Thursday, 12 May 2011

I am so bloody tired!

I need some pussy energy right about now!
I have been working my little booty off for the past three days and it is starting to show. Difficult to post when I am working this hard. Was a bit of a long show today and although I made above my target, I got a feeling people weren't going to be biting as much today so set it low due to the past 2 days awesome takings.

I am thinking I need to look into getting a portfolio sorted with some explicit shots for a private gallery in myfreecams. No idea how to do that though. So many glamour photographers seem to be amateurs on closer inspection! And subtle boudoir shots are not what the majority of my customers will want to pay to see, although a few who are "in love" with me would probably pay good money for tasteful shots to jizz all over. Anyone done a good explicit shoot or video? I want to branch out and I need to research how to make a better profile too. So many more things to think and then ultimately write about. If you have any ideas, or advice please post it in the comments or email me!

I do have some interesting customers to update you with too but that will need to wait for tomorrow I think because I am knackered! Cam modelling really is work if you want to make money so don't think you just get to laze about having orgasms because most of the time you will be posing in whatever awkward position the customers want for that perfect cum shot angle ;)

I am off to Bedfordshire! The land of nod is calling.

Much love gorgeous people!


x - Webcam Models Wanted!


  1. I do have 1 or 2 suggestions/advise. If you want tasteful and/or sensual photos done you can look into a website where I also have a profile on as well. I'm not sure if you heard of it. It's called It's basically a site where all the models, photographers, make up artists and wardrobist network amongst each other and they are all over the world and within your city. If you are strapped for cash, you can check out the photographer's profiles and see if they are willing to do TFP (Trade for prints) or TFCD (Trade for CD's). Photographers use you to practice on and in return you get back either prints or CD's :)
    There are all types of people on there from the emo types, gothic/alternative models to plain jane models so no need to feel so self conscious about signing up.
    Once you get those done, you can add them to your web cam profile site and either set a price on it or whenever you log in, set your topic to "Highest tipper gets password to my pics..."

    Hope this helps.

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