Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Switching sites - myfreecams.com info and advice...

My new online home!

So I have recently moved to myfreecams.com because the money is considerably better than livecam. I made £350 in 2 days and I was making about that per week on livecam. I can't guarantee it isn't a fluke as only time will tell, but the percentage I am taking home is much better.

On livecam the models get $1 for every $5 the customer spends per minute in exclusive chat and and 80 cents for every $4 the customer spends in private. I also noticed my tips were being deducted from as well. A customer tipped me $10 and I only received $2! I was not impressed, seeing as my understanding was that models received the tips in their entirety.

Myfreecams (now going to be referred to as MFC) pays you $3 a min for your private sessions, and nothing is deducted from your tips as the customers pre buy tokens which they use to pay for shows and tip models. As these have already been paid for the company takes their cut and the models then get the full value of each token at 5 cents each. 5 cents might sound like a small amount, but the customers pay 1 token a second to be in private chat, working out at 60 tokens per minute, therefore $3!

I decided MFC looked like the best site to move to after I did some research and it was definitely worth it! I may not have covered every site online, but this one definitely seems to be rather lucrative. The format is different to what I am used to but they are a lot less strict about what you can do in public chat and so you can have a bit more fun without fear of breaking the rules. You can exchange personal information with clients too so they can purchase articles of clothing from you or special services like private Skype chats, although the rules state payment must come through tokens, not via a private arrangement.

I had a great first show and the customers were all really friendly and actually gave me some advice about using the model software. When you are accepted on to MFC and verified they require you to download an instant messenger style chat tool to use for broadcasting. I really like it now I have done a couple of shows and know my way around it, but initially it was very off putting because I had no idea how to change any of the settings.

The site has a wiki page full of advice but its very wordy and I struggled to grasp the terms they were using. I will outline a bit of advice regarding MFC here for anyone starting out with this site in this post so here goes:

  1. Mute Basics: - This button below the video window means that registered members who have not paid for any shows are muted. It is entirely personal preference but I would recommend doing this due to the high volume of non paying chatters, who will actually often detract from the show. (I had one basic telling everyone not to tip me or take me private unless i got my breasts out for nothing. He obviously did this because he had no intention of spending any money and wanted to see if he could scare free tits out of a new model.)
  2. Mute Guests: - For the same reasons outline above, guests are non members and non payers. Non members are non starters in my book and they clog up the chat feed so mute them, and mute them fast!
  3. Only Friends PM: - This chat option is selected by going into chat options menu below the video stream and is then selected. The reason I suggest this is because you will be inundated with little pop up chat boxes with members private messages, and it just takes way to long to respond to them all. Some members will pay to be added to your friends list, and some regulars you can add too, but most people should just be restricted to the chat room or MFC email. During my first show I had no idea I could adjust this feature and wasted time trying to respond to about 20 different chat windows as well as keep an eye on the public room. Was so pointless so now I just don't give them the option!
  4. Set a room topic: - You have an option to set a room topic at the top of the chat screen so I suggest you use it. I usually set mine as my prices for what I will do for tips. I have seen some girls set prices for videos, photos, and pants they are selling etc.You could use it for something to get conversation going too if your room is a little quiet.
  5. Average tip amounts for flashes: - From what I gather 50 tokens for tits or ass is about average with 100 for fully nude/pussy shots. Set your own rates by all means, but these are the minimum rates I would go for. 
So yeah, that is my basic advice for those starting up on MFC. I highly recommend them as a cam site, they seem to really treat their models well and have enough respect for them to pay them out 60% of what they make. I'm happy with it basically and I am hard to please! To sign up you should click here. Another reason to sign up is that they accept you so quickly. Livecam took weeks to set me up with a broadcast account, but MFC had me ready within 24 hours. I did a show with them just 48 hours after starting the sign up process.

Livecam isn't a bad site to work for I will say, it just takes a much higher cut of what you could be earning. The format is a lot more professional on livecam, a lot sleeker in design etc, but MFC is a lot of fun and makes a model a lot more money!

Hope you are all doing really well and making that paper girls!

Much love and prosperity!




  1. This is such good news. I've spent a long time trawling different sites and I thought MFC looked the best. I've been a basic member for a few weeks to get the feel of the site and now can't wait to register. I'm just waiting for some replacement ID to arrive.

  2. Hi again Rebecca :)

    Such exciting news! Would love to check you out sometime! I bet you will be great!

    Much love



  3. Oh my goodness, I absolutely LOVE you girl!!! I have been wanting to get into this job for quite sometime...I need a job that I can take with me as my boyfriend is Dutch and (duh) lives in Holland. I am constantly traveling back and forth between Europe and the US...financially VERY draining!! I signed up with MFC many months ago, and it was my first time doing this...I instantly balked at it, not because I am shy, but because it was so overwhelming and I couldn't understand how girls were able to talk to like 20 people at the same time!! I kind of gave up...but I am still wanting to do this, and kept researching the industry...I stumbled across your WONDERFUL site, and I have not found ANYTHING as helpful as the information that you so willingly and lovingly share. Thank you thank you thank you!!!
    ---Carolina Belle---

  4. Hey London I just started at MFC today

    my name is LinzieKAYE

    I love reading your tips! I was so confused today and reading you tonight has helped me sooo much!!! Anyway I am not just new to MFC I am new to the camming total..but excited to learn! Thanks for your tips so very helpful

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