Wednesday, 15 June 2011

To pee, or not to pee...

I think this picture says enough...

Okay I'm just gonna put this out there... Golden Showers. They are often requested of me by customers and always denied. "Why?" you might ask me when customers are willing to pay big to see this... interesting show. The simple answer for this is that it is against the rules of every chat site I have researched. Golden showers can get you fined and banned from most sites so I recommend you do not partake of them inside your camsite login.

I am not personally comfortable peeing for someone's entertainment. Heck, I hate it when someone is in the next stall in a public bathroom. (I'm convinced everyone listens to me when I pee and judges me... I'm not sure why.) However, if you are comfortable doing it and would like to offer this service I highly recommend you do it privately, outside the site via Skype, Yahoo or MSN. This ensures that whoever you are working for have no reason to reprimand you. It really isn't an act worth getting banned or fined over.

Also scat play in my opinion should never be on the table! Ever! And you know I'm not talking about some fast, freestyle jazz singing either. If they want number two then you tell them where to go or if you are into that sort of thing you make them pay through the fucking nose, sister!

I don't like to blog about such matters really. Toilet stuff isn't my thing, probably because I have wicked bad IBS, but I know it is a popular fetish and the amount of requests are growing. While I can find no evidence of it being illegal to perform on cam, most sites have banned it's depiction on camera along with vomiting and violence. Please read your site rules very carefully and if you do choose to perform something that is legal in the privacy of your home, but not on your site, just do it safely and hygienically on Skype.

Much love and begging you to please, please, please not poop on cam!



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  1. thats a cool game. What do u charge per card and what the prize? lol