Saturday, 6 August 2011

Ring Ring! - Phone Services

Not quite the use for your phone that I had in mind...

Many sites like Streamate and Livecam offer their customers a phone service that often proves to be very popular and therefore lucrative. When I was working for Internet Modelling I took advantage of this myself and found it often boosted the number of privates I received. Some men just love to talk dirty on the phone!

Knowing this was a popular service I was a little disappointed when I realised MFC didn't have any options for phone. With Livecam my number was encrypted and the customers would call through the website as a blocked number. It made for a really easy service knowing no one would have their personal details put out there with potential risk.

I was doubly disappointed when customers on MFC kept asking me for phone services too. I didn't want to give anyone my home or contract mobile phone number when that's just for friends and family. After assessing a few different call packages I decided to take matters into my own hands and order a no frills, cheap phone handset and a prepaid sim card. This way my real number would be completely safe and I could just switch off the phone if it buzzed too much, with customers who had been given the number, for my liking!

It has proved relatively popular and I have a few different options I talk through with my customer in private because once they have a personal mobile number they often want to use it for more than just the show. I offer a picture messaging service where I can send them a certain number of pictures per week/month for a price. I can send them voice recorded messages for a price. They can arrange to pay for a sexy text package where we flirt over text for the week.  (My cell provider offers unlimited texts if you top up £10 a month so it makes no difference to the amount I'm spending no matter how much I reply.) They can also arrange for phone sex as long as they make the call and are happy to pay my fee as well. There are a lot of things you can do with a phone and it makes customers feel like a VIP having these exclusive options.

You need to make them feel like a VIP with your number in my opinion. My number comes with an initial one off cost or a prebooked Skype show of a certain length. This means they have spent a decent amount with me so I let them feel like they are high rollers. I will not give out my number to people who want to just take me into private without a tip first or having them book a skype show because of all the 1 min privates you can get. I also outline a list of rules of fair use. They can text me any time and I will reply at my discretion (Unless they book a phone package in which case I will reply). They can also call me to chat in general if they text first and I agree to take the call. I warn them though that this comes with being a high roller and really earning that privilege. I only give special attention to my most generous regulars.

If your earnings really take off and it proves a popular service you might want to take on a second contract phone to get better value on texts, calls, etc (Assuming you already have one contract phone like most do.). I can't really give you much advice on phone providers though, just the potential you have in offering a few extras independently.

I also came across another site looking at camgirl marketing via phone called

If you look past the fairly crappy site design you can see that they are offering to make you a pay site and a downloadable app for the Android Market place bringing you straight to your customer's phone. You just need some videos and pictures and you are away.

You get to keep 100% of the app revenue and 70% of the money earned through the paysite. It could be a tidy little earner if you are looking to get your name out there and the company gets more established. Have a look and see what you think. It certainly won't be for everyone but it's an interesting concept and another way of using new technology to our advantage.

Hope this post has been helpful.

Much love to you all.




  1. I love all the advice you give...a lot of it confirms what I think, too. I'm not sure, though what would be a fair charge for skype and the like. It seems to vary so much on MFC. I'm "upmarket" so skype with me would be almost a privelege. Any advice on what I should charge would be great. Your post here is making me think text and 'phone might be good to offer, too.

  2. I think that with Skype its personal preference and what you are willing to allow. I think you can fairly charge them at least $1.50 a minute if not more if you want. I require a minimum of a 15 minute show. I also let them pay in Amazon gift cards if they did not want to pay in tokens, although these would have to be validated on my account before the show could commence :)

    I would say look at what similar models to yourself are charging, look on the top camscore girls pages for prices and maybe slightly undercut them while you build up your rep. Here is the math I did while working out my own prices. This is done is UK £ sterling.

    Book 5 - 15 mins and the token price is 50 per min

    1 min = 50 tokens - £1.52

    5 mins = 250 tokens - £7.60

    10 mins = 500 tokens - £15.20 = Amazon voucher £15

    15 mins = 750 tokens - £22.80 = Amazon Voucher £20

    Book over 20 mins and above and token prices go down to 40 per min

    1 min = 40 tokens - £1.23

    20 mins = 800 - £24.60 = Amazon Voucher £25

    25 mins = 1000 - £30.75 = Amazon Voucher £30

    30 mins = 1200 - £36.90 = Amazon Voucher £35

    Hope some of that is helpful to you x

  3. oops missed some prices:

    Book 45 mins and the price goes down to 35 tokens per min

    1 min = 35 tokens - £1.07 per min

    45 mins = 1575 tokens - £48.15 = Amazon Voucher £50

    Book 1 hour and the price goes down to 30 tokens per min

    1 min = 30 tokens - 0.92

    60 mins = 1800 - £55.20 = Amazon Voucher £60

    The reduction in prices as the time goes up is supposed to encourage them to buy more for value for money, as I say they dont have to use it all at once etc...


  4. I use google voice and it's FREE! As long as they are in the states... so that is what I use on (flirt) :))

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