Friday, 3 June 2011

Oh FWB...

Being a camgirl - The fastest, easiest way to lose any and all the male friends you tell.

So... FWB decided to become a paying member of MFC. Brilliant.

I got a text during a show from him saying he was in my room and to guess who he was. I figured he would be someone who hadn't tipped or asked me to do much on cam. I knew he wasn't any of my regulars so I was scanning my list looking for some sort of inside joke or hint that would give away who he could be. When I couldn't find any obvious answer I texted him saying I had no idea so he should reveal himself.

A few moments after sending the text my room was flooded by a wave of "It's me!!!!" over and over all from the same guy. I was in shock because FWB turned out to be one of my highest tippers of the night. He had been incredibly generous and I had been incredibly flirtatious and sexual in return. He had seen my tight ass spread wide for him and he had seen me write his name on my breasts in lipstick. He had earned it though as he had tipped me enough that we close to my total for the public show.

I couldn't help but laugh and this spurred him on. He said "You think it's funny? Well, darling, I'm gonna tip you again and see what you do now you know!"
"Go on then!" I dared him. I felt so cocky and unafraid. I wouldnt have cared if he saw me naked fucking Beau at that point. There is something so liberating about being naked on camera, it can make you feel invincible and powerful to bring so many men to their knees.

He slapped a wadful of tokens down on the virtual table. Enough for full nudity so without even a seconds hesitation I obliged.

It had to be a strip tease for him. I was in the mood to show off. I wanted to make his cock suffer the agony of my writhing around without being able to slide his dick inside. I wanted his eyes on my juicy wet pussy, desperate to fuck me, but unable to, almost regretting putting that money down when all he can do is relieve himself with his hand.

I am a very bad girl sometimes. I always have to win in a game of chicken and I have a bad habit of taking things as close to the edge as they can possibly go.

I started by turning my back to the camera and shaking my ass for him. I was wearing a tiny g-string and as I fell to all fours he could get a clear view of my tight, round cheeks and I knew he would be pining to spread them. Grinding my hips I continued my dance and spun myself back to face him. With my thumbs in my panties, pulling them away and flashing my smooth, creamy, shaved mound, I thrust my crotch towards the camera. The lack of typing let me know my dance was working.

Running my hands over my curves and up to my tits I began to unhook my bra. Slowly, I wiggled my arms out of the straps, licking my lips and bouncing my breasts up and down to the music. I was getting so turned on I couldn't wait to show them to the room. Hundreds of people looking at me naked has really started getting me off. I have visions of them all jerking off over me, like some online bukkake fantasy.

Regardless, I slipped off my bra and exposed myself to the room. There were virtual applause and tips as I shook my breasts and pinched my hard nipples. I knew FWB would be wanting to suck on them so badly as he watched from home. I could picture his hand stroking his cock just like the last time we played. To really heat things up I licked and sucked on my own nipples, knowing he would be almost unable to bear the idea of me teasing him with his fantasy.

I started torturing them with my panties after the breast play. Slowly turning around and rolling my hips, pulling my panties down the tiniest little bit at a time. Drawing out the agony and desperation to see me completely naked and know my sweet little pussy was exposed. My pert little butt was soon revealed and to their delight I rolled over quickly and spread my legs, done with the teasing and ready to play.

FWB was still silent. Other members were demanding I use my toys and other things I was not prepared to do without more tips, when out of nowhere FWB tipped me again, this time enough to take me into my public show. I was in shock. I never thought he would pay to see me do these things. I always thought he would have expected it for free. I was actually a little disappointed in him. The power in our relationship had shifted because he had become the controlling customer and I the servile camgirl, instead of the mutual, fun filled, potent cam sex that had been fuelled by mutual desire alone.

Basically, I just don't like my "friends" deciding they can buy me. They should know better.

Regardless I wasn't about to enjoy my public show any less! With my legs spread for the hundreds in my room I slid my fingers down to my pussy. I spread the lips wide and gave them a good look at my hot, wet cunt. I stroked my clit , pleasuring myself and then slipped a finger inside. So warm and soft inside, my pussy was dripping as I prepared for my 8 inch dildo. I slid another finger inside, fucking myself for the men watching me, stroking my g spot so my orgasm would be as intense as possibly when I finally fucked myself with the toy.

I flipped over so they could see my ass and spread my cheeks wide. On the screen messages were flooding the room telling me how badly they wanted to lick my ass, and I could feel my clit throbbing at the thought. All those men licking my pussy and ass. A consensual gang bang all about my pleasure would be divine. I love my men servile in groups.

I was desperate for my toy as the fantasy filled my head so I covered it in lube and slid it slowly inside. I was so tight I could feel it opening me up inch by inch. My pussy begging to be stretched out from its tightness. I could never just slam it in, even after getting ready with my fingers. Its just too small to take a big dick like that instantly. I love how full it makes me feel though when it gets in all the way.

As my pussy gave in to the 8 inches of silicone I started to fuck myself hard. I was desperate to come and I wanted them all to see me. Starting out doggy style was a fast way to get my pussy throbbing, and a great way to hit my g spot. It makes me so tight sometimes I feel like I could break, but I love the pleasure it gives, while I tread the line of pain.

I got requests for pussy close ups so I flipped over again and let them have it. I went for it hard and the dildo became a blur of pink and I pounded myself with it. The vibration and friction sent my clit overboard and soon I was gushing cum all over my bed. The pleasure was flowing through my body as I came, but I wasn't done. One is never enough.

I slowed down and let them see my mess and soon I started ticking my ass for them as well. Tracing my fingers all over my anus and rubbing my throbbing clit. I didn't have to wait long before they wanted me to go again so I got onto my knees and slid the dildo back inside. This time I rode it for them like I was fucking a real man cowgirl style. I took it hard and fast, grinding my hips and rubbing my clit as I went and soon I could feel the cum running down my thighs again. My pussy spasmed as I moaned loudly to the crowd sharing my orgasm. I loved it and came so hard, given an even deeper joy just knowing they were all wanting to be there fucking me and seeing to my pleasure.

As I finished my show by licking the dildo clean of my juices, enjoying the taste of myself, FWB said to the room "I'll be right over." I quickly stopped and smiled at the room saying it had been a pleasure but we were done for the night. I sent him a PM saying that he could not come over and that it was inappropriate of him to say that to the room. He relayed on right back saying it was obvious I wanted him otherwise I would never have done that show.


What planet is he on? I nearly screamed it was so frustrating. I immediately typed "You need to remember that in my room I am a showgirl. I promised my customers a show at 2000 tokens and you took me over that total. I had to perform and you knew that! You chose to watch, but that show was not for you it was for the room!"
He got pretty cocky and said "You can't deny we are going to happen though. You and I have real potential."

Eugh. Nothing turns me off faster than over confident men and the guy thinking hes in total control. I am happy to be submissive sexually, but a real man and a real dom knows that someone should only submit because they love it, not because they were manipulated or paid, but because they genuinely want to. The dom in turn respects that gift of submission through taking the lead. You cant just tip me and expect me to be your little sex slave and do whatever you want.

His arrogance that night ended our friendship. I told him I had no interest and we had no potential. I told him the cyber sex was clearly just meant to be a one off and that from now on I would prefer to remain as just friends. He protested and so I told him he had two choices, be a friend, or be a customer. If he chose customer then he didnt get to speak to me outside of shows. He argued the toss with me, trying to justify why his objectification of me was ok, so it had to end.

My real friends are not allowed to treat me like a camgirl because they don't pay for the privilege. Only those willing to part with their hard earned cash can talk to me as a solely sexual being because lets face it that is what they are usually paying for. What do you guys think? Was I being too hard on him? We had some fun, but I will not be pressured to be someone's fuck buddy. Plus I should really be thinking about Beau. I think things could develop there so I should really write up a bit more about him.

Stupid personal lives. Transactional based relationships are usually so much easier! Sometimes... I have to have another talk with that stupid sub customer tonight. Think I'm just gonna end that one as I'm sick of that bullshit lol.

Hope you guys are all good

Much love in your life!




  1. oh wow he had no right to jump to the conclusion that he could come over and fuck you. I totally agree that you did the right thing. He paid you for the group show and that is what you did.

  2. Exactly. I think that just because we get naked and act sexy is no reflection of how people get to treat us in real life. We are models. Models are essentially actresses. It's silly they think we are actually desperate to fuck them for real.


    1. Hi London,

      You are correct however some Models seem to be corrupting that image by raffling dates (a few even hinting at more) Escort, highest tipper gets date or tip x amount, i think one was 150 dollars worth of tokens.

      Which then furthers the image that the models might want to meet up and have some fun with them so to speak

  3. He was an asshole to put it bluntly, now i'm friends with several models and umm, good friend with 1 but I help them get shows, explain what words mean etc

    Although all the girls are good friends and ofcourse mention all the usual sex chat, I know it's not real, the 1 thats a bit more, well we chat for hours outside of her work but still friends. I'd never anything from her.

    So to me your 'frenemy' one is a bit harsh as it generalizes everyone. I know if they are busy to sit and wait, they PM me first and like you said though .. great when bored which is a bit demeaning on the person, sort of like your the bottom of the barrel just there as entertainment.

    As for the guy, high tips buy you nothing, they help the girl more but any type of help she recieves can be more

    Oh and sorry for long post, i've been without coffee to long

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