Monday, 9 May 2011

Sexual Healing... Taking care of downstairs!

We all know the key to sexual health is good protection...

It is very important to look after your health when you are working in the sex industry. I realised this shortly after starting work as a cam model. My first couple of weeks were very busy and I spent a great deal of time online everyday doing shows with my rather large dildo. Logistically if you are constantly fucking yourself with a big stick of silicone you need to make sure your downstairs is being well taken care of. If you are a new cam model or considering it, this advice will hopefully serve you well.

I found that after two weeks of intense self loving with a dildo I had actually bruised myself a little and given myself a bladder infection. Sexy I know! I ended up taking a week off to recover, but it helped me realise a few things to making sure I am always in optimal health downstairs. Some of this stuff may seem obvious but its easy to slip your mind when you are focussing on your new career.

Tips for a healthy Va-jay-jay!

  1. Keep your sex toys clean! - Invest in a good toy cleaner and some wipes to keep your toy fresh toy between shows. Keep bacteria to a minimum.
  2. Do not use any objects on yourself that are not intended for vaginal penetration! - I do not care how much that customer wants you to fuck yourself with a carrot, I don't care if its organic or shaped like a penis, do not do it! I know we all have a price but really consider what you are putting inside yourself and if it is worth the potential infection/injury for the money they are offering.
  3. Keep some baby wipes/feminine wipes handy! - I often go to bed right after camming so I take off my make up and then make sure I have give myself a good cleanse down there before sleep. 5 hours worth of lube and cum needs to come off before sleep and the chance of infection.
  4. Keep a pair of cotton panties under your pillow! - As I said I often crash out after camming, and my polyester/man made fabric thongs are not good sleepwear. They do not breathe and any fabric that restricts good airflow to the vagina can lead to things like thrush. I like to sleep in a pair of pants so if you can't sleep nude at least get out of the man made fibres!
  5. Drink plenty of fluids! - I was getting a bit dehydrated due to not drinking anything during my shows and not taking regular, proper breaks. This contributed to the bladder infection. You need to be hydrated and flushing through any bacteria that is trying to work its way up inside.
  6. Take bathroom breaks! - If you feel like you need to pee during work, take a break soon. Fucking yourself on a full bladder is a fast route to cystitis. Your customers will survive 5 minutes without you and holding your pee in could cost you a weeks recovery if you get a nasty bladder infection.
  7. Use gentle soaps and cleansers! - While our pussies can take a hammering, they should be treated delicately in the bathroom. They don't need a harsh cleaning so keep the perfumed scrubs to a minimum here. Use something gentle and pH balanced.   
  8. Lube lube and more lube! - When using your toys, use a crap load of lubricant. Invest in a good one rather than a store's own brand. Believe me as a professional masturbator I can tell you there is a big difference. Bruising your pussy or just making it sore with too much rough toying can leave you prone to infection so take the friction well out of the equation by being generous with the lube.
I would recommend keeping your bathroom cabinet well stocked with toy cleaner, lube, feminine wipes and creams like canesten or vagisil and some over the counter cystitis medications just in case. It is better to be prepared than wake up one morning with a burning sensation and nothing to ease it. I have had no problems since that episode thankfully and sorted myself out with pint after pint of cranberry juice, natures cure all for bladder troubles! Just wanted to make sure anyone about to start is well prepared.

Make sure you take breaks and take care of yourself. When I started I was so consumed with getting good ratings and being online loads, earning money, that I didn't think about what I was doing to myself healthwise. Now I always take bathroom breaks, make sure i drink a decent level of fluids and clean and dry myself down before sleep. Seems to be working so hopefully will work out the same way for you.

May you never know the pain of a bladder infection!

Much peace and love


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