Monday, 6 June 2011

How to use my site reviews...

I was thinking I should share a few things...

I am writing this post because I am concerned a few people are taking my site reviews out of context. Nothing in particular has sparked this, I just want to clear up how I rate them and how I think it is best to process this.

Now I rate and review sites based solely on the information available to me at any given time. I read the content of the sites I review thoroughly. I examine the claims they make on their model career pages (if they have them) and rate and review this content. I will usually email a site if there is a way to contact them, and if there is not an obvious way to request any information I will doggedly hunt this down.

If a site lacks information, contact information or appears to be making vague, far fetched claims this is an instant turn off for me. They get 1 strike against their name.

The second and third things I'm looking at and probably the biggest things that count are how much you earn and traffic. Now unless I register with a site or hear from models who have worked there, I cannot vouch for traffic. I will often sit in a girls public chat to try and gauge how many people are actually in there, but really there isn't much I can do to accurately judge it unless I join or stalk the site. I can however usually get the payment information that can help you make a good choice about whether or not you want to risk the traffic.

I usually post emails that occur between myself and the companies so you can see if they are professional in their tone, if they answer questions properly or leave me to work out pay rates by myself. This answer will often determine whether or not I think they are a trustworthy company as they should be completely open about their business practices and payment rates to aspiring models. You should not need to hand over all your personal information and scanned I.D images just to find out if they are going to pay you 10 cents a minute.

My reviews try to give you the information I found personally. I do have opinions that come across in these articles and if I think a site has crappy pay rates I will more than likely say it sucks. However, you need to remember that my opinion is not the be all and end all. I am one person and hundreds of models may make a ton of money on a site I said was rubbish.

Use my information to help with your decision of course but don't let it stop you taking your own path!

Use my reviews to compare sites, but do not shy away from having your own opinion even if it is different to my own. If you love the look of and you have been making money there and know others who do, then stick with them! Try other sites too like MFC, but some girls really struggle to make MFC work for them and need to be on a site more focused on private sessions. I make absolute bank on MFC so I am very happy there but it isn't for everyone and I respect that. I will however promote it as a site with high rates and traffic because those are the facts I have to share with you, and what I feel matters to the girls who email me.

Use this site for advice, comparing rates on a lot of the big sites, and researching tips and tricks but remember that I am one person and what works for me and what I think may not be right for some other people. Don't get too serious if I give your camsite a bad review because at the end of the day I'm just giving people my opinion and the facts I have to hand. It isn't personal and it's nothing against you, especially not if you are making plenty working there! If that's the case tell us so in a comment so we know it does work for people! Tell us you get amazing traffic! Tell us they are the best if that is your experience!

I would always tell anyone to investigate sites further for themselves and if they like please report back here to us in the comments and share what they have found even if it contradicts my post! I love debate and I love hearing good things and success stories so just go for it guys, and make money wherever works for you!

Regardless of what I say about a site, you must do whatever is best for you and there is no clear cut right or wrong way to do it in this industry. No one has all the answers and the best thing we can do is keep discussing what works for us personally and sharing it with others. I just want to bring you the facts I find, but it is my blog so of course my opinions and my experiences are going to come out along the way. If you disagree with it that is perfectly fine you are more than welcome to do so. If you don't like it that is fine too, but maybe just click the little x button in the top right and stop reading because it is a personal blog and will never be totally neutral! You are of course also welcome to agree with me and add to the points I am making with your own views too!

Hopefully that has made my reviews and my stance on things a bit clearer.

I wish you all oodles of happiness and prosperity and look forward to hearing lots from you!

Much love



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