Thursday, 16 June 2011

Card Tricks...

Clotheslines... not just for clothes!
This post is about a little game you might like to play with your customers. We will call it "Super, Happy, Fun Mega Card Countdown!!!!"

For SHFMCC you will need:
  • 2 decks of cards
  • 1 envelope (optional)
  • Clothesline (optional)
  • 53 Pegs
This is a thoroughly delightful little game which you may or may not have seen played before at various fairs and drinking establishments (known in the UK as pubs).  I think your customers will enjoy it and you can continue the game over several nights until you run out of cards.

The premise of the game is that customers will purchase a card from one of a 52 piece deck. They get to pick the suit and the number. You have chosen from the other 52 piece deck (this means no jokers etc) a single card at random and have placed it in an envelope. Once all of the cards have been purchased by your customers you will open the envelope and reveal who has the matching card and won the competition and a fabulous prize! It is like a giant, random game of snap.

If you are able to the first thing to do is get your camming area set up. I recommend attaching a clothesline or some string in a zig zag or just generally horizontal fashion on the wall your camera will be facing. This will give you a great visual with all the cards behind you. Once you have set up the clothesline, take one of the decks of cards, removing all the jokers and rule cards and peg each card to the clothesline so you have 52 playing cards all ready to be plucked as the customers purchase them.

If you don't care about reusing the cards you could write the clients names on the cards and re-peg them up as you go, or you could be economical and just write a list to keep track of who purchases what card and let the clothesline start looking empty as you countdown. I also recommend putting the envelope holding the winning card in the centre of your display and ideally making it colourful and eye catching. Our customers are visual creatures and it always looks good and encourages tips when you make an effort.

You can keep this game going for several weeks if the cards don't all sell out right away which they may not. Just remember to stick a little ad on your profile page about it, promote it on Twitter, and just have fun playing with your customers.

May the cards smile upon you!




  1. no updates in a month? :(

  2. You have a wonderful blog going on here. My name is Chelsea and I'm also a cam model. I've loved your point of view on modeling, and your writing style is brilliant. You should consider going into media publishing sometime.

    Anyways, just wanted to comment and say I hope you come back soon, I'm very much looking forward to this blog.


  3. Hi Roo and Chelsea

    Roo I am sorry I didnt post! I was away with Beau so hopefully semi normal service can resume after my long break.

    Chelsea thanks so much for the sweet words. They are much appreciated. I would publish something if the offer was there but I think I would need an insane amount of readers first ;)

    Much love to you both


  4. I love your ideas for games to play in public chat. I have a couple of my own i would like to try but my problem is i have no clue what to offer as prizes. For example with your card game idea (which i LOVE) do you have any suggestions for what the winner should get? Any ideas (and as many as you could help me with would help me sooo much)

    Thank you for writing these blogs, i have been following you for a long time now and love your site. Your extremely helpful so thank you for that.