Friday, 6 May 2011

Developments Continued...

I wish my bra would snap off in a mans hands like they do in the films. My sex life would be so much more efficient...

Sorry about my cryptic post with the fantastic Eurythmics track! I was short of time and in a rather good mood. I have been on a few more dates with my strait laced new beau. He has still yet to loosen up sufficiently for my liking but there have been... developments...

We were in the taxi driving back to my place after consuming what could only be an absolutely criminal amount of MSG at an odd little Chinese in Fulham. It's the kind with a patterned carpet that reminds of me my grandmothers living room (probably laid in the 80's but still looks new most probably due to some one's meticulous cleanliness), and crooked pictures of bamboo dotted sparsely around the walls covered in chipped peach paint. You go in with low expectations from the decor alone, but the food ends up being remarkable. I digress!

We were in the taxi when he reached out and held my hand. My heart was racing as there had been little physical contact between the two of us, except the good night kisses, and truthfully so far those had been little more than a lingering peck. Nothing too passionate had sparked because as soon as it started to heat up he would pull away and say good night.

I didn't know what to make of it and to be honest it piqued my curiosity. I have never been with such a restrained character before and to be around someone who could apparently control their baser urges (and believe me I could feel the urges poking me in the hip) was interesting. Why would someone be so controlled? Maybe he was seeing several people and didn't want to sleep around? Maybe he was married? Maybe he was getting off on the denial of pleasure? I didn't think it could be due to nerves as he seemed relatively comfortable with me and I could not have made it any clearer that I wanted to sleep with him had I attached landing lights to my genitalia and shouted instructions with a megaphone.

As we pulled up to my flat I was willing him to follow me out of the cab instead of go on to a second location. He hesitated for a moment before paying the driver to look for a signal that it was OK to come up. I asked him quite bluntly if he would like to come upstairs if he didn't have anywhere to be and he looked somewhat relieved as he handed over fare.

I feel the journey is as important as the events that follow because it has been a game of cat and mouse between us. I have been desperate to bed this man for so long. I have wanted him between my thighs since the first time I met him and he has deliciously eluded me at every turn. Teasing me. Tasting my lips, pressing his hard member against me but never giving in, even when I can tell he is tempted. I haven't known why he does it and the mystery has made it all the more erotic and cemented my lust. I have been determined to explore this man and finally, dear god hallelujah finally, we have done it!

He came upstairs and was the epitome of a gentleman. There was no pouncing, he delayed my gratification for at least an hour with wine and light touches, arousing me all the more. I was truthfully close to just straddling him when he finally broke and let himself fall into a kiss. That kiss turned into another kiss, and another, until he was pressing himself against me and groaning.

I couldn't wait any longer for him to test the waters and so I put his hands where I desired. Knowing he could have me gave him a confidence and certainty that let to the best sex I have ever had. His hands slid deftly under my clothes and his touch was firm but gentle. Enough strength behind his pinches and tugs of my nipples to drive me to ecstasy and enough softness with his teasing stokes over my clit to soak my panties and get me close to orgasm before they were even removed.

He pulled off my clothes and ran his tongue over my breasts. He sucked and licked my nipples and told me he was hungry for me. His hands moved down to my hips and he pulled of my damp underwear. He didn't wait long to dive in and taste me. He devoured my pussy. His tongue roamed over every part of my clit and I could feel him pressing his tongue into me sending waves of pleasure over my body. I came hard with his face buried in my crotch. He refused to move it, even when I had finished, and was not satisfied until he had seen me orgasm a second time from his mouth.

I was desperate for his cock by this point and we sucked and licked one another with groans of pleasure on my couch. His cock is magnificent. Not so large it hurts, but big enough to fill me and make me feel so very, very tight. It is smooth with a slight curve that drives me wild. It got me so horny just having it in my mouth, my tongue swirling around the shaft, tasting the drops of precome from the head.

He couldn't take my tongue for too long, and begged me to let him inside me. He didn't need to beg, my pussy was already aching for him and he fucked me for at least an hour. I am one of those lucky girls that can come over and over again and believe me I took full advantage of his ability to take me as long as he did. I haven't had such intense, pleasurable sex for such a long time, I had almost forgotten how good it could be.

After he had come we both lay there shaking and entwined for a while. He kissed me for a long time and I think he may have been in shock. I don't think either of us expected such a mind blowing first time together. I meant to ask him what had taken him so long in getting it on with me, but we fell asleep first. Maybe it was so it would be this good? Maybe the game made it better? Whatever it is, it made me happy and I don't think it matters. He hasn't long left and there were several repeat performances.

Bet my customers wish they could have watched me do that!

I will leave you with another video the should sum it all up rather nicely...

Apologies in advance ;)

Hope you are getting laid and getting paid my friends. I currently prefer the former when it's done right!

Much love and peace



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