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SkinVideo are a fairly small site but there is potential for good earnings there. I cannot say what the traffic is like for certain as the live section is not exactly heavily promoted but they have a fair amount of models on board by the looks of the site.The staff are polite and friendly, but were still incredibly cagey about giving me any solid figures. I had to work out the pay rates by visiting the customer sections of the site.

Here are the obligatory emails I received from SkinVideo so you can see what I mean about not really giving me proper answers to my straightforward questions. My email:


I am an aspiring webcam model in the UK and I was wondering about the pay rates you offer. I couldn't find any specific figures on your site so would really appreciate being redirected if I have missed the page.

I would like to know how much your models make per minute, per customer in the various chat settings and what the percentage they take home is.

I would also like confirmation of what payment methods you offer.

I'm really interested in signing up so thank you for your time.



The reply:

Hey there,

I understand that you're interersted in our cam modeling program. We offer our models 80% of all tokens (tips, group, private, offline) and 50% of all video upload earnings. Any videos you upload to your account will be displayed only on your profile. You can add/remove videos anytime and set your own prices with that % in mind.

We don't have a camscore here. All models get rotated evenly. If you're live, your avatar will be shown at the top of our site. Live avatars are rotated once every minute. Offline profile avatars are rotated once every 5 minutes. This helps keep the system fair for new models. It also prevents fraud and cheating.

We payout models every Monday via Payoneer, check or bank wire. Since you're in London, the best payout might be Payoneer. That would mean that you'd get your money instantly every Monday. You can use their card at ATMs and when you're out/about as a credit card.

Let me know if you have any questions. I'm always here to help!

You can signup here and I'll approve you within 5 minutes! I'll be around to approve you for the next 9 hours.



That's great and all but didn't answer my pricing question properly. So I sent another email regarding pricing:
Thank you Kathleen. That's really helpful and sounds great. How much are tokens worth? What is the token price per min per customer of each chat option? 

The response I got still wasn't the answer I was really looking for.
Customers pay 10 cents for each token. That means that your 80% cut works out to 8 cents per token. I suggest going in our cams section and clicking the help link to see our site from the customer's viewpoint. It's truly helpful!



I had to go into the customer section of the site like she said to work out the actual per minute rate. Otherwise Kathleen was relatively helpful and of course polite.

The site payment system works exactly like MFC and even has the same token rates for group and private shows. So we have established that models get an 80% commission here based on tokens originally priced at 10 cents each. Token value for models is 8 cents per token. This is higher than MFC who only give 5 cents per token.

Privates are 60 tokens per minute which works out at $4.80 per minute for the models to take home. Frankly that is a brilliant take home rate. 

Group shows are 10 tokens per minute and so each customer will be paying 80 cents per minute to watch.

I cant say about the chat options itself. I don't think models can turn off guest chat so you get a lot of non paying members talking to you. There were only four models on when I arrived and watching them they weren't particularly professional. One was sat with her three friends, all fully clothed just drinking coffee and kind of ignoring the chat, talking amongst themselves. None were in HD. Two were in group sessions. Neither room seemed full, only a handful of guests so I really can't rate the site that well from that experience. However the payment rate is impressive and on that alone this site could well be worth a shot.
They also offer good video sale options etc by the look of things which could be good. Worth looking into if you are considering the porn angle and selling videos offline.

If anyone works for Skinvideo of gives them a go feel free to share your experiences with me or on the comments board. It would be much appreciated! I will give them a Seal of Approval but there wasn't much info I could find, the traffic didn't seem too good and they seem like a pretty small live chat operation. Could swing either way earnings wise I think so if you want to try this site I say go for it!

This is the highest paying site per minute I have found ladies so if you want to take a risk and try a new site why not dive in with
Also a big shout out to Natalia for recommending I research this site along with Sakuralive and Streamate. Those reviews up too as soon as I hear back!

Much Love




  1. Thank you for reviewing this one, London! I'm tempted to give them a try!

    Had a terrible day in LiveJasmin and really starting to think if I did split cam I'd be doing much better! Really tempted to hit up MFCs....hmm...

  2. It cant hurt to try because at the end of the day if they suck you just move on to the next. Give them both a go and see where you do best :)

    Split camming can affect the quality of the stream and it can be hard to manage two rooms at once with lots of traffic so bear that in mind. Check your site is ok with it first too as on my old site split camming got you banned. MFC do allow it though so if you are with them and Livejasmin dont mind then it should be fine. xx

  3. I've been looking at Skinvideo. There are only four models online with two guests in one room and all the others empty. Am I looking on the wrong place or has it fallen apart since you wrote about it?

  4. Hi Rebecca

    Thanks so much for commenting. It is possible they arent working out as few models seem to work there now. I have stuck with MFC so I don't really go elsewhere :)