Thursday, 2 June 2011

Faking Anal...

Why not just let your pants do the talking?

I am hearing cries of WTF?! Did I hear this correctly? Did she actually just say "Faking Anal"?! Well you know what, yes, yes I did! I can and do fake anal regularly on cam and I am damn proud of this skill. No one has ever questioned it or sussed me out, it is 100% tried and true. Today I will share this ridculously random tip with you that could get you a ton more tips and add that coveted anal string to your bow without any actual penetration.

Ok so here is the deal... I hate anal, there I said it! But I like as many tips and customers as possible. For a while I kept saying a flat out no to my customers but one was so persistant that I at least try it that I basically pretended to use my fingers. He completely fell for it and I have been doing it ever since.

To get away with just using your fingers you need to say you are an anal virgin. The customers often find this incredibly sexy as they fantasise about being the one who first enters via the back door. You are essentially manipulating them into wanting to be your teacher, the one who helps you discover you are loving it up the butt. It's a little sad in my opinion, and although manipulation is generally wrong, we are working as cam whores and acting out a fantasy so as long as they enjoy it I see no real moral issue. We lie about and fake plenty of other stuff so why not this too?

So yes when you get a customer asking about anal you need to say you have never really tried it and you are an anal virgin. You would be happy to try with fingers and possibly a toy if the fingers go well (and only if you want to offer this), but only on the understanding you are a total newbie to anal and that they are patient with your tight little ass. If you can't do a toy they need to accept this because after all its so new and you can only try your best.

A lot of the time they will be happy with this and either take you to private or tip you or whatever is relevant for your cam site. I normally request we go private for this unless I am doing a public show for tips and it comes up as a request. You need to act nervous and ask them what the best position is for first time etc, really putting the show in their hands as if they were a director.  You want them to feel like you are really into the idea and trying for them as this will keep them sweet when you "fail".

Don't zoom in for a proper close up just so you know you are safe. Usually a full ass shot is sufficient. Then once you are in position you will need to start faking. This involves lots of lubing up of the ass and fingers, and then lots of "Oooohs" and maybe even an "Oww!" as you "slide your finger inside".

You will need to make a rather specific finger shape with your hands to fake the insertion of a finger. You essentially need to bend your middle finger under your palm as you slide it between your butt cheeks. This looks like you have swallowed the finger whole with your butt and you can proceed to bounce your hand up and down a little, pushing against your asshole to give the illusion you are fucking your own ass. Your palm and ass cheeks hide the anus itself so it gives a great visual to a man who is wanting to believe you are fingering yourself anally. Here are some shots of the finger position below:

What the customer will see.

What you will be doing.

Record yourself before you do it live to see how it looks and give yourself confidence. That way you can watch it back to see you have it in the right position etc. To me it always looks real, but essentially people see what they want to see.

If your client is satsfied you have taken your fingers like a pro, they may request you move on to a toy. If you have already said no then feel free to continue to do so. You were upfront about your anal limitations and they need to respect that. However if you want to extend a show and are comfortable trying this and obviously "failing" in front of a customer you may like to take this little addition on board.

I first of all remind them that I do not keep any anal toys, and I am assuming if you are reading this you won't either! You will need a somewhat flexible dildo for the one, a rigid one would make this trick much harder. I take my very girthy dildo and hold it up to the camera and remind them that I have only just started using my fingers so they will need to be patient and if it doesn't work then it doesn't work. Once they have given consent you refer to them for positioning again and start the fakery.

Lots of lube of course all over the dildo and this time you will need to use two hands or one hand wrapped completely around the middle of the dildo in a fist like position. With two hands most of the dildo is obscured anyway so you can move you hands along it a little bit as if you are taking the dildo in a little at a time. If your dildo is flexible enough you can press and bend it a bit into your ass crack to help give the illusion you are trying to take it. One handed you can also do this.

I have found the best camera angle is to have it positioned straight on so the dildo looks like a big O in the middle of your butt. This also makes it harder to see what is going on. Keep your anus clenched and use your butt cheeks and hands to hide as much as possible. Say it feels good but so tight and hurts a little, stuff like that along with moans and ows. "Take it out" to give yourself a break or let it slip out and around and say its just so tight you can only get a tiny bit in. You can then offer to keep trying if you wish or recommend they go back to fingers. You could even bend back two fingers and pretend you are being brave and trying an extra one. Entirely up to you really.

It's so easy when you get the hang of it and is another way to increase your customer base. You never have to get good at the anal in the end and you can keep telling them your partners just don't like it and remain an anal virgin forever. Sometimes they request I buy an anal toy and I always say yes and then "forget" or say I will look into it soon. I might get a cheap butt plug one day and see if i can incorporate it into my anal illusions but I'm happy with the system I have right now. No one truthfully expects my teeny ass to accomodate an 8 inch dildo so its a believeable fail.

To the girls who can and do actually manage anal I salute you and hope you aren't horribly offended by the fakery I describe, but for those of you who don't like it and were looking for something like this make use of it please and prosper! I mean at the end of they day we are all doing this to make as much as we can and so if you need a few secret weapons in your arsenal I say go for it.

Some girls think it's really disrespectful to do or even be asked to do but I say we work in the sex industry so stop being so prissy. Although of course if you don't even want to fake it don't! It's just nice to have the option in my opinion.

If any of you have any more fake anal tips to add please let me know or stick them in the comments to share the love! Sharing is good!

I hope you are all having amazing shows and feeling great. This advice post has been a real randomer and will hopefully be useful to some.

Much love and ass respect!




  1. Very helpful advice. Me and my wife both dislike and don't do anal but it's so popular in porn so I was wondering how much money we might be leaving on the table as camsters. Your ideas have inspired and we are going to practice some faking moves and give it a try.

  2. I have done this recently! I have done anal in the past with a boyfriend, Painful and not pleasuring AT ALL! So, when a client asked me for it I bent my finger as you did!

  3. How do I follow your blog? I'm a cam model as well.

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