Thursday, 19 May 2011

Webcam Model Rates - Various sites

Money matters, after all if it didn't why would we be doing this?

Ok so for those of you who are interested in breaking away from studios here is a brief breakdown of some camsites I have looked at and their rates if available.

1) = The sites payment system works on a prepaid tokens systems so MFC take their cut before the customer has even spent it on the model. Tokens are worth 5 cents each and private chats charge 1 token per second. This equates to $3 per min private chat. Tokens worth 5 cents each. Group show 50 cents per participant. Check out their breakdown below. Worth remembering MFC only accepts female models/female couples. Men and transgenders will need to look elsewhere...

2) Livejasmin =  Livejasmin takes 30-35% of the models takings. Models can set their rates between $1.99 - $3.99 so models will take home roughly 60 cents - $1.20 per minute per customer in paid chat. I struggled to find this info on their website but managed to get some clarity from their live online support as pictured below. The fact that she was switching from referring to payments as credits and USD confused me as you can see...

Livejasmin takes males, females, transgenders, couples of any combination so may be more suitable in that sense, however their pricing could be clearer.

3) =  They are claiming to be one of the biggest sites and advertise a lot of benefits. However they still take 37% of $2.99 to $3.99 of the models earnings as outlined below. Some of the features on are that you can turn off free chat so you only get paying customers and they claim to have the best site name. The take men and women, but if you are a women you still arent getting as much per minute with a single customer.

4) = Pretty basic stuff here. It is 20 cents per min, per client with no free chat

5) = Fuck knows what they are charging because they are as cagey as anything. The site states girls set own prices but wont say anything unless you register about percentages/per minute rates etc it seems. They say you can earn up to £120 per hour and it seems you can turn off free chat.

6) = Random prices in euros. Quite low per min rate but again no free chat so potentially high traffic. Check out pricing below.

7) = Prepaid credits similar to MFC but not idea what credits are worth as I personally find the site hard to navigate and cluttered. They site takes 5% of your credits earned in every session and then a 30% admin fee to cover whatever you choose to take out of your credit earnings to convert to real payments. Any gender can use this, its not exclusively a cam site either. It's pretty much an anything goes sex site. Escorts can advertise there too.

8) = a 50% take home of whatever there rates are plus bonuses for recruitment etc. Seems like a fairly good site, but again not too much info to be found without signing up.

Not an amazingly interesting post I know, but hopefully helps you make an informed choice. Do your site research and sign up with the one that seems like the best fit for you.

Good luck!




  1. I'm still confused about what a 'studio' is. Are you still with internetmodeling/streamate?
    Really enjoying your blog, thx for writing.

  2. what about 5points??

  3. Hi TantricKungFu and Bella.

    Sorry for the extremely delayed response!

    TantricKungFu - Thank you for the kind words. I am strictly with MFC. I was never with streamate, only internetmodelling. I have IM advertised on the site because I am not allowed adsense on an adult themed blog and so use other forms of advertising.

    Bella - in my opinion 5 points sucks, but you are never obligated to stay with any particular studio so if you signed up with them you are free to move at any point to anywhere you like. The main thing is you find a site that works for you. If 5 points suits you then just ignore my review. I just personally think they arent a great agency.

    Thanks for reading and commenting guys!



  4. I just found your blog and I can't stop reading! I am looking to get into webcam modeling and you have already answered several of my questions. I know this is an older post, but I wanted to clarify something you wrote which I believe to be incorrect. "Livejasmin takes 30-35% of the models takings." If I have done my research correctly, the model only makes 30-35% of what she earns. Therefore Livejasmin takes 65-70% of the models takings. Although I think they have recently changed their pay structure. I have been looking into signing up with Livejasmin and even though they do take a large cut I think it is worth it since I will not have to advertise myself, pay domain/hosting, etc. Plus Livejasmin has a ton of traffic which I could never achieve on my own.

  5. Oh my god, this site is so freaking useful! I am a new model and I've really needed all the advice I can get! And this site really helps so thank you so much! I don't know if you still post articles but if so, have you anything to say in regards to I am with them and they seem like quite a good site.

  6. Hi Jasmine,

    Sorry for the spam reply. I've never used ImLive, but if they are working for you then they sound great! If you want to get a few more opinions check out stripperweb forums online here:

    They have a cam girl section devoted to all the major sites and the girls are super friendly.


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