Saturday, 27 August 2011

Camming Mothers

The only type of camming you should be doing with kids.

This post is not directed to the hundreds, nay thousands of mothers who work in the adult industry and support their kids, love them to death, raise them right and protect them from inappropriate exposure. This post is directed at the disgusting, lowest of the low girls who have no concept of what is appropriate for their children when they decide to get into the adult industry and start camming.

Becoming a web cam model is something that more and more mothers are looking into due to the flexible working hours and great pay. It enables them the total freedom to work around their kids schedule and it can be really empowering to have a means to provide, especially when some girls have been trapped in poverty for some time.

All decent human beings know that children have no part in the adult industry. All decent cam girls know that children have no place on camera and all decent mothers would not cam while their children are actually around.  You would think everyone would understand this concept, but no! They don't! More and more women are allowing their children to run around and get into the shots and it is completely unacceptable.

I have heard stories of mothers breastfeeding their new born on camera, a 2 year old running around, mothers disciplining their children on camera. This is sick and wrong on so many levels. It is basically child abuse! In case you are a complete idiot and did not know why camming with minors is wrong, here are some of my reasons you probably shouldn't do it:

  1. It is illegal! - You are on an adult sex site. It is illegal to show minors on a site with sexual content or have them view sexual content. It is actually illegal to show anyone on a legit site that has not been age verified by the site themselves! 
  2. You are basically making child porn - If you are breast feeding on what is essentially a porn site, you just made it sexual even if you don't consider it to be. Even if you are not naked or masturbating in front of the child it is still illegal! If you or the child are naked then you are making child porn.
  3. Your child could end up posted all over the Internet! - There are some sick people out there who could screenshot your child and use that picture wherever they choose. Why would you want to risk that?
  4. You are putting the site at risk - The site could get shut down if your violation of their rules goes public. You could cost hundreds of women their jobs for your one moment of stupidity.
  5. You could have your children taken away from you - If I saw you on camera with a child I would take a screen shot of your model name and the picture of you on screen with the child. I would email it to child services and I would beg them to trace your IP, find you and take your child away from you so you cant expose them to your sickness any more.
  6. You could get banned from your site - Then you can't make any more money. Don't get me wrong I would be glad you got banned, but I'm trying to give you reasons not to do it in the first place.
I mean there are millions of reasons this is a bad idea, but those are just a few. Just don't fucking cam with kids okay?!

It really can't be that hard to keep them out of the way. If they are newborn, cam during nap time and keep the baby monitor to hand. If they are toddlers wait til they are asleep, at preschool, on a play date, at your parents, whatever. Invest in a lock on your door so they can't just randomly wander in. Whatever your excuse may be for allowing your child on cam it isn't valid. If they need something you prioritize your child, log out, throw a robe on and go deal with them. There is never an acceptable circumstance for them to be on camera while you are working.

So to all you mothers who cam without breaking any rules and do right by your kids every day I salute you! And to all the others who treat their kids like shit and expose them to this industry you will get your just desserts one day. Karma will find you.

And finally, if you see any children on camera during a show while browsing a cam site it is your duty to report the model. Do not stand by and allow these women to mistreat their children by displaying them illegally on an adult video chat site. Take a screen shot, ask the girl what she thinks she is doing and if she doesn't immediately rectify her behaviour send it to the admin team and if you are so inclined, child services. Use your judgement, but at the end of the day if a mother is stupid enough to have her child out on camera, what else is she capable of doing? Don't allow potential abuse to go by unchecked through passivity. If you see it take responsibility for reporting it.



Saturday, 20 August 2011


You could unwittingly star in a porno film... Ever see "Girls Home Alone... Or Are They?"

I am writing this article due to a theme I have noticed in the emails that I have been getting recently. It seems a number of new web cam models, and girls considering this career move are concerned about the possibility of being caught on camera by someone they know. They want to know if there is a way to minimize this risk or remove it altogether.

There is never a way to completely remove the risk of being seen online unless you never once show your face, have no distinguishable features on your body that a person who has seen you naked would recognize, work in a room with plain walls and do not speak. Lets face it though, hardly anyone is going to pay to take that girl private.

The things you can to do minimize your risk of being seen online start first of all with setting up with a site that allows you to block certain states or countries. If you have friends or relatives you suspect may find you online, you can block these with sites like streamate and MFC who offer this service to their models. Location blocking is a very useful tool, but will still not guarantee your total anonymity.

Whether you like it or not, when you perform for your customers it is very likely they will take screenshots of you, and even potentially film your shows. They may do this simply to add to their own private collection (or wank bank as I like to call it.), however some will upload it to other websites for streaming and there is a possibility that your image/shows could end up in other places online. This is why location blocking is not a reliable safe guard for your online protection. Once you have broadcast your show, any paying members with the ability to capture it are then able to distribute it to other sites that will have no location bans.

If you have any doubts about entering this industry I suggest you think long and hard before making any commitments. Your decision to model online should not be made lightly. If there is any reason you cannot afford to be discovered by friends or family regarding this work, I do not think you should take the risk. There is no way to do this with guaranteed anonymity unless you do not speak or show your face, and do not have any distinctive features on your naked body. There is no sense in doing this if it will put you in a difficult or dangerous position later on if for any reason you are found out. Be wise.

This job is wonderful if you are comfortable with yourself and do not fear the repercussions of being discovered. I have told no one but my best friend about my job, however if I was to be discovered and my shows to be screened elsewhere I would manage. No one would disown me or get aggressive, even if they were disappointed in my career choice. If I thought I would lose anyone truly important to me through my working as a cam girl I would never have started down this road. To me it would not be worth the anxiety or the sleepless nights.

To summarize, if you are on the fence about camming because of the privacy issue, take a few days to think long and hard about it. Imagine what would happen if various family members found out, or if one of your shows ended up on a file share server or a porn site. Think about how you would cope with those scenarios and after a few days of deliberation make your decision. Camming is not for the thin skinned or faint hearted. If you are going to do it, I suggest you commit to do it passionately and bravely and if you have any doubts get rid of them before you begin, because once you have been naked in front of hundreds of people you can't undo it.

I hope this has helped a few of you who are struggling to decide.

Enjoy your day. Much love and peace!



Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Thank God that's over!

Closed for business now! Sorry!

I finally ditched my stupid, game playing sub customer. He was driving me up the wall so he had to go. Seriously!

There is a thing known in this industry as "topping from the bottom", which is where a "submissive" is actually very controlling and will not really enter the submissive role. I find it's impossible to work in these sort of conditions as a cam girl because we are actresses trying to get into a character and play the role effectively and so if someone says they are a sub, but keeps interupting and correcting your role in the game, it is frustrating for both parties and means it is difficult to have a proper session. Topping from the bottom is frowned upon, insincere and impolite and you are well within your rights to call the person out on this behaviour. At the end of the day a true submissive relishes the loss of control, and even if they have boundaries (which is fair enough) they will obey you completely until those boundaries are reached.

I am not so desperate for money I will let some prick come in and try and manipulate and rip me off at every turn. I sent him a lengthy email outlining how our relationship would work and he tried to make out I was unreasonable for expecting prompt payment before speaking with him. I told him in return that he was a rude, cheap bastard whom I had no interest in working with any more... Ooops!

He got pretty upset and tried to win me back again by saying I was the only model he wanted and it wasn't his fault he didn't understand and really I should want to talk to him for hours for free because he's such a sweet guy. I essentially told him to go fuck himself. I told him if he didnt know how to treat a girl after this many weeks, and this many warnings he was obviously too stupid for me to respect. (I don't pull my punches!) I also told him I have plenty of real men in my life to talk to so I don't need to spend hours with him talking about his whiney-ass problems. If he wants someone to talk to he can go see a shrink. They are probably cheaper per hour than me anyway, although admittedly you don't usually get to see their tits...

Customers pay for our time and once they have paid for it we do whatever was agreed between us. This guy obviously wanted to talk but not pay for the privilege so would book an hour long show but delay the payment and try and keep me chatting for as long as possible. They need to remember if we want to chat on our own time it is completely at our discretion and should be after the paid show so we have a choice. Don't ever let a private client treat you that way and don't be afraid to get strict. If they haven't responded to more delicate methods, bluntly outline what you expect because whether they like it or not this is your job and until you can trust them to pay on time and do what they say, treat them obviously as a customer and not a friend. They have to earn back the right to be treated like a friend if they fuck you around in my opinion.

The customer is still emailing me but I just ingore him now. I'm glad I have the control back and I feel like a weight has been lifted because now I no longer have a weekly battle with some difficult, hard to please, wanker. I come across as a bit of a tough cookie, and I suppose I am, but I don't relish conflict. I want things to run smoothly so I don't have to get blunt and tell people where to go. I always try the delicate approach first but when that fails you have to get a bit more real.

I hope you guys are having better customers than this guy. Just watch out for a really fussy submissive in your rooms... You don't want him trust me!

Much Love



Sunday, 7 August 2011

Sunday Camgirl Anthems - Won't Go Quietly...

Today we have British artist, Example. I love this song and it has been stuck in my head all week. I think most of us have been in the situation he's describing at one point or another. Right? Or does the cheese stand alone?

Enjoy what's left of the weekend and as it is a special day for me tomorrow... I am ageing... I may not update.

Much love



Saturday, 6 August 2011

Ring Ring! - Phone Services

Not quite the use for your phone that I had in mind...

Many sites like Streamate and Livecam offer their customers a phone service that often proves to be very popular and therefore lucrative. When I was working for Internet Modelling I took advantage of this myself and found it often boosted the number of privates I received. Some men just love to talk dirty on the phone!

Knowing this was a popular service I was a little disappointed when I realised MFC didn't have any options for phone. With Livecam my number was encrypted and the customers would call through the website as a blocked number. It made for a really easy service knowing no one would have their personal details put out there with potential risk.

I was doubly disappointed when customers on MFC kept asking me for phone services too. I didn't want to give anyone my home or contract mobile phone number when that's just for friends and family. After assessing a few different call packages I decided to take matters into my own hands and order a no frills, cheap phone handset and a prepaid sim card. This way my real number would be completely safe and I could just switch off the phone if it buzzed too much, with customers who had been given the number, for my liking!

It has proved relatively popular and I have a few different options I talk through with my customer in private because once they have a personal mobile number they often want to use it for more than just the show. I offer a picture messaging service where I can send them a certain number of pictures per week/month for a price. I can send them voice recorded messages for a price. They can arrange to pay for a sexy text package where we flirt over text for the week.  (My cell provider offers unlimited texts if you top up £10 a month so it makes no difference to the amount I'm spending no matter how much I reply.) They can also arrange for phone sex as long as they make the call and are happy to pay my fee as well. There are a lot of things you can do with a phone and it makes customers feel like a VIP having these exclusive options.

You need to make them feel like a VIP with your number in my opinion. My number comes with an initial one off cost or a prebooked Skype show of a certain length. This means they have spent a decent amount with me so I let them feel like they are high rollers. I will not give out my number to people who want to just take me into private without a tip first or having them book a skype show because of all the 1 min privates you can get. I also outline a list of rules of fair use. They can text me any time and I will reply at my discretion (Unless they book a phone package in which case I will reply). They can also call me to chat in general if they text first and I agree to take the call. I warn them though that this comes with being a high roller and really earning that privilege. I only give special attention to my most generous regulars.

If your earnings really take off and it proves a popular service you might want to take on a second contract phone to get better value on texts, calls, etc (Assuming you already have one contract phone like most do.). I can't really give you much advice on phone providers though, just the potential you have in offering a few extras independently.

I also came across another site looking at camgirl marketing via phone called

If you look past the fairly crappy site design you can see that they are offering to make you a pay site and a downloadable app for the Android Market place bringing you straight to your customer's phone. You just need some videos and pictures and you are away.

You get to keep 100% of the app revenue and 70% of the money earned through the paysite. It could be a tidy little earner if you are looking to get your name out there and the company gets more established. Have a look and see what you think. It certainly won't be for everyone but it's an interesting concept and another way of using new technology to our advantage.

Hope this post has been helpful.

Much love to you all.



Friday, 5 August 2011

It's been a while...

So ladies (and gents...) it has been some time since I have posted and for that I sincerely apologise. Some of you have emailed me with your concern or posted in the comments but I have been crazy busy for a while and life took an unexpected turn.

Long story short I have been travelling, using some of the money I earned to take a very long vacation. Beau and I went together and things are progressing insanely well. I'm not the type to rush, but we will likely be living together before long.

We went and rented a villa in Spain, but I didn't have my laptop with me so I was emailing from Internet cafes and sometimes my phone when the signal worked. It was actually really nice to be disconnected from the world for a while...

But now I'm back and although the updates may not be as frequent due to my impending move I will try never to abandon you all for this long ever again! So now I'm back feel free to resume sending me your questions and I will start posting more tips and tricks in no time!

Much overdue love