Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Camming when you're on...

Periods. They are a pain in the ass, but a fact of life. I think we all get a bit pissed off with them at one point or another, but for ladies working in the adult industry a period can cost you a weeks wages.

I have had several aspiring cam girls email me recently regarding their monthly menstruation and how one might get around this messy situation and avoid losing income. I thought about it for a while and came up with a few options, but there is only really one I am truly happy with.

There is an old escort trick of using a small piece of sponge and inserting it inside yourself to absorb the flow  while still leaving room for insertion of fingers/dildos etc. I would say that if you do this for only a couple of hours and are incredibly safe, not using a sponge with dyes or really scratchy exterior (obviously!), etc it may be OK, you must be very careful! If you were to forget you had it inside you and leave it there you would be at risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) which is very, very nasty! Lethal in some cases. The sponge could be difficult to retrieve if it gets pushed a bit too far into the cervix too, so be prepared for an interesting chat with a doctor or very, very close friend if you can't get that baby out.

I also researched whether or not a mooncup type form of sanitary product would be useful for cam girls as this would be medically safer I feel, but unfortunately the cup sits low in the cervix and so penetration would not be ideal. Penetration would only be very shallow at best.

If you are not looking to use toys or penetrate yourself during a show while you are on your period you could use a mooncup or the old stripper trick of using a tampon with the string tucked in or cut off. Again I would recommend thinking carefully before cutting off the string from the tampon as this can make it hard to remove and if it gets stuck will warrant a fast trip to your gyno/ER if you have no friends willing or able to assist you.

Contraceptive wise if you discuss this with your doctor you could go on the pill and just run several of the packs together. My doctor told me personally that if I didn't want to bleed just run the packs together until I ended up with breakthrough bleeding and then take my 7 pill free days. This normally happens after about 3 months or so. However, this was advice I received from my doctor who was happy with my blood pressure and medical history etc. Do not use this blog as free reign to alter any medical advice you have been given regarding contraception. Talk to your doctor because at the end of the day it is completely confidential and you are not obligated to give them any real reason behind your enquiry anyway. You just don't like having periods, okay doc?!

The contraceptive implant has also been known to stop periods altogether for some women, for others it just makes them a little irregular. My best friend has about one period a year on the implant so again could be worth looking in to if you want to use contraception as a means of controlling your cycle.

My best advice though really is just take the time off. I understand making money is important to us, but I think putting anything that isn't medically safe into your vagina is not okay. Your health should be your primary concern over making money in these instances. You are intelligent, adult women and therefore can be trusted to make the best decisions for yourself which is why I am posting all of the above options, however I do think you should consider just taking the 5 days or so to just look after yourself.

Camming constantly, week after week is not easy and many performers suffer from burnout. Also where we physically see our money grow during our shifts it can be very easy to become focused solely on earning and getting more, never satisfied with our current paycheck even when we can make so much more compared to people working regular entry level jobs. I think taking 5 days off to pamper and nurture ourselves is a good way to recharge and get back into the hectic camming routine.

Camming can be very stressful, you can slow days, mean customers, soreness downstairs from playing too much so why not just be kind to yourself, give yourself permission to let the money take a backseat for a few days and remember that you are what is important in this scenario and your spiritual and physical well being come first. Get a spray tan, manicure, treat yourself to a fancy dinner or some new lingerie, just do something for you during that time and know you will be recharged and even better when you get back on cam in a couple of days. You deserve it.

I don't think anyone really needs the added stress of a sponge up the vajayjay now do they?

Hope you are all well and having a great time on cam.

Much love




  1. This is a great post! It is definitely a frustrating week. I hate how the time of month interferes with my camming. But time off from camming can be nice. The only problem is that repeat customers might find somewhere else to go for that week! But if you keep in contact, maybe post some sexy pictures, they won't forget about you! :)

  2. Very true. I mean you could even do a couple of non nude shows and just plug picture sets and videos and run a raffle or something for a skype show next week.

    Very good points Innes thanks for the contribution! Much appreciated.


  3. Yeah, the biggest thing I'm worried about is my customers leaving me during that week :p. But I like your ideas too. I definitely don't feel comfortable putting a sponge in me ... I get nervous about things like that! (although I can definitely see it working for others) so I try to work especially hard on emails and pictures that week :).

    By the way, I love your blog, I have been looking through it recently. I found it through Brooke Lynn's blog as we are both on LCN.

    I'm checking out all your cam site reviews a I'm looking for a second site to go on :)

  4. Awesome. MFC is a very good choice if you are comfortable with public shows and such :)

    Thank you for the kind words. They are much appreciated. I am really glad you like the blog :) I totally love Brooke and she may soon be a contributing to this blog every now and again to give another view from across the Atlantic!

    Love your opinions and hopefully will be hearing more of them in the future :D


  5. Don't fear the sponge, just use the right one! There's a variety of things you can do for the period. When I was a dancer at bachelor parties I simply cut the strings off of tampons before inserting them. Made for a bit of an excavation after, but no one was the wiser, and I just didn't do penetration. Lately though I have been using these sponges whenever I am at home. They are very comfortable and would provide the best solution for penetration while on cam. Just get them wet and rinse them out and you're ready to go.


    Hope you try and like! Thanks for your helpful page!

  6. There are special sponges for this kind of buissness girls :) In my language they are called "coral sponge", no idea how to translate in english my translation is literal. Here at home you can find them in big pharmasies. I use to work like a stripper and every friday two girls came in the club to give us those sponges, also condoms, pregnancy tests, lubs etc, I supose it's some kind of charity-red cross thing. Look for steril sponges (this is written in the back of the package, also made in Germany nothing else) . Hope my info helps. I'm sure that if we have them in Bulgaria you could find them in UK, US and everywhere.

    Great blog btw

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