Saturday, 14 May 2011

I am not...

1) An escort! - No matter how many times you ask, the answer doesn't change. I don't care if you are a footballer/investment banker/sheik/royalty it is not going to entice me to let you buy my body in real life. I am a camgirl because I like the distance it gives me. £1000 will not change my mind, a 5 star hotel won't sway me. Your begging and objectification of me is not endearing so please shut up before I have to wave my banhammer!

2) Free! - I am not a camgirl because I'm a horny, exhibitionist, chronic masturbator! I do it for the money! Sure it helps I enjoy myself, but I would enjoy it miles less if you weren't paying for the pleasure. I fuck myself for free solely for my lovers and maybe one or two close friends... but that's it and usually they fuck me back! If I didn't know you before I met you in my chat room, you won't be getting much for free that's almost guaranteed!

3) Your girlfriend! - While I may offer you the girlfriend experience, please do not forget I am a real person outside of my chat room with a real life. We are not really dating! I do not live in my chat room, I am not at your beck and call and yes I do regularly fuck other people.People I met in real life! Don't like it then don't imaginary date a fucking camgirl you moron.

4) Tech Support! - I cannot sort out your webcam problems, banking issues, chat room settings, audio, visual whatever they may be! Contact the site for gods sake and leave us models to our booty shaking and breast flashing!

5) A pushover! - When I say no I mean NO! It is not a yes in disguise you utter prat!

Sorry that is my little rant over. Had some real douche bags in my room lately. People thinking after one Skype show that I will want to talk to them constantly and getting shitty when I don't. People thinking that I must want to watch them jerk off for free. People generally not understanding the concept of what a camgirl is.

I am getting much stricter with people since starting at myfreecams. They are a lot more demanding than people on livecam in totally different ways. They want to pay outside the site with Paypal, they want items sent to them, email addresses, mobile numbers, they want Skype shows and personal details. Just too much to keep track of. I want to do it all within MFC so i can keep track and know that the money cant be claimed back or messed about with. Some people do not understand this though and think that when I say no I can't possibly mean it.

I had one customer tell me he wanted a Skype show. I told him how to pay and he said he would once I added him. What a fool I was because instantly he tried calling me with no payment and when I asked him what he was playing at he told me he wanted to pay after the show and wanted to pay with one of the methods I do not accept. I told him this was unacceptable and deleted him, only for him to continue messaging me begging me to watch him because I should care who he is. I ended up blocking him and banning him from my room.

I also have a regular client who doesn't like to acknowledge the fact we have a business relationship so it is always twice as awkward to resolve financial issues. I expect payment before the show and he has been getting sloppy and trying to chat constantly outside our shows for free and then delaying payments until I have to remind him they need paying for. He has actually told me he would like it if in the future we could be lovers for real and I could stop charging him. I swear I roll my eyes so often with these people I will have to watch out they don't get stuck.

Sorry my posts have been delayed and  sloppy. I have had a particularly busy week and Blogger being in read only mode for an entire day did not help!

Hoping you are all having a better time with customers than me!

Much love and peace


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