Saturday, 20 August 2011


You could unwittingly star in a porno film... Ever see "Girls Home Alone... Or Are They?"

I am writing this article due to a theme I have noticed in the emails that I have been getting recently. It seems a number of new web cam models, and girls considering this career move are concerned about the possibility of being caught on camera by someone they know. They want to know if there is a way to minimize this risk or remove it altogether.

There is never a way to completely remove the risk of being seen online unless you never once show your face, have no distinguishable features on your body that a person who has seen you naked would recognize, work in a room with plain walls and do not speak. Lets face it though, hardly anyone is going to pay to take that girl private.

The things you can to do minimize your risk of being seen online start first of all with setting up with a site that allows you to block certain states or countries. If you have friends or relatives you suspect may find you online, you can block these with sites like streamate and MFC who offer this service to their models. Location blocking is a very useful tool, but will still not guarantee your total anonymity.

Whether you like it or not, when you perform for your customers it is very likely they will take screenshots of you, and even potentially film your shows. They may do this simply to add to their own private collection (or wank bank as I like to call it.), however some will upload it to other websites for streaming and there is a possibility that your image/shows could end up in other places online. This is why location blocking is not a reliable safe guard for your online protection. Once you have broadcast your show, any paying members with the ability to capture it are then able to distribute it to other sites that will have no location bans.

If you have any doubts about entering this industry I suggest you think long and hard before making any commitments. Your decision to model online should not be made lightly. If there is any reason you cannot afford to be discovered by friends or family regarding this work, I do not think you should take the risk. There is no way to do this with guaranteed anonymity unless you do not speak or show your face, and do not have any distinctive features on your naked body. There is no sense in doing this if it will put you in a difficult or dangerous position later on if for any reason you are found out. Be wise.

This job is wonderful if you are comfortable with yourself and do not fear the repercussions of being discovered. I have told no one but my best friend about my job, however if I was to be discovered and my shows to be screened elsewhere I would manage. No one would disown me or get aggressive, even if they were disappointed in my career choice. If I thought I would lose anyone truly important to me through my working as a cam girl I would never have started down this road. To me it would not be worth the anxiety or the sleepless nights.

To summarize, if you are on the fence about camming because of the privacy issue, take a few days to think long and hard about it. Imagine what would happen if various family members found out, or if one of your shows ended up on a file share server or a porn site. Think about how you would cope with those scenarios and after a few days of deliberation make your decision. Camming is not for the thin skinned or faint hearted. If you are going to do it, I suggest you commit to do it passionately and bravely and if you have any doubts get rid of them before you begin, because once you have been naked in front of hundreds of people you can't undo it.

I hope this has helped a few of you who are struggling to decide.

Enjoy your day. Much love and peace!




  1. It's great you mention this. My first broadcast on my first site, within ten minutes there was a name I recognized on the list, who started chatting with me. It was somebody I'd gotten into a fight with months ago and who was a frequenter of that site. We're not talking, once again, for personal reasons... but it did put a damper on the night for a bit. I considered booting him for a while.. but. Either way, it's been dealt with.

  2. you mentioned about customers recording mylive show.. what i do is screen text over my live video like

    ''property of MY NAME at THE NAME OF SITE... IT MAY not be 100%% but i think it helps. for uploading to other sites..BUT IDK AND NEVER KNOW.

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