for the privilege so would book an hour long show but delay the payment and try and keep me chatting for as long as possible. They need to remember if we want to chat on our own time it is completely at our discretion and should be after the paid show so we have a choice. Don't ever let a private client treat you that way and don't be afraid to get strict. If they haven't responded to more delicate methods, bluntly outline what you expect because whether they like it or not this is your job and until you can trust them to pay on time and do what they say, treat them obviously as a customer and not a friend. They have to earn back the right to be treated like a friend if they fuck you around in my opinion.

The customer is still emailing me but I just ingore him now. I'm glad I have the control back and I feel like a weight has been lifted because now I no longer have a weekly battle with some difficult, hard to please, wanker. I come across as a bit of a tough cookie, and I suppose I am, but I don't relish conflict. I want things to run smoothly so I don't have to get blunt and tell people where to go. I always try the delicate approach first but when that fails you have to get a bit more real.

I hope you guys are having better customers than this guy. Just watch out for a really fussy submissive in your rooms... You don't want him trust me!

Much Love



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