Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Tutorial - How to make a basic picture advert part two

As a general rule I think it's best if your adverts refrain from looking this rapey...

So we last covered editing your pictures to the size you want to work with. Now we are going to look at making these images into adverts to put on your profiles, so this requires we do a bit more jiggery pokerey with our editing software so our customers have our prices and our pitch.

To edit my most simple advert using the lovely Audrey, I will be using Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.0. Most PC's will come with some variant of photoshop or similar installed, at least mine did! If your PC did not and you plan on doing lots of this kind of editing you could always invest in some basic software with your earnings.

Don't ask me about Macs just yet! Not my area of expertise having never owned one. Regardless!

Step 1: Open your image with the editing software. The tools we will be using are circled in red, the hand tool and the text tool. You do not really need to worry about much else as we are only making simple picture adverts, nothing too fancy. If you want some uber fancy, all singing, all dancing affair go to a design blog because I cannot help ye here!

Step 2: Adding text to the pictures. Text is a doddle. Just click on the lovely little T outlined about and left click the picture and hold the button down as you drag the mouse creating a little text box. Type in your text and voila, you are hunky dory!

You may have noticed that the color of my text makes it a little bit messy and hard to read. So here is where we will learn to change the color and font of the text on our screens. First select and highlight your text. Then in the top left corner you will notice 3 drop down menus. The first one contains font options, changing the design on the text. The second one I never use and just stay and regular, and the third changes the size of the text. All useful things in creating a clean design.

You can also see I have highlighted three additional feature to the right of the font size drop down menu. The first are options to make your text bold, italic or underlined. The second is the positioning of your text within the text box, left, central or right aligned. The third is the colour change option. By selecting any of these while your chosen text is highlighted and changing the setting you will alter the text in kind.

If you happen to click off your text box at any point you can recover it by clicking on the hand tool then clicking back on to the text button and clicking on the text itself. My that's an awful lot of clicking. To move text, you must hover around the outside edge of the text box until the mouse cursor turns into a little black pointer with a cross shaped arrow attached. Then if you hold down the left mouse button you can drag the text wherever you like. I can't illustrate that unfortunately.

You can add as many text boxes as you wish, just make sure they are readable. Here is a little advert I created to use as a forum signature.

Just think of something nice to write over a pantie shot and you're away! Next time we'll learn how to layout multiple images in a picture ad using my crappy, cheats method with power point. It works though. I have already sent several camgirls away with this genius advice...

Happy ad-making!



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