Thursday, 26 May 2011

Making the most of Twitter...

Being a webcam model does mean ideally you will be a sociable creature from time to time and allow your customers safe ways to contact you and keep up to date with your comings and goings. Some girls chose to keep public blogs, some of the cam sites even offer this service, but in my opinion social media is the best way to connect with your customers.

Twitter is a fabulous method of reaching new customers and keeping in contact with regulars. My favourite thing about it is it's versatility. Let's say I'm out underwear shopping, if I like I can take a snap of the underwear I like on my phone and upload it to twitter instantly via twitpic or one of the other apps you can download for your phone OS. By doing this and leaving a little comment like "What do you guys think? Sexy for my next show?" along with the picture, you are allowing your followers to feel involved in your day to day life as well as giving them a hot little taster of what you could be wearing during your next show.

Twitter is also a fabulous marketing campaign if you are looking to expand and reach new people. By tweeting regularly and replying to the trending threads, usually with a # prefix, you could add new traffic to your room purely through social media. Making alliances and networking with people in the business is also a great way to move forward in the camgirl/adult entertainment industry.

 My hot tip at the moment is @CamgirlTweet. Camgirl Tweet are a site verifying camgirl twitter accounts and promoting them on their own site. They are associated with iFriends but you don't need to be on iFriends to register or get verified. They promote you on their own feed and will give you a profile on their site. It's a great way to get noticed, and network, but on top of all that they also hold events all over the place so you can get actively involved offline as well as on! I am highly recommending them and loving the work they do. You can find them on twitter by clicking the above link or visit their web page

I'm on there too so you know it must be good! Check it out London Jones on camgirltweet!

But seriously, Twitter is a great tool to have in the camgirl game so I am highly recommending you sign up. It's so short and sweet, you can be barely literate and still make it work for you. It's a hell of a lot easier than blogging that's for sure! You can use it to thank people for tipping and big up your biggest supporters. Anything that makes your clients feel special and like they are getting something exclusive is a good thing. You can also send out a tweet when your show is about to start or let them know if it's a special themed show. For crying out loud it's all free so take advantage!

Hopefully will be hearing more from you tweeters! Don't forget to find me @LondonCamgirl!

Much Love




  1. Hey chickie!! I LOVE your blog and I have gotten very good information and tips from here. I am following ya now :) so please - follow me too!!

    xoxoxo to cam girls like us!

  2. Thank you, Chaotic! Always good to hear my blog is serving its purpose ;)

    I am following you and you are now listed on my blog list in the right hand margin.


  3. Dear London,

    YOU RULE. I love your blog, can't find the words to thank you for sharing all these ideas.


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