Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Give up the girl?

I mentioned before about my online encounter with FWB, but truthfully he is not the only friend of mine who gets a free pass to London town so to speak...

It may or rather, probably, almost definitely will not surprise you to learn that I happen to swing both ways. I don't like to label myself bisexual, I see myself as more of an equal opportunities lover. I am not biased on age, ethnicity, gender, or disability. So if you have a pulse, are human and I'm attracted to you there is a good chance we will end up in bed should you happen to feel the same way.

I generally end up with men long term. I have never been in love with another woman romantically and while I am incredibly open to relationships with women it's just never happened and I'm certain it would have to be an incredibly special woman that would keep my interest long term. I have had a couple of brief relationships with women, but I never really found my feet and so it has mostly been a sexual thing.

There has been one woman that has always stood out from the others and that is my friend Freya. She is a captivating woman and model like in most senses. She is elfin like in her features and towers above us mere mortals with her slender, legs and cat like gait. Her hair is like a golden mist falling down her back and she always smells like an exotic beach because she covers herself with coconut oil every day.

Her body drives me wild. Her peachy little bum to her perfect B cup breasts. I love how small and perky they are. The way it feels I can take them almost entirely in my mouth, so silky with such large, hard nipples. They feel so different to my own ample breasts which try to escape my outfits at every given opportunity. If I didn't want to fuck her the way I do I'm certain I would hate her for her beauty.

We tend to have cyber sex together on a regular basis. We watch each other stroke and play with our pussies until we come together, sweating and dripping. We also have actual sex when we are single and she tends to take me back to her flat after a night out drinking. We fall through the door and don't often make it to the bedroom. The amount of times her tongue has devoured my pussy on her hallway floor is uncountable by now. I love the feel of the scratchy wool carpet on my back as she pleasures me. The burns I get as she sucks my nipples and slips her fingers in and out of me. It's so raw and natural and fun between us.

I think not being together is what makes it so good though. If we were more than friends and had real obligations beyond the sex I think it would be a lot harder to have so much fun. I think that is true of relationships with anyone though.

My problem is that last night we had sex, even though I am dating the Beau. It was amazing as always. It's like a drug, the orgasms she gives me over and over. We can lay there for hours sometimes our faces buried in pussy, ravishing each other until one of us needs to come up for air.

This time was just as luxurious. She pulled me into the living room and pushed me up against the door, her tongue forcing its way into my mouth. She tasted like sweet peaches from all the Archers we drank. She pulled of my clothes and I clawed at hers and I got so wet because I knew when it really began she would end up my bitch at the mercy of my fingers and tongue.

She loves to do it standing with our naked bodies pressed together as she dominates my space. She bit my ear and whispered she was as horny as hell, and while tearing off her panties she put my hand on her warm, wet pussy. I spread her lips and massaged her clit gently while she wailed into my shoulder and begged me to give her more. I refused because teasing her gets me off and I know she loves it. I can still feel her arousal dripping onto my fingers.

I sucked on her perfect breasts and let her pussy soak itself with desire. Teasing her like this is more likely to let her squirt when she finishes and that is always my aim. I flipped her around so her ass was against me and started to rub her faster. She writhed against me and I slapped her hard on her nipple for her insolence so she knew who was boss. She loves it rough.

"I'm getting close." she said with her back arched against me. She hates to come first so she turned around and carried me to bed where she treated me like a goddess. Her tongue swirled and flicked all over my clit, massaging and vibrating it in ways only she can get me off. I don't take long to come and soon my body was aching to let go and explode all over her. I can squirt when my partner knows where to get me, and she always does. Her fingers firmly stroked my g-spot and before long I had no control left. The pleasure exploded from me with a forceful jet of my juices. I sprayed her chest and when I finished she licked me clean and brought me to orgasm again. I came over and over in her mouth until she was ready to let me have my turn.

Finally she bent over and let me have my way. She knelt on all fours and I licked her from behind, pleasuring her ass and pussy with my fingers while my tongue teased her clit. She moans loudly, never worrying what her neighbours think and enjoys me and my tongue with as much volume as she can. Soon I could feel her shaking and her breathing getting shallow. She was so close, trying to control it but I refused to stop. I fucked her harder and sucked her clit until her come was hot and streaming down my face. I could feel her juices pooling on my tongue as her thighs clenched around me before a sudden shuddering, then forceful stream burst from her orgasm. She shook and groaned deeply into a pillow while I sucked and licked her clean.

After our session we lay there cuddling until we passed out and in the morning we had coffee and toast with chocolate spread like nothing had happened, just like always. 

Freya is great. She is beautiful and intelligent and gives me the most mind blowing orgasms, but it's just not there for me long term. When we wake up together it is fun but it feels too much like a fuck buddy and not like a partner. It doesn't feel like that with Beau. I don't think he could ever be a fuck buddy.

Regardless of the male fantasies, I am certain Beau would not approve, but I have hardly had a chance to see him at all this week because he is busy being the genius that he is at work. We still haven't had the exclusivity chat yet so technically, technically I think I might be OK, but maybe I am just being a huge prick to him.

I will tell him what I have done of course, because I don't believe in lying. I'm just concerned I'm not ready to settle down as always, or that maybe because I really like him and its got the potential to be a good thing I am sabotaging it in advance.

Hmmm... too much food for thought. Maybe I should just go fuck Freya again to be 100% sure.

Hope you are having fun and your lives are fruitful!



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