Monday, 13 June 2011

iFriends - Pretty good for a privates based site.

iFriends responded to my email and they seem to be a fairly decent company. I found their site a lot more professional looking than many of the low grade sites.

Their pay rates are better than a fair few. You take home 50% of all live video chats and offline video viewings. Prices start at $2.49 for video chat so that means a minimum of £1.24 per minute. It's not amazing, but if you are looking to mostly do private shows, this is the best minimum per minute rate I have found. You can obviously set your prices higher, and having the option to earn with offline videos could also be a big bonus for some girls looking to get into that kind of thing.

The only major drawback for me is the lack of payment options. I like the sites to offer a good selection and iFriends currently only offer two.

Here are the emails so judge for yourself:

Your Message:


I am looking into joining ifriends as a video host but I was wondering if you could give me some more information regarding payments. I couldnt find the info I wanted on your site but if I have missed the page please feel free to send me the link. I would like to know how much your models make per minute, per customer in various chat options and what their pay percentage is.

I would also like to know what payment methods you offer models and how often you send out payments. 

Thank you so much

iFriends Staff Reply:
Depending on the category you log into the minimum price per minute ranges between $2.49min to $9.99min. The fetish and BDSM categories go up to $19.99min. You receive a 50% payout on revenue from all live or replay videochat from customers that others have introduced to iFriends. For more information please see 

Currently we have two methods of payment. By default, we do issue checks which can either be deposited into a bank account or processed at any typical check-cashing location. If you do not wish to receive checks, you may want to consider our WebPowerFX program.  With WebPowerFX, you are issued an ATM/Debit card that will be used for electronic payment of your weekly payouts.  You may then use this ATM/Debit card as you would any regular ATM/Debit card.  For information about the WebPowerFX program, visit  

We payout weekly. The pay period starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday at midnight. Any earnings exceeding $100.00 will be posted to your account on Monday. Any earnings that do not exceed $100.00 will simply remain on your account and continue to accrue until such time.

So up you you really. Could be very lucrative for fetish models in particular with prices going up to $19.99 per minute. That would be nearly $10 per min take home! I think it may be worth looking into if you want a site with more private than public shows and have not found MFC or SkinVideos the best fit for you. They are also affiliated with and @camgirltweet on twitter who will give you special promotion on their site for being on iFriends. 

You can signup to iFriends here.

Hope you guys are still doing well. If you are a new model and doing site research don't forget to check out my advice index at the top of the page. All my site reviews are linked there. 

Much love and prosperity to you!



  1. I was wondering if you've heard any more on this website yet. Being a BDSM lover myself, I think this has real potential for me.

  2. Sadly I heard nothing back from them :(


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