Sunday, 5 June 2011

SakuraLive - More like Suck-ura Live

Sakuralive got back to me. This site is supposedly just for Asian girls but there are a few non-Asian girls on there too. 

The pay is based on a points system and it really isn't that great. You earn 30% of every point you earn and each point is worth $2 making your take home per point 60 cents. This would be fine if the site was in the vein of MFC and SkinVideo, but this seems like a site more about private shows. The cost of a show is 1 point per minute meaning an exclusive chat with a customer earns you just 60 cents per minute. That is 20 cents less per minute than I made with Internet Modelling.

You can raise your prices of course, but this is the amount Sakuralive sent me and we all know they try to give you the average or even the above average prices to make it seem like you will earn more in the beginning.

They also only offer bank wire as a payment option. Overall I am not majorly impressed. They probably aren't the worst site I have seen, but they are definitely not the best so they get a Suck Ass Seal from me and I would advise you to look elsewhere for better options.

Here is the email they sent me:

Dear LondonJones,

Hello, this is SakuraLIVE.
Thank you for your inquiry.

Our systme use point as session sales.
It is 1 min./1 viewer=1point=US$2.00.

You will receive 30% of whole session minutes as your compensation.
(Includes Bonus and Private Messaging Points)

If you chat 60mins.(1 hour), and got tipped 10 points, you have 70 points total.

70 x 2 x 0.3 = $42.00

Points x $ Rate x 30% = Your Compensation.

Commission payout method is wire transfer to the bank account from the United States.
We recommend you to open Major Bank Account.

Thank you,

SakuraLive staff

So yeah my advice would be search for a better site, but if you really like this one it's probably not the worst. Also if you are not Asian I am not sure why you would sign up for this particular site. They will take you but they are clearly promoting themselves as an Asian Camgirl Site. The non-Asian models are stuck at the bottom of the model listings and as customers are probably on there looking for an Asian model I wouldn't say it is the best site for your career. Any Sakuralive models care to share their experiences?

Don't forget the highest paying sites I have seen are SkinVideo at 80% and MFC at 60%. Check out my reviews of them in the advice index.

Hope you are all still making bank.

Much Love




  1. I'm curious - do you currently work at skinvideo or mfc?

    I've not tried SakuraLive, however I have tried skinvideo and mfc both. Skinvideo has a problem with chargebacks and very little actual paying traffic. What traffic is there seems to be beggars. 80% of zero is still zero and of the small amount I made there they took some of it back in chargebacks. MFC - lots of traffic but they expect you to peform xxx shows in free chat. Tips are difficult unless you are lucky enough to get a high camscore right away or have a studio pimp tipping you fake tips. I can't afford to be spending money tipping myself, ack!

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  2. Hi Laurie

    Thanks for the contribution. I mention in the the SkinVideo review that the traffic looks poor but that I have no actual experience with them so I'm just giving an ok for their rates. Thank you for sharing your knowledge of the company it is much appreciated.

    I work for MFC and I make a killing there. Some girls can work the public XXX to their advantage and others not so much. I say regardless of my site opinions/reviews a girl should go where she is happy and finds decent regulars :)

    Thanks for helping out and giving us a bit more insight. Hope to see you around in the future! Where are you currently working if you are still camming and don't mind me asking?

    Thanks again.

    Much love


  3. Hi girls!

    Laurie I'm also interested in where you're camming! Because a)you are gorgeous! and b)because I feel the same way about MFCs even though most girls are on it - the hardcore in free/public chat is where the money's at there and that ain't really my schtick just yet:P

    And as always, London, wonderful post! <3

  4. Thanks Natalia. I have a few more sites I am hoping to hear back from soon so my advice index is gonna be choc full of them soon!

    I am determined to find an awesome one in the near future lol!


  5. Thanks ladies, how sweet of you :)

    I'm currently camming at Streamate with Adultwork as my secondary. (Laurielegs name I'm doing away with - not many leg fans out there).

    I used to cam on Ifriends and ImLive but now I only run them in the background because the traffic seems to have died. Can't believe how they let the sites go. I notice nearly all their top hosts have now left and moved to Streamate. Streamate and MFC seem to have the only places with steady traffic.

    Tried MFC but can't seem to make it work for me.

    I do appreciate the reviews here though! I'm always scouting around to see if there's something better. Streamate's percentage is so low but fortunately the traffic does make up for it usually.