Friday, 20 May 2011

Naughty London...

That's a bad girl, London! A very bad girl!

The friend who said he liked me has been calling and texting me all week. The night I may have been drinking too much white wine, things may have been said... or shown...

He and I were in a class at college together and had a lot of mutual friends. He never noticed me much back then because I was the good girl who dressed like a nerd and he was a bit of a bad boy with several girlfriends on the go and so I don't think he ever really looked at me in that way. It's funny how things change.

I used to be a complete ironing board in school. My breasts didn't explode into the ample puppies they are now until I was nearly 20. I was a rake until 19 when I went on the pill and then kalblamo! Instant curves of DD proportions. I have been blessed now with the hourglass shape I prayed for from the age of 13 when all the girls were laughing at my lack of breasts. It is the only thing I have prayed for that I can remember being so spectacularly answered, albeit 5 years late. But you know all in God's timing and all that!

Anyway, I bumped into this guy at a party a few months ago and we started chatting and texting again. I was anti relationships at this point having gone through a nasty break up, but he was fun and he was one of the few people I decided to tell when I got into the camgirl game. He said he would never be able to look at my shows because it would feel to pervy, but he was 100% for me doing it. He even said it was a brilliant career choice for me, but then again what horny single man wouldn't be all for his hot friend stripping!

So here we have been texting off and on for several months and he sees me out and about on the town with Beau. I think he may have been offended. Well... I say I think...

He pulled me to one side and said "What are you doing with that guy? I thought you didn't want a relationship!"
"I didn't..." I replied, somewhat confused at the notion I couldn't change my mind.
"I see... So why didn't you say anything to me?"

I honestly had no idea what to say. Fortuitously Beau came over to mark his territory so I didn't have to answer. I still don't know what I would have said if he hadn't appeared.

I think my main reason for not telling him was that I didn't want to rush into something at the time and when I met Beau it just kind of happened. I'm not some malicious girl plotting to hurt men the world over. I have already lost one dear friend this year due to my stupidity and flirtatious ways so I am determined not to lose another. Although I can't really compare the two. The love I felt for my other friend was far greater and built over a much longer period of time. Sometimes I wish I hadn't started this job so that it could never have come between us, but sometimes you just have to do what you have to do and let things fall at the wayside.

After Beau and I had left the pub my friend text me to say I looked nice and we should catch up soon and so we did. Which leads me to where we are now...

I didn't realise that there was going to be such a huge volume of sexual tension between me and this man. We shall now call him Mr. FWB (friends with benefits...). FWB and I were chatting over webcam after one of my shows when he had been drinking and I had just started. We were laughing and joking and eventually both steaming drunk. He and I together when drunk is a bad combination at the best of times, but with the added addition of knowing I was open to relationships seemed to spur the flirtation well past the normal boundaries.

"I can't believe the things you text me, girl. You will get me in trouble at work! The stuff you IM me when you are working has everyone looking over my shoulder laughing. That thing about the guy with the anal beads had the guy sat next to me crying with laughter!"
"It's a good thing your office has such strict restrictions on adult sites really." I smiled.
"I know otherwise I might get tempted and end up seeing you naked!" he replied. He had a cheeky glint in his eye. I knew his was trying to tempt me into flirtation and I took the bait.
"Would that really be so bad?" I pouted. "You know most of our mutual friends have seen me naked anyway. I did date most of them!" This was true, and while I had not slept with them we had done the typical nice girl hoping that everything but vaginal penetration is still virginal enough for Jesus sex stuff.
"True..." he stopped to mull over the concept. After a pause he grinned widely and said "I dare you to flash me then!"
I laughed. "Are you sure you want to see my breasts? This could change the entire boundaries of our relationship forever. You may be so struck by how exquisite they are I will have ruined you for all other women! Nothing else may compare..."
"Hmmmm... nope I still want to see them! Get them out!"

After several chants of "Get them out!" I slid off my top and slowly unhooked my bra. I felt very deviant and sexy as my hair fell about my shoulders tickling me softly. He wasn't a customer or my boyfriend. He was a man I was playing with for free. It felt naughty and hot.

I exposed my breasts and arched my back for him giving him the full view of their soft, supple peaks. I ran my hands over my creamy skin and tugged on my little pink nipples getting them hard and my pussy wet while he stared at my form and passed judgement.

The sexual tension was palpable as he remained silent. I'm not sure he knew what to say. I was sat there, kittenish yet brazen with my ample tits exposed, biting my lip, waiting for his move. "You look so good." he said. I saw the crotch of his pants stretch as he grew hard. "You are such a bad girl."
"I know." I said. I had never felt so reckless or so in control. I had a perfectly nice guy in my life already but after a few drinks I wanted to play with FWB. I didn't feel the need to justify myself or even say anything to FWB, silently watching him get aroused was getting me off and I needed no excuses to slide my hands into my panties.

"What are you doing?" he asked with a crack in his voice.
"I'm rubbing my clit." I said breathlessly. My thighs were tingling as my fingers slid over my soaking pussy. I spread my legs and slid off my panties without saying a word and showed him my cunt. His eyes were wide and his mouth was open with shock. I watched him reach down and pull out his big, rock hard cock as my fingers pulled gently at my throbbing clit.

"I'm already getting close." I said, my eyes locked on the image of him stroking himself hard and fast to me. My pussy was clenching and spasming as I slid my fingers in and out, desperate for me to push myself over the edge. I stroked my g spot and could feel so much pressure built up inside. I was so turned on it was happening almost instantly.
"Mmmm... Me too, babe." he panted as he pounded his dick hard. I could just imagine myself sliding down on his thick, member, coming all over it while he filled my tight little pussy.

I fucked my pussy and pinched on my nipples to get me off. The gorgeous sensations took over my body and soon I was crying out in pleasure as wave after wave of orgasm hit me hard. As I came I watched his strokes grew faster and faster and with a heavy groan he blew his load all over his stomach. I was desperate to be there to lick it off. My back arched with the final wave and I could feel my cum dripping onto the bed. I love being naughty.

We lay naked and talking for a while but agreed that nothing would come of it for now and nothing would be said. I am nervous of what will happen if we meet though. Sometimes I'm just too damn bad for my own good. I really need to stay off the wine around FWB. I suppose where it's such early days with Beau I didn't imagine I was expected to be exclusive, but I should know better really. Is it wrong that I don't feel guilty? I should probably tell Beau I have been seeing other people just so he can make an informed decision. What do you think?

I'm a very bad girl.

Behave yourselves and learn from my mistakes!


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  1. ...oh my got this cam girl all excited. if only i could write like you. damn. Sometimes life just throws us for a loop like fwb

  2. I wish I could say I felt more guilty but it was just too hot! You are right AmbientMagic I think like does just lob us curveballs and send us through loops time and time again. Thanks :)


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