Sunday, 5 June 2011

Streamate - They sort of suck...

Streamate got back to me and had this to say for themselves regarding pricing. I had to send them two emails as obviously the first one in which I said I was a model based in the UK wasn't clear enough...

My first email:


I am an aspiring webcam model in the UK and I was wondering about the
pay rates you offer. I couldn't find any specific figures on your
site so would really appreciate being redirected if I have missed
the page.

I would like to know how much your models make per minute, per
customer in the various chat settings and what the percentage they

take home is.

I would also like confirmation of what payment methods you offer.

I'm really interested in signing up so thank you for your time.



Their response:


Thank you for your interest in Streamate.

Where are you located so I can verify that we can accommodate your
account?  Also, are you applying as an individual or as part of a


So I basically sent them a repeat of my first email:


I am based in the UK and I would be applying as an individual.



Their response was this:


Thank you for your message.

As an individual performer, you are able to determine your own per
minute pricing between .99 and 4.99/min. You earn 35% of what you bill.

We offer payments by check, wire transfer and Payoneer.

Hope this helps! Let me know if we can be of any further assistance. 

So it's a 35% take home between those two prices. Now remember you will have two tiers, one for non exclusive chats and one for true private chats. I know this because Internet Modelling uses Streamate software to run  You will also have to bear in mind what the other girls are charging. If lots of girls are charging $2.99 as an average price then you won't be able to successfully charge them $4.99 as a newbie necessarily because they can get similar girls cheaper elsewhere on the site.

On Streamate you can essentially make between 34 cents and $1.74 a minute depending on your pricing. If you are successful on the top tier pricing then that isn't too bad but 35% doesn't feel like a great percentage, especially if the reality is that you will be working on a much lower price than $4.99. $1.74 per minute is not the worst price we have seen by far though it is just unlikely anyone but the porn stars on Streamate are charging this much. Unfortunately you have to part with credit card details to see what the girls are charging so you will have no clue unless you join Streamate as a member.

Also just another little site niggle that I have found. I'm not sure what browsers you all use, but I use Firefox and an add on for this called Adblock Plus. This essentially removes all ads from the sites I visit, but leaves the content intact. If you are running ad blocking software while trying to view Streamate it looks like this:

You can't see any videos or content and the site looks terrible. I had to talk to Streamate's live support to work this out because my adblocking add on does not have this effect on any other video streaming site. It made me think that as most people, especially computer nerd guys, have abandoned internet explorer for more customisable web browsers they may not be able to view streamate because of their adblocking preferences. People may think the site is broken when it isn't if they dont contact support or leap to the conclusion its their ad blocking software.

I'm a fairly bright girl and the last thing I would have assumed was that my adblocking add on was the problem as it literally disabled the layout of the entire site. As soon as I turned it off though the site was absolutely fine and I could see the home page as normal. Just something to think about although the site does have good traffic and is considered one of the major players.

I personally don't think the pay rates are going to be great here but that's about the most information I can get without handing out all my credit card details. It could be good if the top tier rates are what most performers use, but I highly doubt you will end up making over $1 a minute there. It also means if you sign up with them you only get 35% of your tips too.

They certainly aren't the worst site I've blogged about but they seem far from the best so really it's a judgement call. I'm still waiting to find a site based mostly on private shows that gives a good percentage for a good price. Streamate isn't it.

One final thing I will also mention that applies to their customers more than it does to us as models, but still... Streamate have been accused of credit card fraud and skimming money from customer accounts. Seems very sleazy so not sure if anyone would want to be with a potentially fraudulent and dishonest company. I can't vouch for the source but here is the article if you are interested. I found it while trawling for info on the company. View it here.

If you are a Streamate model and care to share you experiences or disagree with me please do so! Would love to hear from someone who has experience with them. If you have any sites you want me to look in to or any hot tips please leave a comment, send me an email at or tweet me at @LondonCamgirl. I will be sure to give you a shout out. You guys are the reason I keep trawling the web for the Holy Grail of Camgirl Sites!

Much love and peace to you all and I hope you are enjoying your summer!




  1. I'm confused. goes through streamate, right? So does suck?

  2. Internet modelling is totally different as it is a studio so it cuts into the earnings more than streamate. Streamate are a seperate company and many girls make a killing there without being scammed by an agency.


  3. Streamate does sort of suck, maybe even from just a purely administrative standpoint TOTALLY sucks. I have ambivalent fondness for it though since I lurked on it hardcore before actually camming - but it still gets my "why I oughta" fist shake from time to time,

    Disclaimer: I have no shame though and will admit it is #4 on my list of sites I actively cam on and regularly receive a paycheck from

    For the longest time I could not even view the site also because of adblock and various other Firefox plugins. I'm glad you pointed this out. I too have sent them 3 of the same emails just to get an answer.

  4. Yeh its a tricky one. Some girls swear by SM, although I understand the gold shows they have introduced have caused a lot of drama and loss of earnings for women across the site. Some of the top models have bailed on them to try other sites from what I have heard.

    The firefox thing was so frustrating right?! It seems so obvious, but as it doesnt disable any other site they way it did with SM I didnt even think it could be my adblocker.


  5. For tips at least, the percent is now 30% not 35%.

    And, yes, the gold shows seem like a real race to the bottom. I am convinced models make less with gold shows around than they did before.

  6. I've been modeling on Streamate for three weeks now and the rate (including tips) still 35%.

    I totally understand why so many people are on the fence about streamate and the 35%, but the earning potential is there. Even on a bad night I make a dollar a minute and on a good... Well its totally worth it.

    Being new to cam modeling (for a site) I appreciate the services streamate offers. Sure I would love to get more of a cut of my earnings, but I don't have to worry about charge-backs or crazy expensive technical issues. More importantly their traffic is insane at times. It would take me years and crazy amounts of self promotion to build up the clientele that they offer.

  7. I thought about 30% was pretty standard across the board (though it's been a while since I've checked)

    I was thinking of trying this site b/c myfreecams is getting to be unreasaonably slow. Maybe if I take a month or 2 off of there and come back it'll be different?

    I don't have a fast enough connection for gold shows but the few times I've been on there it's at least been consistent though I haven't been on long so only time will tell.

  8. i just signed up with and i have to admit im steal thinking its a scam i wanna know do girls really getting paid and how ? cause its sure is takin themm along time to answer emails after i sent them over all my private information ..and they seem so RUDE !! when you call so do anyone know any other sites out there hiring webcam models

  9. A few things, in rebuttal to the many"35% is too low of a payout" complaints - I would like to provide the following comparison ratio of payout / potential conversion traffic: Would you rather have 35% of 100,000 or 50% of 100? Secondly,the Streamate Scam Stuff was news to me so I read your scam link: apparently, this happens when a sleazy affiliate program, which pays $40(etree) for any free sign up that you bring to the site, trolls people on messenger programs, tube sites and provide you with their affiliate, sign up link. This doesn't really apply to current or future customers, it applies to the random bystanders surfing their 40th tube site video of the night getting blatantly scammed by some dude in Ft Lauderdale. For the most part, the customers on streamate are technologically competent. Also, Gold Shows - so awesome if you know how to utilize it's capability and find your NICHE and rhythm. You will find it is an amazing tool to help you find the people who you enjoy coming into your room that make camming worthwhile. Lastly, you can get paid by direct deposit, regular mail, (every two weeks I think) fedex and Ipayout which is like a debit card. Some of these require processing fees. If you want to be a successful cam girl, the most important thing to do is devote time and learn how to gracefully orchestrate the madness, you will bank all day, everyday and everyone in the internet world will love you.

  10. What even worse than low payouts are even LOWER payouts, if you happen to hook up with a studio. And then the studio ( Register Talent LLC) can totally hijack your account. Please read my story on my blog and tell me what you think.

  11. Hello im a model for streamate. and they are a reliable site. it seems like the traffic isnt all there. but you get paid every week, every penny you make. its just how much effort you put into it. other than that give it a try but at the same time do 1 or 2 other sites on the side. like livejasmin ect.

  12. it does suck to get 35% of what the members pay you, but the other thing is if u dont work for them, how are u gonna get your customers? how are u gonna deal with the people who steals other people's credit card. With streamate, yes, they do take 65% of what the customers pay every minute they stay with you, but like what i said, you wont find as many traffic as u can if u dont work for them. and they do pay every week (i have check come to me every monday and im from the US)... the only complain i have with streamate is they dont reeally check the cams of the girls and verify if the performer is really what they say they are, because i know few transexuals who makes money working as a real girl, and a lot of real girls pretends to be a tranny using realistic strapless dildoes on their shows, this sucks a lot, and they have banned some girls, but they still kept coming back and make bank. i love streamate, i just dont like how they dont verify girls if they are the real person they claim to be. and the delay for streaming is too much when theres a lot of girls online. thats all

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