Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Cammed Peaches - Needs time to ripen???

Cammed Peaches is a site I am a tad confused about. I really can't say whether or not the will be awesome or terrible and will therefore refrain from giving them a thumbs up or down either way until others with more info chime in. I will however say that I personally love the name!

They have been a registered domain name for about a year and have been streaming for about 7 months. I found them when they added me on Twitter, much in the same way I found 5 points modelling. The site looks a little home made but is by no stretch worse than a VS media site! They currently have a smallish collection of models and are definitely not a large site yet, but that isn't to say they couldn't grow in popularity and are not worth a try based on their pay rates and percentages.

Now you all know I am stickler for contacting sites before sign up so I was very, very disappointed to see they had no contact forms or email address available on the site. I searched high and low and found absolutely zilch in that respect! I was not a happy bunny. Fortunately I had their Twitter feed so after two tweets asking for a contact method, they inboxed me their email address. Score!

I emailed them as always and this was what I wrote (I was kind of worried the had actually read my blog and wouldn't give me any info so I may have layed it on a bit thick...):

Thanks for getting back to me via twitter. I was just looking for some info on model rates. I want to be with the best sites, making the best money so I was just wondering if you could tell me what your models earn per minute, per customer in the different chat settings and what percentage you guys take? I was also just wanting to see what payment options you offer as I am in the UK so I didn't know if you take on models from abroad?

Really looking forward to hearing from you and hopefully we can work together :)



Fortunately, as ever I suppose, the site had clearly never read my blog *sigh* and so happily supplied me with their rates. I don't know how I will ever get any of this information if any of the companies actually bothered to read my articles and see I end up saying most of them suck...

Here is their response:

Hi London,

Let me first say thank you for your interest in my website. My website is new and has only been up and running for about 7 months but it's a great place for models to work. Webcam models like you are the reason for making a website successful and as you know you have to put up with a lot of guys who can be idiots and annoying but at the same time there are good customers who will spoil you. I understand this because my wife has been a webcam model for a few years now and has done very well. 

Now let me get to the point of what you wanted to know:

Customers are charged per minute in Group of $4.49 and VIP which is one-on-one of $4.99. Models earn 60% payout. 

There is also the opportunity for tips in FREE chat in which you will receive 60% payout.  

For payment options we have direct bank wire transfer or a check. 

Please let me know if you have any other questions and I will gladly answer you back. 



This is a perfectly acceptable email to me. He answered all of my questions without hesitation and was perfectly polite and helpful! Well done Rob! However...

The email address he gave me was a Gmail address. Being given an email from a public service like Gmail doesn't fill one with confidence that the site is a serious contender in the industry. I know however the site is legit in the respect it is run off  LiveCamNetwork Live Video Chat Solution and is associated with 2Much Internet Services. I know this because my fabulous friend Brooke Lynne at Musings of a Camgirl informed me of this when I saw her on the site. (They can pay to stream other models from other sites using the same software and did so with Brooke. Obviously they have good taste as she is smoking!) She doesn't work for Cammed Peaches so she can't give me a review, however she put it to me like this...

"... any site who is using the LiveCamNetwork Live Video Chat Solution software from, must comply with the software Terms and Agreements - and part of those terms and greements is paying one's models on time, in the fashion stated by the site.  Violation of these Terms And Agreements can mean that a site could have their license pulled - which puts a site owner at risk of losing a fair chunk of change.  Site owners using the software tend to stick to what they have agreed to, and all runs smoothly.  "

I am not getting into the model sharing software in this post as it is too detailed, but I can already sense the questions brewing... Brooke gave a great insight though so I will give you the main point here and go briefly off topic. Basically should a site buy your stream you will get more traffic to your room, but you will belong to the site you signed up with and remain on their rates. Brooke put it more eloquently as this:

"On the model side, the site that you apply to, is considered the site you are working for.  I applied and was accepted to (which is actually the model-site for the LiveCamNetwork Live Video Chat Solution software, created), therefore I am subject to the pay rates/pay arrangements and I have agreed on.  It differs from site to site - depending on how each site owner decides to their website.  Being shared with M Base does not affect, detract from, or change your commission/pay what-so-ever.  From the model's perspective, It simply allows you more traffic. "

I am certain this will not be the last we hear from Brooke... *air of mystery* 

So now we understand the main point of that software and how this site could also work to bringing you more traffic simply as being part of a network, lets get back to the actual review of Cammed Peaches.

The pay rates mentioned in the email were 60% of $4.49 per min group and $4.99 per min exclusive plus 60% of any tips. This means you will be getting about $2.69 in group per minute and about $2.99 a min in exclusive. I also note that customers pay $3.99 to spy on group so assuming you get 60% of that to you will make an additional $2.39 per customer in group per minute.
Truthfully those rates a pretty darn sweet and high for a site that seems to be based mostly on privates!

I couldnt find any real model information so not fully sure of site rules and again where it is a small, young site the traffic could be quite poor, but the payment methods seem legit and as it is associated with a proper streaming network this a good start.

I also liked the fact that Rob mentioned his wife was a webcam model and that he understands what it is like for us and that we are what makes the site run. This is also reflected in a message posted across the bottom of the page. It reads:

Please obey our rules! Be nice, and don't "beg" us to flash. If you like one of us and you want to see us nude, we'd love to oblige you but only in Private VIP or Group Chat. Respect our models like you want to be respected. If you are rude or obnoxious, we WILL kick you out and/or ban you from our site if don't get the hint, so please behave and have fun! :) 

He comes across as pretty geniune, but even the best intentions aren't going to sway me if there's no money to be made.

I am pretty happy at MFC and have a large customer base there but this could be a good site to suck on and see. If you get in early and they turn out to have traffic you could be a pretty big fish in a small pond earning good money from it. I think it could be worth looking into especially if you are wanting to make more from private shows.

Any Peaches out there care to share their opinions? What do you guys think? Would you take the risk? Their sign up form is here.

Hope all is good in your world!





    E-Passporte and paypal as pay options! LOL - Paypal is dangerous is not adult friendly and e-passporte went out of business. LOL

  2. I saw that too! But they said check and direct deposit in the email and didnt mention those two. I'm guessing they havent updated the site. Shame really as they pay seems good. But then again if it seems too good to be true it probably is ;)


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