Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Independence - Breaking Away From Studios

Who has been robbing you blind?

In my short time as a professional webcam model I have learned that studios are the devil. They are to be avoided at all costs in the long term. If you are nervous about starting out and would like a boss to reassure you and guide you then they can be useful, but really you will always make more money if you work directly for the site you perform on.

I have been with a studio and to their credit they offer a fantastic service. The day I did my first show my manager got me promotion on the front page of the website and was always on hand to offer guidance if I wanted it. Any technical problems she would tackle them with the site for me and she would always respond within 24 hours if I emailed her. They pay on time, have no minimum payments, create you an email address and will forward on any gifts your customers want to send. They were pretty great altogether, except for the fact that they took 80% of my paycheck.

80% is a ridiculous amount to be taking from a person. That means that for every $1000 I made they would be taking $800 leaving me with a pitiful $200. Bearing in mind I am the one doing all the hours of physical labour dancing, stripping, putting toys inside myself, role playing etc, it seems quite unfair. Especially when you consider that all the studio does is the basic admin work. My studio didn't have an office for performers to work from either so its not like they had proper studio costs in that respect. A lot of them don't even maintain the cam sites they just create accounts for their models. I could hire a personal assistant to do that for me for less than they took of my earnings.

This is the reason you must gain independence! If you can get set up at home with a decent HD webcam and deal with the sites yourself directly then you are going to be taking home 100% of what you are earning while working online. Imagine making $1000 in a week and actually taking the full amount home, That is what just happened to me! It would never have happened had I stayed with my studio. I would have had to make something like $5000 to get even close.

Studios will often try to trick you with promises of fantastic bonuses too. They say that if you make them $1000 you will get an extra $100 or whatever in your pay packet. Remember that you just made them $800 that could have been yours so they are still keeping $700 of your earnings while you walk away with $300

They will do whatever they can to avoid telling you what the percentage they take is. You will notice on their frequently asked questions pages they will tell you possibly what you could make per minute, or tell you some ridiculous figure their girls can make a month. You may have seen the wonderful "Some of our most successful girls make up to $10000 a month!" What they forget to mention is these girls are often doing recorded porn videos for them too and so are making royalties off that. They are also just saying the figure the girls make, they are not stating anyone is paid that amount. If I earned $10000 the studio would only give me $2000 of it and I have never seen a solely online model who isn't making porn videos say she makes that much and believe me doing this blog and all the forums and networks I go on I'm pretty sure I would have seen one.

Also the rate declared on the site and is normally the premium chat rate that most customers won't go for so you don't even end up working for that amount half the time. I signed up to work for $1 per min with my studio, but it worked out that my usual rate was 80 cents per minute and only in a rarer premium chat would I get paid $1 a min. It's hardly worth it when you convert it into GBP.

I have been looking into the amount you can make from the sites per minute and the most straight forward, highest amount I have seen so far is (MFC) at $3 per min private chat. I will do another post about pricing on various cam sites another time.

Another tip is to watch out for studios masquerading as cam sites. I was approached by an "up and coming new cam site" to work for them at a rate of 60% which is a higher take home than many studios give. I went through the sign up process only to discover the studio streams from myfreecams. So they get paid the $3 a minute and I get 60% of the $3. The only bonus was I was appearing on their site when I was live and they were redirecting their traffic to my room. Not worth it though in my mind!

To summarise my advice is to always deal directly with the cam site and avoid studios altogether. Whatever services they are offering you, you can probably afford to pay someone to do them for you anyway with the extra money you are bringing in. They want to customise your profile and make it fancy with their in house web team? Well how about you go on or something like that and let contractors bid on the chance to make your profile. Just set your budget and off you go!

Seriously ladies, going independent is the best thing you can do. Trust me!




  1. this is great advice...but Im still lost as to how to BECOME independent...maybe some actual steps on what you did would be helpful?

  2. Hi Megan

    Thanks for the comment. Being independent to me is literally just not signing up with an agency and signing up with the site directly. Many girls are tricked into thinking that they need management, when they absolutely dont. Agencies do absolutely nothing! They sit there and take up to 80% of your earnings for doing sweet f*** all!

    If you are looking to go independent just make sure you sign up with sites like MFC, Streamate etc directly so that you are guaranteed to get the fairest price for your work.



    1. How do you know what sites are the best to sign up with? They don't all list the cut they take. I was about to sign up with Streamate when I found out they take a 70% cut at least, is that a fair cut?

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