Thursday, 16 June 2011

Card Tricks...

Clotheslines... not just for clothes!
This post is about a little game you might like to play with your customers. We will call it "Super, Happy, Fun Mega Card Countdown!!!!"

For SHFMCC you will need:
  • 2 decks of cards
  • 1 envelope (optional)
  • Clothesline (optional)
  • 53 Pegs
This is a thoroughly delightful little game which you may or may not have seen played before at various fairs and drinking establishments (known in the UK as pubs).  I think your customers will enjoy it and you can continue the game over several nights until you run out of cards.

The premise of the game is that customers will purchase a card from one of a 52 piece deck. They get to pick the suit and the number. You have chosen from the other 52 piece deck (this means no jokers etc) a single card at random and have placed it in an envelope. Once all of the cards have been purchased by your customers you will open the envelope and reveal who has the matching card and won the competition and a fabulous prize! It is like a giant, random game of snap.

If you are able to the first thing to do is get your camming area set up. I recommend attaching a clothesline or some string in a zig zag or just generally horizontal fashion on the wall your camera will be facing. This will give you a great visual with all the cards behind you. Once you have set up the clothesline, take one of the decks of cards, removing all the jokers and rule cards and peg each card to the clothesline so you have 52 playing cards all ready to be plucked as the customers purchase them.

If you don't care about reusing the cards you could write the clients names on the cards and re-peg them up as you go, or you could be economical and just write a list to keep track of who purchases what card and let the clothesline start looking empty as you countdown. I also recommend putting the envelope holding the winning card in the centre of your display and ideally making it colourful and eye catching. Our customers are visual creatures and it always looks good and encourages tips when you make an effort.

You can keep this game going for several weeks if the cards don't all sell out right away which they may not. Just remember to stick a little ad on your profile page about it, promote it on Twitter, and just have fun playing with your customers.

May the cards smile upon you!



Wednesday, 15 June 2011

To pee, or not to pee...

I think this picture says enough...

Okay I'm just gonna put this out there... Golden Showers. They are often requested of me by customers and always denied. "Why?" you might ask me when customers are willing to pay big to see this... interesting show. The simple answer for this is that it is against the rules of every chat site I have researched. Golden showers can get you fined and banned from most sites so I recommend you do not partake of them inside your camsite login.

I am not personally comfortable peeing for someone's entertainment. Heck, I hate it when someone is in the next stall in a public bathroom. (I'm convinced everyone listens to me when I pee and judges me... I'm not sure why.) However, if you are comfortable doing it and would like to offer this service I highly recommend you do it privately, outside the site via Skype, Yahoo or MSN. This ensures that whoever you are working for have no reason to reprimand you. It really isn't an act worth getting banned or fined over.

Also scat play in my opinion should never be on the table! Ever! And you know I'm not talking about some fast, freestyle jazz singing either. If they want number two then you tell them where to go or if you are into that sort of thing you make them pay through the fucking nose, sister!

I don't like to blog about such matters really. Toilet stuff isn't my thing, probably because I have wicked bad IBS, but I know it is a popular fetish and the amount of requests are growing. While I can find no evidence of it being illegal to perform on cam, most sites have banned it's depiction on camera along with vomiting and violence. Please read your site rules very carefully and if you do choose to perform something that is legal in the privacy of your home, but not on your site, just do it safely and hygienically on Skype.

Much love and begging you to please, please, please not poop on cam!



Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Camming when you're on...

Periods. They are a pain in the ass, but a fact of life. I think we all get a bit pissed off with them at one point or another, but for ladies working in the adult industry a period can cost you a weeks wages.

I have had several aspiring cam girls email me recently regarding their monthly menstruation and how one might get around this messy situation and avoid losing income. I thought about it for a while and came up with a few options, but there is only really one I am truly happy with.

There is an old escort trick of using a small piece of sponge and inserting it inside yourself to absorb the flow  while still leaving room for insertion of fingers/dildos etc. I would say that if you do this for only a couple of hours and are incredibly safe, not using a sponge with dyes or really scratchy exterior (obviously!), etc it may be OK, you must be very careful! If you were to forget you had it inside you and leave it there you would be at risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) which is very, very nasty! Lethal in some cases. The sponge could be difficult to retrieve if it gets pushed a bit too far into the cervix too, so be prepared for an interesting chat with a doctor or very, very close friend if you can't get that baby out.

I also researched whether or not a mooncup type form of sanitary product would be useful for cam girls as this would be medically safer I feel, but unfortunately the cup sits low in the cervix and so penetration would not be ideal. Penetration would only be very shallow at best.

If you are not looking to use toys or penetrate yourself during a show while you are on your period you could use a mooncup or the old stripper trick of using a tampon with the string tucked in or cut off. Again I would recommend thinking carefully before cutting off the string from the tampon as this can make it hard to remove and if it gets stuck will warrant a fast trip to your gyno/ER if you have no friends willing or able to assist you.

Contraceptive wise if you discuss this with your doctor you could go on the pill and just run several of the packs together. My doctor told me personally that if I didn't want to bleed just run the packs together until I ended up with breakthrough bleeding and then take my 7 pill free days. This normally happens after about 3 months or so. However, this was advice I received from my doctor who was happy with my blood pressure and medical history etc. Do not use this blog as free reign to alter any medical advice you have been given regarding contraception. Talk to your doctor because at the end of the day it is completely confidential and you are not obligated to give them any real reason behind your enquiry anyway. You just don't like having periods, okay doc?!

The contraceptive implant has also been known to stop periods altogether for some women, for others it just makes them a little irregular. My best friend has about one period a year on the implant so again could be worth looking in to if you want to use contraception as a means of controlling your cycle.

My best advice though really is just take the time off. I understand making money is important to us, but I think putting anything that isn't medically safe into your vagina is not okay. Your health should be your primary concern over making money in these instances. You are intelligent, adult women and therefore can be trusted to make the best decisions for yourself which is why I am posting all of the above options, however I do think you should consider just taking the 5 days or so to just look after yourself.

Camming constantly, week after week is not easy and many performers suffer from burnout. Also where we physically see our money grow during our shifts it can be very easy to become focused solely on earning and getting more, never satisfied with our current paycheck even when we can make so much more compared to people working regular entry level jobs. I think taking 5 days off to pamper and nurture ourselves is a good way to recharge and get back into the hectic camming routine.

Camming can be very stressful, you can slow days, mean customers, soreness downstairs from playing too much so why not just be kind to yourself, give yourself permission to let the money take a backseat for a few days and remember that you are what is important in this scenario and your spiritual and physical well being come first. Get a spray tan, manicure, treat yourself to a fancy dinner or some new lingerie, just do something for you during that time and know you will be recharged and even better when you get back on cam in a couple of days. You deserve it.

I don't think anyone really needs the added stress of a sponge up the vajayjay now do they?

Hope you are all well and having a great time on cam.

Much love



Monday, 13 June 2011

iFriends - Pretty good for a privates based site.

iFriends responded to my email and they seem to be a fairly decent company. I found their site a lot more professional looking than many of the low grade sites.

Their pay rates are better than a fair few. You take home 50% of all live video chats and offline video viewings. Prices start at $2.49 for video chat so that means a minimum of £1.24 per minute. It's not amazing, but if you are looking to mostly do private shows, this is the best minimum per minute rate I have found. You can obviously set your prices higher, and having the option to earn with offline videos could also be a big bonus for some girls looking to get into that kind of thing.

The only major drawback for me is the lack of payment options. I like the sites to offer a good selection and iFriends currently only offer two.

Here are the emails so judge for yourself:

Your Message:


I am looking into joining ifriends as a video host but I was wondering if you could give me some more information regarding payments. I couldnt find the info I wanted on your site but if I have missed the page please feel free to send me the link. I would like to know how much your models make per minute, per customer in various chat options and what their pay percentage is.

I would also like to know what payment methods you offer models and how often you send out payments. 

Thank you so much

iFriends Staff Reply:
Depending on the category you log into the minimum price per minute ranges between $2.49min to $9.99min. The fetish and BDSM categories go up to $19.99min. You receive a 50% payout on revenue from all live or replay videochat from customers that others have introduced to iFriends. For more information please see 

Currently we have two methods of payment. By default, we do issue checks which can either be deposited into a bank account or processed at any typical check-cashing location. If you do not wish to receive checks, you may want to consider our WebPowerFX program.  With WebPowerFX, you are issued an ATM/Debit card that will be used for electronic payment of your weekly payouts.  You may then use this ATM/Debit card as you would any regular ATM/Debit card.  For information about the WebPowerFX program, visit  

We payout weekly. The pay period starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday at midnight. Any earnings exceeding $100.00 will be posted to your account on Monday. Any earnings that do not exceed $100.00 will simply remain on your account and continue to accrue until such time.

So up you you really. Could be very lucrative for fetish models in particular with prices going up to $19.99 per minute. That would be nearly $10 per min take home! I think it may be worth looking into if you want a site with more private than public shows and have not found MFC or SkinVideos the best fit for you. They are also affiliated with and @camgirltweet on twitter who will give you special promotion on their site for being on iFriends. 

You can signup to iFriends here.

Hope you guys are still doing well. If you are a new model and doing site research don't forget to check out my advice index at the top of the page. All my site reviews are linked there. 

Much love and prosperity to you!


Sunday, 12 June 2011

Sunday Camgirl Anthems - Please Don't Turn Me On

Classic tune from my school days that I constantly nod my head along with when I listen to the lyrics. One day I swear I will be a good girl!

Much Love



Friday, 10 June 2011

Tutorial - Image Hosting, HTML use and useful links!

Oooh an internet post! Insert computer related picture.

Image hosting is essential for you to share your adverts unless your site is capable of hosting images itself or you have a large knowledge of coding. Image hosting is essentially popping your images up on to an external website where they will store it online and make it available to those with the correct web link or html code.

There are plenty of sites to choose from and if you google image hosting you can take your pick. I have always used photobucket and found them to be a great site. You can visit them here. The sites are fairly simple to use and self explanatory.

Now remember my fabulous signature that I created? It is currently hosted by photobucket so we will use this as our example piece. The first thing to do is select the picture you want to do and then look at this menu pictured below.

The first thing you need to know is that the direct link and email and IM are just a web link to the page. The will not make the picture appear in your profile, they simply redirect people to the image on photobucket's domain. The HTML code is the text you will be using to make the picture appear in your profile. You don't need to worry about the IMG code at this point as it is more for use in forums.

With HTML literally all you need to do is copy the text and paste it into a section of your profile for it to appear. Ideally dont surround the HTML with loads of other text or it may come out a bit messy, but it is literally that simple in most cases. With this blog for example, if I post the HTML code for the image below and my blog is set to interpret HTML the image will appear below.


See? Easy peasy. And all I did was paste some text. As long as you have a profile that will allow for HTML interpretations, much like MFC, you will be laughing.

Now I have given you the tools, try not to go too mental and make a million adverts for your profile! A few dotted around are more effective that crap loads of picture ads clogging everything up. I have seen girls do this and believe me it is not a good look.

Another useful site if you ever need it is an image resizer. If your forum or site has strict pixel size rules on their pictures you may need to adjust your work to their specific sizings. You can do this in Microsoft picture manager too. For just upload you image and select custom size from the drop down menu, or if you just want it generally larger or smaller use their percentage options.

So we have for your hosting needs and for your size alterations. You are all set and ready to go, so good luck with it.

May your adverts flood you with $$$$!

Much Love



Thursday, 9 June 2011

Tutorial - Making basic picture adverts part three...

Again your ads don't need to be so sexist...

So here we are making you a nice little ad campaign! Lets get to work on our final piece, laying out a nice multi-picture advert. You already know how to edit pictures in paint and picture manager so lets use that knowledge and now add in some extra fun on Microsoft Office PowerPoint.

Step one - Open PowerPoint: This may seem a little obvious but there we go! Open up PowerPoint and select a fresh blank slide. You can delete any text boxes if you wish or go to layout and select blank slide from the drop down as highlighted below.

When you have your lovely clean slide, we should look at getting all the pictures you are using on the slide to help decide your colour scheme. To insert your pictures it is possible to drop and drag them onto the slide right from the file folder, but you can also insert them by clicking on the "Insert" tab and selecting "Picture".

Step Two - Layout: As a rule of thumb odd numbers are better than even when doing a nice design layout. Groups of three are always good and are a pleasing visual for most people for whatever reason so I will be using three pictures in this tutorial. You can use as many or as few pictures as you wish because at the end of the day it is down to you. I'm no art or design expert as the amateurishness of these tutorials makes abundantly clear! I am probably making graphic designers everywhere sick to their stomachs!

Once you have got the pictures into the slide you may wish to add your text by using the text box tool bars at the top of the screen. You can insert a text box by selecting the insert tab and the text box options.

You can the play around with the text you have written, altering size, font, etc with the tools found below. Click on the home tab and use the tools in the font and paragraph sections for whatever effect you desire. The main thing at this point is to have all the text and pictures you require so you can begin sorting your layout.

When arranging your pictures, I personally like them to have a bit of an overlap, rather than be statically placed, but this is my personal preference. If you decide to overlap the pictures make sure that you are not covering anything important of the bottom picture with the top one. With power point you can alter which layer a picture sits on by selecting the object and right clicking the mouse. A window pops up as below and by selecting the bring forward/send back options you can adjust the layer the picture sits on.

You may also wish to adjust the size of the pictures you have selected by holding the left mouse button and dragging the little circles around the edge of the object to change it. You can also flip or rotate the object by left clicking and holding down the mouse button on the little green circle protruding from the top of the object when it is selected.

Once all of the resizing and moving of objects is done you should have your basic layout. The next stage is to pick a colour for the background that either complements or contrasts with the colours in your picture. Black and white are fail safe colours to chose if you are not sure. Just make sure the text is visible if you change the background colour.

Step Three - Colour: In this picture of Rihanna I am getting two key contrasting colours, pink and green. I am also noting an accent colour of yellow in her outfit. I have decided to pick out the pink tones in the pictures and run with this as my colour theme. The next pictures will depict adjusting the background colour on the slides.

Firstly click on the background of the slide without selecting any objects. Then right click to open up a little pop up menu and select the last option, "Format Background"

When you click on format background a window pops up with several options and you will need to click on the little paint can icon and then "More colours..." select more to expand the selections further.

You will then have two further menu options to choose colours from. It will open up on the standard selection. You can select any of these colours easily.

If you have a more specific shade in mind select the customer tab.

Use the cross hairs to select a colour and move the arrow along the right hand slider to adjust the shade. Once you are happy select OK to apply it to the slides. You can then adjust the layout and text further if necessary and you should end up with your final slide. It is important to make sure you have spell checked at this point as any wiggly lines highlighting mistakes should be gone for the best final product. I haven't done this so you will see why I say it is important!

My final slide currently looks like this. You can faintly see the red error squiqqle, but it shows up more when you have the full size image.

The next step is turning our final slide into a jpeg image which will involve editing an image in MS Paint as we have done previously. You don't want to save the red squiggle so it has to go!

Step Four - Creating a JPEG: This next part is very simple. Firstly you get you slide open in power point and hit the "Print Screen" button on your computer keyboard. Yours may say "PrtSc" or "PrntScrn" or some other variant.

Once you have done this open a new page in MS Paint and hit "Ctrl" plus "V" or right click and paste to paste the screen shot of your desktop into the program. It should look something like this.

You then want to crop the picture so you have just the slide in selection and then paste the slide into a new paint file.

When you have cropped/edited it to perfection as outlined in the previous tutorials, save it as a jpeg and then you are good to go! Your very own multiple pictures advert made in power point and paint! I'm so tech savvy I know!

In our next tutorial I am going to tell you all about image hosting and using this on your profile. I will also enclose a list of useful links for pixel size adjustment etc.

Have fun making PowerPoint pictures!

Much prosperity to you.



Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Cammed Peaches - Needs time to ripen???

Cammed Peaches is a site I am a tad confused about. I really can't say whether or not the will be awesome or terrible and will therefore refrain from giving them a thumbs up or down either way until others with more info chime in. I will however say that I personally love the name!

They have been a registered domain name for about a year and have been streaming for about 7 months. I found them when they added me on Twitter, much in the same way I found 5 points modelling. The site looks a little home made but is by no stretch worse than a VS media site! They currently have a smallish collection of models and are definitely not a large site yet, but that isn't to say they couldn't grow in popularity and are not worth a try based on their pay rates and percentages.

Now you all know I am stickler for contacting sites before sign up so I was very, very disappointed to see they had no contact forms or email address available on the site. I searched high and low and found absolutely zilch in that respect! I was not a happy bunny. Fortunately I had their Twitter feed so after two tweets asking for a contact method, they inboxed me their email address. Score!

I emailed them as always and this was what I wrote (I was kind of worried the had actually read my blog and wouldn't give me any info so I may have layed it on a bit thick...):

Thanks for getting back to me via twitter. I was just looking for some info on model rates. I want to be with the best sites, making the best money so I was just wondering if you could tell me what your models earn per minute, per customer in the different chat settings and what percentage you guys take? I was also just wanting to see what payment options you offer as I am in the UK so I didn't know if you take on models from abroad?

Really looking forward to hearing from you and hopefully we can work together :)



Fortunately, as ever I suppose, the site had clearly never read my blog *sigh* and so happily supplied me with their rates. I don't know how I will ever get any of this information if any of the companies actually bothered to read my articles and see I end up saying most of them suck...

Here is their response:

Hi London,

Let me first say thank you for your interest in my website. My website is new and has only been up and running for about 7 months but it's a great place for models to work. Webcam models like you are the reason for making a website successful and as you know you have to put up with a lot of guys who can be idiots and annoying but at the same time there are good customers who will spoil you. I understand this because my wife has been a webcam model for a few years now and has done very well. 

Now let me get to the point of what you wanted to know:

Customers are charged per minute in Group of $4.49 and VIP which is one-on-one of $4.99. Models earn 60% payout. 

There is also the opportunity for tips in FREE chat in which you will receive 60% payout.  

For payment options we have direct bank wire transfer or a check. 

Please let me know if you have any other questions and I will gladly answer you back. 



This is a perfectly acceptable email to me. He answered all of my questions without hesitation and was perfectly polite and helpful! Well done Rob! However...

The email address he gave me was a Gmail address. Being given an email from a public service like Gmail doesn't fill one with confidence that the site is a serious contender in the industry. I know however the site is legit in the respect it is run off  LiveCamNetwork Live Video Chat Solution and is associated with 2Much Internet Services. I know this because my fabulous friend Brooke Lynne at Musings of a Camgirl informed me of this when I saw her on the site. (They can pay to stream other models from other sites using the same software and did so with Brooke. Obviously they have good taste as she is smoking!) She doesn't work for Cammed Peaches so she can't give me a review, however she put it to me like this...

"... any site who is using the LiveCamNetwork Live Video Chat Solution software from, must comply with the software Terms and Agreements - and part of those terms and greements is paying one's models on time, in the fashion stated by the site.  Violation of these Terms And Agreements can mean that a site could have their license pulled - which puts a site owner at risk of losing a fair chunk of change.  Site owners using the software tend to stick to what they have agreed to, and all runs smoothly.  "

I am not getting into the model sharing software in this post as it is too detailed, but I can already sense the questions brewing... Brooke gave a great insight though so I will give you the main point here and go briefly off topic. Basically should a site buy your stream you will get more traffic to your room, but you will belong to the site you signed up with and remain on their rates. Brooke put it more eloquently as this:

"On the model side, the site that you apply to, is considered the site you are working for.  I applied and was accepted to (which is actually the model-site for the LiveCamNetwork Live Video Chat Solution software, created), therefore I am subject to the pay rates/pay arrangements and I have agreed on.  It differs from site to site - depending on how each site owner decides to their website.  Being shared with M Base does not affect, detract from, or change your commission/pay what-so-ever.  From the model's perspective, It simply allows you more traffic. "

I am certain this will not be the last we hear from Brooke... *air of mystery* 

So now we understand the main point of that software and how this site could also work to bringing you more traffic simply as being part of a network, lets get back to the actual review of Cammed Peaches.

The pay rates mentioned in the email were 60% of $4.49 per min group and $4.99 per min exclusive plus 60% of any tips. This means you will be getting about $2.69 in group per minute and about $2.99 a min in exclusive. I also note that customers pay $3.99 to spy on group so assuming you get 60% of that to you will make an additional $2.39 per customer in group per minute.
Truthfully those rates a pretty darn sweet and high for a site that seems to be based mostly on privates!

I couldnt find any real model information so not fully sure of site rules and again where it is a small, young site the traffic could be quite poor, but the payment methods seem legit and as it is associated with a proper streaming network this a good start.

I also liked the fact that Rob mentioned his wife was a webcam model and that he understands what it is like for us and that we are what makes the site run. This is also reflected in a message posted across the bottom of the page. It reads:

Please obey our rules! Be nice, and don't "beg" us to flash. If you like one of us and you want to see us nude, we'd love to oblige you but only in Private VIP or Group Chat. Respect our models like you want to be respected. If you are rude or obnoxious, we WILL kick you out and/or ban you from our site if don't get the hint, so please behave and have fun! :) 

He comes across as pretty geniune, but even the best intentions aren't going to sway me if there's no money to be made.

I am pretty happy at MFC and have a large customer base there but this could be a good site to suck on and see. If you get in early and they turn out to have traffic you could be a pretty big fish in a small pond earning good money from it. I think it could be worth looking into especially if you are wanting to make more from private shows.

Any Peaches out there care to share their opinions? What do you guys think? Would you take the risk? Their sign up form is here.

Hope all is good in your world!



Tutorial - How to make a basic picture advert part two

As a general rule I think it's best if your adverts refrain from looking this rapey...

So we last covered editing your pictures to the size you want to work with. Now we are going to look at making these images into adverts to put on your profiles, so this requires we do a bit more jiggery pokerey with our editing software so our customers have our prices and our pitch.

To edit my most simple advert using the lovely Audrey, I will be using Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.0. Most PC's will come with some variant of photoshop or similar installed, at least mine did! If your PC did not and you plan on doing lots of this kind of editing you could always invest in some basic software with your earnings.

Don't ask me about Macs just yet! Not my area of expertise having never owned one. Regardless!

Step 1: Open your image with the editing software. The tools we will be using are circled in red, the hand tool and the text tool. You do not really need to worry about much else as we are only making simple picture adverts, nothing too fancy. If you want some uber fancy, all singing, all dancing affair go to a design blog because I cannot help ye here!

Step 2: Adding text to the pictures. Text is a doddle. Just click on the lovely little T outlined about and left click the picture and hold the button down as you drag the mouse creating a little text box. Type in your text and voila, you are hunky dory!

You may have noticed that the color of my text makes it a little bit messy and hard to read. So here is where we will learn to change the color and font of the text on our screens. First select and highlight your text. Then in the top left corner you will notice 3 drop down menus. The first one contains font options, changing the design on the text. The second one I never use and just stay and regular, and the third changes the size of the text. All useful things in creating a clean design.

You can also see I have highlighted three additional feature to the right of the font size drop down menu. The first are options to make your text bold, italic or underlined. The second is the positioning of your text within the text box, left, central or right aligned. The third is the colour change option. By selecting any of these while your chosen text is highlighted and changing the setting you will alter the text in kind.

If you happen to click off your text box at any point you can recover it by clicking on the hand tool then clicking back on to the text button and clicking on the text itself. My that's an awful lot of clicking. To move text, you must hover around the outside edge of the text box until the mouse cursor turns into a little black pointer with a cross shaped arrow attached. Then if you hold down the left mouse button you can drag the text wherever you like. I can't illustrate that unfortunately.

You can add as many text boxes as you wish, just make sure they are readable. Here is a little advert I created to use as a forum signature.

Just think of something nice to write over a pantie shot and you're away! Next time we'll learn how to layout multiple images in a picture ad using my crappy, cheats method with power point. It works though. I have already sent several camgirls away with this genius advice...

Happy ad-making!



Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Tutorial - Making basic picture adverts part one...

Your own advert does not have to be so... oily?

This is for people with no design experience and very limited knowledge of the Internet and computers. If you have a web team already or know how to use photoshop and paint and understand image hosting then you have no need to read this unless you just want to see me make a cute little image advert.

I have no understanding of writing html code really and this is for webcam models who just want to make a few ads for their profile to stand out amongst the text. I am not encouraging you guys to totally fill your pages with ugly ads though! You don't want your profile looking too messy or taking forever to load.

In this tutorial I will be making two adverts. One with several pictures and one with just one picture for demonstration purposes. I am going to assume you already have some text and prices you will use in mind and just fill these in with my own fake text/amounts.

Hopefully this will help you get a few more offline tips and sell whatever it is you are looking to sell.

Step One: Choosing your picture...

This picture or pictures will be the basic background of your ad. If you are advertising something like your panties or stockings I would recommend that you take some sexy pictures of yourself in these items of clothing to use in the background. After all you are the product you are selling!

The pictures I have picked for my demo adverts are...

Audrey and Rihanna! Fabulous. So we have our pictures. Now what?

Step Two: Picture Editing...

The first step is to choose your picture editing software. I tend to move between the three that came preinstalled on my computer which are MS Paint, Microsoft Office Picture Manager and Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.0. I also sometimes use little cheats and incorporate Powerpoint too. These are the ones I will be using today anyhow and I will try to make it as clear as possible. I am not saying mine is the best or most sophisticated technique, but if you have no technique it is pretty simple to do.

So open your picture in your chosen window. It doesn't matter which of the three you pic right now because all we are going to do is crop. Cropping is editing your picture so we remove any excess or things we don't want. I am going to show you with Rihanna and Audrey.

To crop with paint select the button I have circled. You the click into the picture and drag a box over the area you wish you keep. One this is done, right click and select cut and you will see this occur. You could also select copy or press "Ctrl" and "C" but you wont see the selection disappear as below.

Once this has been done you should go to "File" in the top left corner and select new. Do not save your current work and open a new sheet. When your new sheet is open press "Ctrl" and "V" or right click onto the new white sheet and press paste. You will then end up with something like this.

You may end up without a mess of white all around like mine in which case you can just save the file as a jpeg. However if you have a lot of white around the picture, just go to the bottom right corner of the white page and hover around until a little double ended arrow appears. By holding this down you can drag the white up until it disappears into the edges of your picture.

The black line around the picture is where I am dragging the outline. If I bring this in line with the edge of the picture the white will disappear completely and we will end up with this.

And so this will be the picture that we work from. Cropped to the size we want, removing the little watermark in the bottom left, etc, now we are ready to work. Except of course we must save, and just in case your file was not previously a jpeg you will want to make sure for ease of use that you correct this.

When going to "File", select "Save As" and then a window will pop up asking where you want to save it, what name you would like to give the file and what file type it should be.

If the file type selected is not already JPEG then click on the drop down and select this file type. It just makes things easier in the long run.

So here we have our first background created and cropped using just paint. If you want to use Picture Manager then you will need to open your picture in there and select the Edit Pictures button.

Once you select this a menu opens up in the right of the program giving you a variety of editing options. To select the cropping tool click crop as circled below.

Once you have selected this you will be able to begin resizing the picture. It is a little different to paint but is the same concept of highlighting the area you wish to keep.

The black marks around the edge of the frame can be clicked and dragged to crop the image. Whatever is within the black marks is what will remain of your picture after cropping. The greyed out area will disappear. When you are happy with the selection click OK in the right hand menu which will have changed from a general options to a crop specific menu as below.

Once you have done this you will be presented with your final cut.

Save as a jpeg. Give the file a unique name from the original to ensure you have the original copy in case you wish to do different crops, ect at a later date. Once you have done this exit Picture Manager and when it gives you the option to save again select no. If you select save it will erase your original picture.

So there we have it. You now know how to crop your pictures and save them as JPEGS. This is just the start of making an advert but with all the screenshots it gets a little lengthy. The next post will show you how to add text to your adverts and layout an advert with multiple images.

See you next lesson!



Monday, 6 June 2011

How to use my site reviews...

I was thinking I should share a few things...

I am writing this post because I am concerned a few people are taking my site reviews out of context. Nothing in particular has sparked this, I just want to clear up how I rate them and how I think it is best to process this.

Now I rate and review sites based solely on the information available to me at any given time. I read the content of the sites I review thoroughly. I examine the claims they make on their model career pages (if they have them) and rate and review this content. I will usually email a site if there is a way to contact them, and if there is not an obvious way to request any information I will doggedly hunt this down.

If a site lacks information, contact information or appears to be making vague, far fetched claims this is an instant turn off for me. They get 1 strike against their name.

The second and third things I'm looking at and probably the biggest things that count are how much you earn and traffic. Now unless I register with a site or hear from models who have worked there, I cannot vouch for traffic. I will often sit in a girls public chat to try and gauge how many people are actually in there, but really there isn't much I can do to accurately judge it unless I join or stalk the site. I can however usually get the payment information that can help you make a good choice about whether or not you want to risk the traffic.

I usually post emails that occur between myself and the companies so you can see if they are professional in their tone, if they answer questions properly or leave me to work out pay rates by myself. This answer will often determine whether or not I think they are a trustworthy company as they should be completely open about their business practices and payment rates to aspiring models. You should not need to hand over all your personal information and scanned I.D images just to find out if they are going to pay you 10 cents a minute.

My reviews try to give you the information I found personally. I do have opinions that come across in these articles and if I think a site has crappy pay rates I will more than likely say it sucks. However, you need to remember that my opinion is not the be all and end all. I am one person and hundreds of models may make a ton of money on a site I said was rubbish.

Use my information to help with your decision of course but don't let it stop you taking your own path!

Use my reviews to compare sites, but do not shy away from having your own opinion even if it is different to my own. If you love the look of and you have been making money there and know others who do, then stick with them! Try other sites too like MFC, but some girls really struggle to make MFC work for them and need to be on a site more focused on private sessions. I make absolute bank on MFC so I am very happy there but it isn't for everyone and I respect that. I will however promote it as a site with high rates and traffic because those are the facts I have to share with you, and what I feel matters to the girls who email me.

Use this site for advice, comparing rates on a lot of the big sites, and researching tips and tricks but remember that I am one person and what works for me and what I think may not be right for some other people. Don't get too serious if I give your camsite a bad review because at the end of the day I'm just giving people my opinion and the facts I have to hand. It isn't personal and it's nothing against you, especially not if you are making plenty working there! If that's the case tell us so in a comment so we know it does work for people! Tell us you get amazing traffic! Tell us they are the best if that is your experience!

I would always tell anyone to investigate sites further for themselves and if they like please report back here to us in the comments and share what they have found even if it contradicts my post! I love debate and I love hearing good things and success stories so just go for it guys, and make money wherever works for you!

Regardless of what I say about a site, you must do whatever is best for you and there is no clear cut right or wrong way to do it in this industry. No one has all the answers and the best thing we can do is keep discussing what works for us personally and sharing it with others. I just want to bring you the facts I find, but it is my blog so of course my opinions and my experiences are going to come out along the way. If you disagree with it that is perfectly fine you are more than welcome to do so. If you don't like it that is fine too, but maybe just click the little x button in the top right and stop reading because it is a personal blog and will never be totally neutral! You are of course also welcome to agree with me and add to the points I am making with your own views too!

Hopefully that has made my reviews and my stance on things a bit clearer.

I wish you all oodles of happiness and prosperity and look forward to hearing lots from you!

Much love



Get ready for landing...

Hello Captain...

The pilot has landed. I am quite excited by this news and I am certain I am going to meet him now. We are planning to meet at one of the bars in Central London where he is staying. He is booked in to one of the fancy hotels for a break before he goes off to start his job at another airline. I sort of can't wait.

Things with Beau are perfectly fine, but there has still been no real talk of exclusivity. I don't feel comfortable bringing it up just yet, and maybe its partly because I'm not ready to pick him above the others for now, but I have a feeling he assumes it's just the two of us... Not the 3, 4, 5, 6 plus of us...

I mean he is fantastic and the sex is amazing. It's beyond mind blowing at times! It's just I've never been able to settle. I've never been comfortable in a twosome. Sometimes I think I may be polyamorous. I mean I suppose it's flattering for someone to want you exclusively, but I've never been desperate for exclusivity. Of course jealously is natural, but I think if you deal with it, maybe its a better way of living? Having a primary relationship with someone such as a marriage could be wonderful along with secondary loving relationships with others. But maybe I'm just greedy? Or haven't met the right guy yet? Who knows?!

Regardless I want to meet the pilot and I want to sleep with him. Our private shows have been a long game of foreplay and I am very attracted to him. I think our meeting could be explosive to say the least. As long as it is safe I see no harm and I'm a very good girl when it comes to sex.


Poor Beau. I need to have this conversation about exclusivity soon. I just can't help myself sometimes. It's not fair to him. I can be so selfish sometimes!

Still want my sexy pilot though... Goddamn it!

Be better than me people! Stay strong and wish me luck!




Sunday, 5 June 2011

Sunday Camgirl Anthems - The Tears

Robots in Disguise. Awesome band. Love this song!

Big love


Streamate - They sort of suck...

Streamate got back to me and had this to say for themselves regarding pricing. I had to send them two emails as obviously the first one in which I said I was a model based in the UK wasn't clear enough...

My first email:


I am an aspiring webcam model in the UK and I was wondering about the
pay rates you offer. I couldn't find any specific figures on your
site so would really appreciate being redirected if I have missed
the page.

I would like to know how much your models make per minute, per
customer in the various chat settings and what the percentage they

take home is.

I would also like confirmation of what payment methods you offer.

I'm really interested in signing up so thank you for your time.



Their response:


Thank you for your interest in Streamate.

Where are you located so I can verify that we can accommodate your
account?  Also, are you applying as an individual or as part of a


So I basically sent them a repeat of my first email:


I am based in the UK and I would be applying as an individual.



Their response was this:


Thank you for your message.

As an individual performer, you are able to determine your own per
minute pricing between .99 and 4.99/min. You earn 35% of what you bill.

We offer payments by check, wire transfer and Payoneer.

Hope this helps! Let me know if we can be of any further assistance. 

So it's a 35% take home between those two prices. Now remember you will have two tiers, one for non exclusive chats and one for true private chats. I know this because Internet Modelling uses Streamate software to run  You will also have to bear in mind what the other girls are charging. If lots of girls are charging $2.99 as an average price then you won't be able to successfully charge them $4.99 as a newbie necessarily because they can get similar girls cheaper elsewhere on the site.

On Streamate you can essentially make between 34 cents and $1.74 a minute depending on your pricing. If you are successful on the top tier pricing then that isn't too bad but 35% doesn't feel like a great percentage, especially if the reality is that you will be working on a much lower price than $4.99. $1.74 per minute is not the worst price we have seen by far though it is just unlikely anyone but the porn stars on Streamate are charging this much. Unfortunately you have to part with credit card details to see what the girls are charging so you will have no clue unless you join Streamate as a member.

Also just another little site niggle that I have found. I'm not sure what browsers you all use, but I use Firefox and an add on for this called Adblock Plus. This essentially removes all ads from the sites I visit, but leaves the content intact. If you are running ad blocking software while trying to view Streamate it looks like this:

You can't see any videos or content and the site looks terrible. I had to talk to Streamate's live support to work this out because my adblocking add on does not have this effect on any other video streaming site. It made me think that as most people, especially computer nerd guys, have abandoned internet explorer for more customisable web browsers they may not be able to view streamate because of their adblocking preferences. People may think the site is broken when it isn't if they dont contact support or leap to the conclusion its their ad blocking software.

I'm a fairly bright girl and the last thing I would have assumed was that my adblocking add on was the problem as it literally disabled the layout of the entire site. As soon as I turned it off though the site was absolutely fine and I could see the home page as normal. Just something to think about although the site does have good traffic and is considered one of the major players.

I personally don't think the pay rates are going to be great here but that's about the most information I can get without handing out all my credit card details. It could be good if the top tier rates are what most performers use, but I highly doubt you will end up making over $1 a minute there. It also means if you sign up with them you only get 35% of your tips too.

They certainly aren't the worst site I've blogged about but they seem far from the best so really it's a judgement call. I'm still waiting to find a site based mostly on private shows that gives a good percentage for a good price. Streamate isn't it.

One final thing I will also mention that applies to their customers more than it does to us as models, but still... Streamate have been accused of credit card fraud and skimming money from customer accounts. Seems very sleazy so not sure if anyone would want to be with a potentially fraudulent and dishonest company. I can't vouch for the source but here is the article if you are interested. I found it while trawling for info on the company. View it here.

If you are a Streamate model and care to share you experiences or disagree with me please do so! Would love to hear from someone who has experience with them. If you have any sites you want me to look in to or any hot tips please leave a comment, send me an email at or tweet me at @LondonCamgirl. I will be sure to give you a shout out. You guys are the reason I keep trawling the web for the Holy Grail of Camgirl Sites!

Much love and peace to you all and I hope you are enjoying your summer!



SakuraLive - More like Suck-ura Live

Sakuralive got back to me. This site is supposedly just for Asian girls but there are a few non-Asian girls on there too. 

The pay is based on a points system and it really isn't that great. You earn 30% of every point you earn and each point is worth $2 making your take home per point 60 cents. This would be fine if the site was in the vein of MFC and SkinVideo, but this seems like a site more about private shows. The cost of a show is 1 point per minute meaning an exclusive chat with a customer earns you just 60 cents per minute. That is 20 cents less per minute than I made with Internet Modelling.

You can raise your prices of course, but this is the amount Sakuralive sent me and we all know they try to give you the average or even the above average prices to make it seem like you will earn more in the beginning.

They also only offer bank wire as a payment option. Overall I am not majorly impressed. They probably aren't the worst site I have seen, but they are definitely not the best so they get a Suck Ass Seal from me and I would advise you to look elsewhere for better options.

Here is the email they sent me:

Dear LondonJones,

Hello, this is SakuraLIVE.
Thank you for your inquiry.

Our systme use point as session sales.
It is 1 min./1 viewer=1point=US$2.00.

You will receive 30% of whole session minutes as your compensation.
(Includes Bonus and Private Messaging Points)

If you chat 60mins.(1 hour), and got tipped 10 points, you have 70 points total.

70 x 2 x 0.3 = $42.00

Points x $ Rate x 30% = Your Compensation.

Commission payout method is wire transfer to the bank account from the United States.
We recommend you to open Major Bank Account.

Thank you,

SakuraLive staff

So yeah my advice would be search for a better site, but if you really like this one it's probably not the worst. Also if you are not Asian I am not sure why you would sign up for this particular site. They will take you but they are clearly promoting themselves as an Asian Camgirl Site. The non-Asian models are stuck at the bottom of the model listings and as customers are probably on there looking for an Asian model I wouldn't say it is the best site for your career. Any Sakuralive models care to share their experiences?

Don't forget the highest paying sites I have seen are SkinVideo at 80% and MFC at 60%. Check out my reviews of them in the advice index.

Hope you are all still making bank.

Much Love



Saturday, 4 June 2011 - London Approves...

SkinVideo are a fairly small site but there is potential for good earnings there. I cannot say what the traffic is like for certain as the live section is not exactly heavily promoted but they have a fair amount of models on board by the looks of the site.The staff are polite and friendly, but were still incredibly cagey about giving me any solid figures. I had to work out the pay rates by visiting the customer sections of the site.

Here are the obligatory emails I received from SkinVideo so you can see what I mean about not really giving me proper answers to my straightforward questions. My email:


I am an aspiring webcam model in the UK and I was wondering about the pay rates you offer. I couldn't find any specific figures on your site so would really appreciate being redirected if I have missed the page.

I would like to know how much your models make per minute, per customer in the various chat settings and what the percentage they take home is.

I would also like confirmation of what payment methods you offer.

I'm really interested in signing up so thank you for your time.



The reply:

Hey there,

I understand that you're interersted in our cam modeling program. We offer our models 80% of all tokens (tips, group, private, offline) and 50% of all video upload earnings. Any videos you upload to your account will be displayed only on your profile. You can add/remove videos anytime and set your own prices with that % in mind.

We don't have a camscore here. All models get rotated evenly. If you're live, your avatar will be shown at the top of our site. Live avatars are rotated once every minute. Offline profile avatars are rotated once every 5 minutes. This helps keep the system fair for new models. It also prevents fraud and cheating.

We payout models every Monday via Payoneer, check or bank wire. Since you're in London, the best payout might be Payoneer. That would mean that you'd get your money instantly every Monday. You can use their card at ATMs and when you're out/about as a credit card.

Let me know if you have any questions. I'm always here to help!

You can signup here and I'll approve you within 5 minutes! I'll be around to approve you for the next 9 hours.



That's great and all but didn't answer my pricing question properly. So I sent another email regarding pricing:
Thank you Kathleen. That's really helpful and sounds great. How much are tokens worth? What is the token price per min per customer of each chat option? 

The response I got still wasn't the answer I was really looking for.
Customers pay 10 cents for each token. That means that your 80% cut works out to 8 cents per token. I suggest going in our cams section and clicking the help link to see our site from the customer's viewpoint. It's truly helpful!



I had to go into the customer section of the site like she said to work out the actual per minute rate. Otherwise Kathleen was relatively helpful and of course polite.

The site payment system works exactly like MFC and even has the same token rates for group and private shows. So we have established that models get an 80% commission here based on tokens originally priced at 10 cents each. Token value for models is 8 cents per token. This is higher than MFC who only give 5 cents per token.

Privates are 60 tokens per minute which works out at $4.80 per minute for the models to take home. Frankly that is a brilliant take home rate. 

Group shows are 10 tokens per minute and so each customer will be paying 80 cents per minute to watch.

I cant say about the chat options itself. I don't think models can turn off guest chat so you get a lot of non paying members talking to you. There were only four models on when I arrived and watching them they weren't particularly professional. One was sat with her three friends, all fully clothed just drinking coffee and kind of ignoring the chat, talking amongst themselves. None were in HD. Two were in group sessions. Neither room seemed full, only a handful of guests so I really can't rate the site that well from that experience. However the payment rate is impressive and on that alone this site could well be worth a shot.
They also offer good video sale options etc by the look of things which could be good. Worth looking into if you are considering the porn angle and selling videos offline.

If anyone works for Skinvideo of gives them a go feel free to share your experiences with me or on the comments board. It would be much appreciated! I will give them a Seal of Approval but there wasn't much info I could find, the traffic didn't seem too good and they seem like a pretty small live chat operation. Could swing either way earnings wise I think so if you want to try this site I say go for it!

This is the highest paying site per minute I have found ladies so if you want to take a risk and try a new site why not dive in with
Also a big shout out to Natalia for recommending I research this site along with Sakuralive and Streamate. Those reviews up too as soon as I hear back!

Much Love



Friday, 3 June 2011

Oh FWB...

Being a camgirl - The fastest, easiest way to lose any and all the male friends you tell.

So... FWB decided to become a paying member of MFC. Brilliant.

I got a text during a show from him saying he was in my room and to guess who he was. I figured he would be someone who hadn't tipped or asked me to do much on cam. I knew he wasn't any of my regulars so I was scanning my list looking for some sort of inside joke or hint that would give away who he could be. When I couldn't find any obvious answer I texted him saying I had no idea so he should reveal himself.

A few moments after sending the text my room was flooded by a wave of "It's me!!!!" over and over all from the same guy. I was in shock because FWB turned out to be one of my highest tippers of the night. He had been incredibly generous and I had been incredibly flirtatious and sexual in return. He had seen my tight ass spread wide for him and he had seen me write his name on my breasts in lipstick. He had earned it though as he had tipped me enough that we close to my total for the public show.

I couldn't help but laugh and this spurred him on. He said "You think it's funny? Well, darling, I'm gonna tip you again and see what you do now you know!"
"Go on then!" I dared him. I felt so cocky and unafraid. I wouldnt have cared if he saw me naked fucking Beau at that point. There is something so liberating about being naked on camera, it can make you feel invincible and powerful to bring so many men to their knees.

He slapped a wadful of tokens down on the virtual table. Enough for full nudity so without even a seconds hesitation I obliged.

It had to be a strip tease for him. I was in the mood to show off. I wanted to make his cock suffer the agony of my writhing around without being able to slide his dick inside. I wanted his eyes on my juicy wet pussy, desperate to fuck me, but unable to, almost regretting putting that money down when all he can do is relieve himself with his hand.

I am a very bad girl sometimes. I always have to win in a game of chicken and I have a bad habit of taking things as close to the edge as they can possibly go.

I started by turning my back to the camera and shaking my ass for him. I was wearing a tiny g-string and as I fell to all fours he could get a clear view of my tight, round cheeks and I knew he would be pining to spread them. Grinding my hips I continued my dance and spun myself back to face him. With my thumbs in my panties, pulling them away and flashing my smooth, creamy, shaved mound, I thrust my crotch towards the camera. The lack of typing let me know my dance was working.

Running my hands over my curves and up to my tits I began to unhook my bra. Slowly, I wiggled my arms out of the straps, licking my lips and bouncing my breasts up and down to the music. I was getting so turned on I couldn't wait to show them to the room. Hundreds of people looking at me naked has really started getting me off. I have visions of them all jerking off over me, like some online bukkake fantasy.

Regardless, I slipped off my bra and exposed myself to the room. There were virtual applause and tips as I shook my breasts and pinched my hard nipples. I knew FWB would be wanting to suck on them so badly as he watched from home. I could picture his hand stroking his cock just like the last time we played. To really heat things up I licked and sucked on my own nipples, knowing he would be almost unable to bear the idea of me teasing him with his fantasy.

I started torturing them with my panties after the breast play. Slowly turning around and rolling my hips, pulling my panties down the tiniest little bit at a time. Drawing out the agony and desperation to see me completely naked and know my sweet little pussy was exposed. My pert little butt was soon revealed and to their delight I rolled over quickly and spread my legs, done with the teasing and ready to play.

FWB was still silent. Other members were demanding I use my toys and other things I was not prepared to do without more tips, when out of nowhere FWB tipped me again, this time enough to take me into my public show. I was in shock. I never thought he would pay to see me do these things. I always thought he would have expected it for free. I was actually a little disappointed in him. The power in our relationship had shifted because he had become the controlling customer and I the servile camgirl, instead of the mutual, fun filled, potent cam sex that had been fuelled by mutual desire alone.

Basically, I just don't like my "friends" deciding they can buy me. They should know better.

Regardless I wasn't about to enjoy my public show any less! With my legs spread for the hundreds in my room I slid my fingers down to my pussy. I spread the lips wide and gave them a good look at my hot, wet cunt. I stroked my clit , pleasuring myself and then slipped a finger inside. So warm and soft inside, my pussy was dripping as I prepared for my 8 inch dildo. I slid another finger inside, fucking myself for the men watching me, stroking my g spot so my orgasm would be as intense as possibly when I finally fucked myself with the toy.

I flipped over so they could see my ass and spread my cheeks wide. On the screen messages were flooding the room telling me how badly they wanted to lick my ass, and I could feel my clit throbbing at the thought. All those men licking my pussy and ass. A consensual gang bang all about my pleasure would be divine. I love my men servile in groups.

I was desperate for my toy as the fantasy filled my head so I covered it in lube and slid it slowly inside. I was so tight I could feel it opening me up inch by inch. My pussy begging to be stretched out from its tightness. I could never just slam it in, even after getting ready with my fingers. Its just too small to take a big dick like that instantly. I love how full it makes me feel though when it gets in all the way.

As my pussy gave in to the 8 inches of silicone I started to fuck myself hard. I was desperate to come and I wanted them all to see me. Starting out doggy style was a fast way to get my pussy throbbing, and a great way to hit my g spot. It makes me so tight sometimes I feel like I could break, but I love the pleasure it gives, while I tread the line of pain.

I got requests for pussy close ups so I flipped over again and let them have it. I went for it hard and the dildo became a blur of pink and I pounded myself with it. The vibration and friction sent my clit overboard and soon I was gushing cum all over my bed. The pleasure was flowing through my body as I came, but I wasn't done. One is never enough.

I slowed down and let them see my mess and soon I started ticking my ass for them as well. Tracing my fingers all over my anus and rubbing my throbbing clit. I didn't have to wait long before they wanted me to go again so I got onto my knees and slid the dildo back inside. This time I rode it for them like I was fucking a real man cowgirl style. I took it hard and fast, grinding my hips and rubbing my clit as I went and soon I could feel the cum running down my thighs again. My pussy spasmed as I moaned loudly to the crowd sharing my orgasm. I loved it and came so hard, given an even deeper joy just knowing they were all wanting to be there fucking me and seeing to my pleasure.

As I finished my show by licking the dildo clean of my juices, enjoying the taste of myself, FWB said to the room "I'll be right over." I quickly stopped and smiled at the room saying it had been a pleasure but we were done for the night. I sent him a PM saying that he could not come over and that it was inappropriate of him to say that to the room. He relayed on right back saying it was obvious I wanted him otherwise I would never have done that show.


What planet is he on? I nearly screamed it was so frustrating. I immediately typed "You need to remember that in my room I am a showgirl. I promised my customers a show at 2000 tokens and you took me over that total. I had to perform and you knew that! You chose to watch, but that show was not for you it was for the room!"
He got pretty cocky and said "You can't deny we are going to happen though. You and I have real potential."

Eugh. Nothing turns me off faster than over confident men and the guy thinking hes in total control. I am happy to be submissive sexually, but a real man and a real dom knows that someone should only submit because they love it, not because they were manipulated or paid, but because they genuinely want to. The dom in turn respects that gift of submission through taking the lead. You cant just tip me and expect me to be your little sex slave and do whatever you want.

His arrogance that night ended our friendship. I told him I had no interest and we had no potential. I told him the cyber sex was clearly just meant to be a one off and that from now on I would prefer to remain as just friends. He protested and so I told him he had two choices, be a friend, or be a customer. If he chose customer then he didnt get to speak to me outside of shows. He argued the toss with me, trying to justify why his objectification of me was ok, so it had to end.

My real friends are not allowed to treat me like a camgirl because they don't pay for the privilege. Only those willing to part with their hard earned cash can talk to me as a solely sexual being because lets face it that is what they are usually paying for. What do you guys think? Was I being too hard on him? We had some fun, but I will not be pressured to be someone's fuck buddy. Plus I should really be thinking about Beau. I think things could develop there so I should really write up a bit more about him.

Stupid personal lives. Transactional based relationships are usually so much easier! Sometimes... I have to have another talk with that stupid sub customer tonight. Think I'm just gonna end that one as I'm sick of that bullshit lol.

Hope you guys are all good

Much love in your life!