Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Sock it to me...

How much for your stockings love?!

"That's it baby, that's it!"

My client had been getting me to bend over on cam for him and masturbate for the past 20 minutes. It's a pretty standard request only this guy wanted me to wear a pair of tights while I fingered myself. I was bored and the tights were making my legs sweat. I could feel the nylon trapping my body heat as a few beads of perspiration slid down the inside of my thighs.

"Mmmm... yes baby! Harder! I wanna see you come!"

I don't come all the time for my clients. As much as I love getting off on camera, I usually reserve it for the clients I'm actually having fun with. It's too much effort to try and come when you are bored or disinterested and are therefore trying to look like you are turned on. It was a hot summer day outside and far too warm for all this! I love my job and I love catering for fetishes, but when they make me feel overworked and unsexy it does get a little tiresome and I long for the session to end. Silly really considering I am paid by the minute!

I started to fake my orgasm as the damp nylon hugged my thighs. Groaning loudly and arching my back, I gave an Oscar worthy performance of ecstasy and delight. My client responded in kind, although his orgasm was clearly real as I watched him blow his load on screen.

I expected him to leave before cleaning himself up, as a lot of my clients exit the private sessions as soon as they have reached their climax, but this guy lingered and began to talk to me. He asked me how I had felt and I told him of course that I had come incredibly hard and had enjoyed the session with him so much, regardless of the fact the thought running through my mind was "Get me out of these bloody tights!"

He smiled at me when I expressed my enjoyment and asked me if I would consider a request. He seemed like a very kind and gentle sort of man and although I felt tired and a little cranky, he possessed a warmth that softened me, so I replied with sincerity that I would be happy to consider any request he might have. "It may seem a little strange to you." he began. "But I would really like to purchase the tights you are wearing right now. Would you be open to selling them to me, and if so how much for?"

I truthfully hadn't expected anyone to want to buy my tights. I have never found tights sexy. To me they are the exact opposite of sexy, but clearly I am missing something. Of course I was happy to sell them to him, all my tights come from Tesco or Primark so it's not a big deal at all. I don't think I have ever spent more than £3 on a pair in my life. But how much does one charge for their used tights? This is a question I had never considered until now. I quickly estimated postage and the cost of the tights and said "£10?" tentatively. He paused briefly and agreed and said he wants 4 more pairs at least in the future, and will also be requesting socks and stockings.

Fantastic! But seriously how much should I be charging him? What are the average costs of used lingerie/hosiery?! Please help me if you can because I am clueless! It's all brand new to me. I was not expecting to set up as a pantie trader when I started cam modelling, but I suppose again I am still a bit of a newbie. How much would you charge if you were me, or is £10 per pair of tights pricey? I still have to work out pricing for socks, but I figure stockings can stay the same as the tights.

I'm not as prepared as I thought. Got to get my business head on my lovelies!

Much love and prosperity to you!


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  1. You know, I once had a guy who wanted to purchase my week-worn, sweaty sports socks and dirty tissues...I charged him $40 for it even though it sounds like its a bit over charged. He didn't mind and agreed.
    If guys are willing to pay for your used materials and what-nots YOU can decide how much you want to set the price. Remember, you are the merchant and there will be plenty more fans whom are willing to pay anything just to have a piece of your D.N.A. on a material that you own.
    Have fun with it :)

  2. Very good points. I will keep that in mind next time I get requests. Might charge a bit more. Worst they can do is negotiate a lower price :)


  3. Question. To avoid creeps and serial killers (I know, I know, worse case scenario) what return address do you put (esp. in the case of being in a country where PO Boxes don't exist).

  4. I send everything out by recorded delivery so I can track the parcel and have a receipt with the parcel number on it so I know it has gone to its destination. Because I do this I don't even bother putting a return address on the package. I would never use a PO Box myself as its expensive so my advice is send recorded so you can track it and just leave off a return address.



  5. Thanks for the advice, London! :)

    I'm a cam girl newbie and your blog has made me really excited to get started and have fun with this!

  6. I am glad you feel that way :) I'm sure you will be fantastic! It can be an incredibly lucrative career if you put the effort in and the more excited you are the better! xx