Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Tutorial - Making basic picture adverts part one...

Your own advert does not have to be so... oily?

This is for people with no design experience and very limited knowledge of the Internet and computers. If you have a web team already or know how to use photoshop and paint and understand image hosting then you have no need to read this unless you just want to see me make a cute little image advert.

I have no understanding of writing html code really and this is for webcam models who just want to make a few ads for their profile to stand out amongst the text. I am not encouraging you guys to totally fill your pages with ugly ads though! You don't want your profile looking too messy or taking forever to load.

In this tutorial I will be making two adverts. One with several pictures and one with just one picture for demonstration purposes. I am going to assume you already have some text and prices you will use in mind and just fill these in with my own fake text/amounts.

Hopefully this will help you get a few more offline tips and sell whatever it is you are looking to sell.

Step One: Choosing your picture...

This picture or pictures will be the basic background of your ad. If you are advertising something like your panties or stockings I would recommend that you take some sexy pictures of yourself in these items of clothing to use in the background. After all you are the product you are selling!

The pictures I have picked for my demo adverts are...

Audrey and Rihanna! Fabulous. So we have our pictures. Now what?

Step Two: Picture Editing...

The first step is to choose your picture editing software. I tend to move between the three that came preinstalled on my computer which are MS Paint, Microsoft Office Picture Manager and Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.0. I also sometimes use little cheats and incorporate Powerpoint too. These are the ones I will be using today anyhow and I will try to make it as clear as possible. I am not saying mine is the best or most sophisticated technique, but if you have no technique it is pretty simple to do.

So open your picture in your chosen window. It doesn't matter which of the three you pic right now because all we are going to do is crop. Cropping is editing your picture so we remove any excess or things we don't want. I am going to show you with Rihanna and Audrey.

To crop with paint select the button I have circled. You the click into the picture and drag a box over the area you wish you keep. One this is done, right click and select cut and you will see this occur. You could also select copy or press "Ctrl" and "C" but you wont see the selection disappear as below.

Once this has been done you should go to "File" in the top left corner and select new. Do not save your current work and open a new sheet. When your new sheet is open press "Ctrl" and "V" or right click onto the new white sheet and press paste. You will then end up with something like this.

You may end up without a mess of white all around like mine in which case you can just save the file as a jpeg. However if you have a lot of white around the picture, just go to the bottom right corner of the white page and hover around until a little double ended arrow appears. By holding this down you can drag the white up until it disappears into the edges of your picture.

The black line around the picture is where I am dragging the outline. If I bring this in line with the edge of the picture the white will disappear completely and we will end up with this.

And so this will be the picture that we work from. Cropped to the size we want, removing the little watermark in the bottom left, etc, now we are ready to work. Except of course we must save, and just in case your file was not previously a jpeg you will want to make sure for ease of use that you correct this.

When going to "File", select "Save As" and then a window will pop up asking where you want to save it, what name you would like to give the file and what file type it should be.

If the file type selected is not already JPEG then click on the drop down and select this file type. It just makes things easier in the long run.

So here we have our first background created and cropped using just paint. If you want to use Picture Manager then you will need to open your picture in there and select the Edit Pictures button.

Once you select this a menu opens up in the right of the program giving you a variety of editing options. To select the cropping tool click crop as circled below.

Once you have selected this you will be able to begin resizing the picture. It is a little different to paint but is the same concept of highlighting the area you wish to keep.

The black marks around the edge of the frame can be clicked and dragged to crop the image. Whatever is within the black marks is what will remain of your picture after cropping. The greyed out area will disappear. When you are happy with the selection click OK in the right hand menu which will have changed from a general options to a crop specific menu as below.

Once you have done this you will be presented with your final cut.

Save as a jpeg. Give the file a unique name from the original to ensure you have the original copy in case you wish to do different crops, ect at a later date. Once you have done this exit Picture Manager and when it gives you the option to save again select no. If you select save it will erase your original picture.

So there we have it. You now know how to crop your pictures and save them as JPEGS. This is just the start of making an advert but with all the screenshots it gets a little lengthy. The next post will show you how to add text to your adverts and layout an advert with multiple images.

See you next lesson!



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