Monday, 16 May 2011

Sweet Chastity...

Just a typical day in my life now...
I have realised recently that I attract quite a lot of sexually dark customers. I currently have an interested client who wants me to own him. He wants to be my slave and wear a chastity belt for me. He says he loves the idea of me controlling his sex life and sending me the only key to the lock. He said he is hoping that I would eventually reward his dedication to me with sex.

He wants me to humiliate him, make demands and basically treat him like shit for as long as I like. He has also requested I eventually have sex with another man on camera too. We played a game of dice to see how long I would lock him up for and it has worked out to be at least the next year. He is one of my customers that is eventually hoping that I will end up falling for them and not charging, and expecting a lot for free. I understand of course that many sessions together could lead to an intimacy between us, but I currently feel nothing more for the guy than any other customer. Truthfully I find him dull and a little needy. Hopefully the sessions will be pretty sexy and enjoyable, because if they aren't a year is a long time!

He has promised me a monthly fee for two long sessions a month of domination. Shows that will be potentially three hours long spread throughout a day where I will be in complete control of this man. He wants me to remain in control of him via email everyday ideally, but he can't afford that kind of service and I like my life to be my own. My cam modeling fits around my life, not the other way around. If I wanted to make a complete killing, but sacrifice my sanity I would most definitely be working it full time. I'm not so hungry or consumed by greed I feel a need to work more than keep my brain and soul intact. Thankfully I still haven't found a price I am willing to be swayed by for either of those... yet.

I will need to brush up on my Dom skills and read up a bit on the chastity fetish. It has never really been a fantasy of mine I have to say. Having sex on cam however does appeal to me. The exhibitionist in me would love to show off my writhing, orgasmic body as another man pleasures me with his mouth and cock. It's a fantasy that is turning into one of my favourite shower head on my clit daydreams... Not sure where I will find a man brave enough though. What a shame I'm not ready to tell the beau because quite frankly that would be some sex worth watching.

Any of you have any chastity experiences or similar? Would love to hear from S&M lovers and anyone with any kind of similar fantasies. Would also love to hear your views of sex on cam? Have you ever done it and if so how was it? Should I do it with a friend, someone professional or a lover? I'm thinking lover would be ideal but that involves me divulging my naughty little secret, and we all know I love my secrets!

I'm getting rather turned on thinking about it even now. I am incredibly sexual these days and the beau has definitely heightened it. I am craving sexual highs like a drug and just want to be as sexy and bad as I can possibly be. I better stop writing about it before I call him and the post turns to nonsense as he fucks me on my keyboard. Mmmmm... I must go now... for completely unrelated reasons...

Much love and good fucking!


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  1. My ex and I used to play chastity games. I introduced her to the idea and it took a little while for her to get used to it. We would lock it on me and she would keep the key, but her will power would crumble before mine did and after a couple days she would unlock me. Then at once she seemed to "get it." She would keep me locked up for longer and longer periods. She started to get excited by the very real power she had over me and I loved it too. Soon she settled into keeping me locked for about a month at a time. It was tough on me but so sexy. Eventually she broke up with me because she admitted she needed more than I was able to give in the device and she was having to go outside the relationship to get it. However, she readily agreed (more like demanded) to continue to hold my key until I find another girlfriend she can hand it off to. That was over a year ago and I'm still her devoted, single ex.