Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Stop changing the goal posts or my whip will have something to say about it!

Really starting to get pissed off with one of my private regulars. It frustrates me because I am a very nice, patient person (in fact I pride myself on my patience) but he is getting on my last nerve and I actually think what he's doing is quite rude and bad camgirl/customer netiquette. I also think he is incredibly manipulative and tries to get emotional response out of me to gain extra stuff all the time. Let me give you the low down and you tell me what you think.

This guy wants a Dom/Sub relationship and wants me to humiliate him on cam. This is what he has said and he had a free 2 hour chat with me detailing exactly what he wanted. He had that because he had such a specific idea of what he wanted and would be paying a lot due to having 1 hour a week sessions. During this he set an hourly rate and it all seemed pretty good. I even took notes as he requested so I was ready for the partnership to commence, but now when I read over the notes they seem pretty pointless and fictional.

He told me when we started I was to be as evil as possible with my punishments, but then every time I plan the show and email him to tell him what to be prepared for he says "No." and changes it to something else. He then even requests things I have repeatedly stated I will not do, and that are not even in character for a Domme. If I remain in Domme character and tell him not to be so insolent he emails me to say he's not in character and he wants to do something else and can I please shit on camera for him or something else he knows I won't do.

When we finally get to our show time he will spend another hour avoiding payment and video chat, but instead try and keep me talking about the show and stuff in general. As my time is money in a very literal sense here I am starting to get a bit annoyed. Whenever I have attempted to start the show and end the pointless chatter he gets upset and says he needs to talk as it's been a really hard day and hes getting in the mood or whatever. Really just giving me a load of bullshit so he can milk an extra hour or two out of me.

The first show I was understanding and thought it was a one off. The second I thought it was a little rude and hoped this wasn't going to be a habit, but when he did it again last night, I lost it with him and cancelled the show as punishment and said I had other things to attend to. He had already rescheduled our show after taking an hour chatting to me the day before, all the time knowing he would be rescheduling. Just so fucking rude! He never pays unless I tell him several times either because he knows the show will be delayed if he doesn't get on with it.

He got all emotional and acted like he was really hurt by my actions. I couldn't have cared any less though and stuck up for myself. I told him "I am a cam whore not your fucking girlfriend." That really upset him and he said it was obvious I didn't care about him and only cared about money. My response to that was "If I care so much about money I wouldn't tell you to go fuck yourself and stick your money up your fucking ass." I told him if things don't change then I'm not prepared to work with him and he can find another girl to passive aggressively manipulate and toy with. I mean it too!

He got freaked out about me cancelling the shows and said things would get better but I'm not convinced. I told him he is making all show decisions now regardless of me being the Domme. If he makes any requests I have stated I will not do, I am cancelling the shows and if he does not pay as soon as I arrive online I will leave in the first 10 minutes of waiting for it.

I have also said that I will not begin talking to him until he has paid and once we begin talking the show has started. So that way if he chooses to waste his time on chatter that's his problem but I'm logging out an hour after I switch on the camera and tell him the show has started. I hate being like that, but he seems to have no problem being disrespectful to me so really there is no point me worrying about his feelings any more. I honestly don't care if I lose his business because the time spent fucking around with his shows could be more lucrative spent in my public room.

Sorry for the rant, I suppose it has just really been annoying me the way some people can be. Do you guys think this customer is rude and that I tackled it the right way? Maybe I need to research camgirl/customer netiquette some time!

Hope everyone is being kind to you lovely people.

Much love and peace



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