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Lacey, Lamé, Latex, Leather... We love lingerie!

I less than 3 lingerie!!!!!

I think most women nowadays have a love affair with lingerie. Whatever the budget most stores are catering our desire to look good with most of our clothes on the floor. Even when we aren't meeting our lover in a hotel for some kinky, escort style sex, wearing an expensive silk thong is a treat in itself. We have realised lingerie is for us as much as our partner and it can be a liberating thrill to know you have crotchless panties on while sat on the bus in your work uniform with no one else on your mind.

As a cam girl, lingerie really is our uniform and we need to remember this more often. At a regular job where a manager excepts their employees to look a certain way, someone looking slovenly and sloppy would be called aside and told to buck their ideas up. In this industry we need to take a step back and make sure we are being the most presentable version of ourselves or face the consequences of lower traffic and less hits.

Most men are very visual, and frankly the very fact they are on a video chat site should be a testament to that fact. And because the first thing the men assess you with are their eyes you need to be ensuring that what they see is more than desirable and you would be surprised how big a part lingerie plays in this. Here I have compiled a few of the reasons why lingerie matters and what you can do to increase tips and customers in your room through outfit selection alone.

The Size!

Before we even get into colours and styles, you need to make sure you have your bra size right. If you haven't been measured in the last year get measured. Our weight fluctuates and we go up and down dress sizes so of course the same applies to our breasts. Nothing will make your boobs look better than a correctly fitting bra. You want them hoisted up, clearly visible as two breasts, not four or one and you don't want the dreaded back fat hanging over fastenings and straps that are too small.

Many stores offer this fitting service free of charge so take advantage and the assistants will be more than happy to help. In The UK you can get this done in La Senza or Marks and Spencers quickly and easily. In the US I have heard Victoria's Secrets and Nordstroms offer fittings. I'm sure there are many more, but you only need to find one store you like to do this and you can revisit them time and time again.

With regards to underwear and hosiery don't kid yourself either way and go too small or too big. Nothing is less appealing in my mind than what could be beautiful, full figured thighs looking like over stuffed sausages bursting out of their skins in too small stockings. Too big is no good either. You need to try on different sizes and be realistic about how your body is. If you are a size 14 but are desperate to be a 12, please don't buy clothes that don't fit out of plans to diet! Own your size. You can of course lose weight etc if it makes you happy, but make the most of who you are now and love it because I guarantee the men do!


Talk to store assistants about a flattering cut for your bust size. Bigger breasts look fantastic in a balcony bra, while smaller breasts can handle bras lacking underwire far better while looking pert. The same should apply to your pantie choice. My customers are happy if I'm in lacy french knickers or a thong so if you have a nice arse it's not too much of a problem. But if your booty is not your strongest asset or you are nervous about showing it off outside of private chats then a french knicker shouldn't hurt your traffic at all. In fact some men go wild for the whole school girl white cotton panties bit so if you are considering a bit of cosplay then why not?!


You are buying some lingerie for your shows, not yourself in the long term here so try to put some of your personal tastes aside. While you may just adore the lime green and pink 1960s flower power print granny panties, its probably a bit of a niche appeal customer wise so keep that in mind when shopping. As a general rule there are three colours in lingerie that men love to see over and over again and these are black, red and white. Generally they are pretty fail safe so i recommend you own some lacy sets in these colours as well as some stockings.

Aside from the obvious red, black and white selection pick something flattering to your skin tone and hair colour. If you are pale consider rich gemstone colours and flattering pastels. Avoid too many muted, nude colours that may wash you out. If you are darker skinned, bright colours and an earthy, chocolate palette could be quite flattering.


 I cannot tell you how many customers have come into my room and asked me "Do your panties match your bra?" So many men have commented that they love that I wear matching lingerie. One told me he was always devastated when a pretty model would stand up and her bottoms didn't match the top. It's such a simple thing to manage and I honest believe it makes a big difference. What we think is sexy is very different to what they see in their lads mags and their skin flicks.

Little details like matching sets, suspender belts, stockings etc go a long way to pleasing the clients in your room, trust me.


Another popular choice. When you are new stick to generically sexy outfits like police woman, nurse, etc. Basically anything you can get in the Ann Summers catalogue. Once you have a base of regulars you may wish to branch out into stuff they are more specifically interested in like anime characters, video game characters, etc. My guys are huge sci fi nerds so Princess Leia is a big one for them!


Again down to budget and tastes, but I would recommend going for mid range high street prices at least to make sure you have a good fit and support along with nice designs. This means no Primark! Believe it or not some of your customers can tell when you are wearing cheap panties. And as a point of interest my biggest spending customers always comment on the quality of my underwear and how it looks expensive so I think this is a factor in their choosing me for privates. The love to see me as a cut above the other girls. They want to think they are picking up some rare, high class gem that is truly the best so they get their moneys worth.

I always wear mid range panties as a rule because I am an unusual bra size so cheap clothing stores don't really cater for me. I shop a lot at La Senza, Ann Summers, Debenhams, etc so a mix of high street and some designer. I mean if you are feeling flush and want to splurge on some Agent Provocateur it couldn't hurt that's for sure, but mid range high street is generally good. Topshop do some great sets, but sadly they only cater for very common, average sizes so I can never take advantage.

If you kind of like going for the cheap, trashy look though and its working for your customers just ignore me on this point. And when I say trashy please don't think of it as a dis, because some men love girls who look like absolute filth on legs and if you can pull that off I say work it. I am more of an alternative style cam girl with my pin up stuff so obviously underwear is quite a big part of my stage presence. Cheap looking pin up just doesn't work as well!

Ultimately your underwear choice will reflect you as a product so make sure they are clean, well fitting and suited for your shows. Larger, lacy french knickers with suspenders indicate a more glamorous, vintage, pin up style whore, whereas a teeny neon g string just screams, I am a cheap, vibrant, fun, young slut. If you have been crafting a clear stage persona you need to remember them when you are picking their underwear.

I would recommend you shop online to find the best styles and deals in your size, however I would also suggest you stay away from underwear sets, baby dolls, etc sold cheaply on eBay that are manufactured and shipped from what are essentially sweat shops in Hong Kong and China. There are lots of fabulous looking sets selling for pennies on eBay by several international sellers, but trust me they quality is terrible. I have seen several bad experiences with items that friends have bought. The clothes are usually either ridiculously small, or ridiculously big, poor quality and break quickly. Don't feed these businesses or waste your money on inferior products when you could purchase something better if you wait a little longer or pay a little more.

I hope this post has been enlightening and you use it as an excuse to go blow your pay cheque on fabulous underwear!

Much love and lingerie!




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