Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Dear London - From Alternative Model

Alt girls are a hot commodity in the adult industry right now!

Received this email from a reader and thought I would post it publically as I get a fair few emails that are worth sharing. Its great when people ask questions because it makes me think about things and do even more research, and you must know by now I love my research!

From: The Alternative Model

As someone considering getting into this business your blog has been a very interesting and entertaining read and I would like to thank you for that! I’ve been considering it for a while and been reading model tutorials. I’m happy enough to do what is required and confident in my rockin’ body but there are so many choices I don’t know the best site to apply for. I was considering applying to InternetModeling.com till I read your recent post about agency's and since the sites themselves are all fighting for models and trying to seem like the best thing since the invention of porn I am really stuck. 

I’m not a blonde haired, blue eyed goddess, I’m more of an alternative lass with piercings and tattoos, should this effect what site I choose to join?  Also do you know anything about nakedchatlive.com? It's a site that seems to have popped up a lot in my quest for knowledge and I would love an unbiased opinion from a model about them. Beyond being a bit of a hoebag on camera to friends for free I have no experience at all so any other tips you could give me as well would be great. 

Thanks in advance! x

Alternative Model is fantastic! I love the term being a hoebag on camera because that  is essentially what we do each and every day and I just love, love, love it! I am still giggling. Anyway! She has raised some great questions here already. Three questions to be exact! 
  1. Should your style/look affect the site you choose to work for? 
  2. What is nakedlivechats deal?
  3. What tips can you give a new webcam model?
I am only going answer the first two, because I am building up what will hopefully be a wonderful stock of tips for a future advice post. But that is the future and this is the now so lets get down to business.

Unless you are looking to get into a really niche market of cam site to make a name as an alternative model it really doesn't make a difference where you go. There will be guys who love an alt girl on every site and every sites aim is to be full of variety like a smorgas board of lovelies waiting to be sampled. If they offered only one type of woman they would lose too much business. In fact your unique look could make you very valuable to them and be lucrative for you if there are less alt girls on the camsite. You could be the go to alt girl for that site!

Your look and personal style can be absolutely anything to be a cam model, let me make that clear for all you girls thinking you might not have the right look. Fortunately Alternative Model knows she is foxy, which I am loving! Nothing better than owning it! But to be a camgirl you can be old, young, fat, thin, no boobs, huge boobs, pregnant, transgender, transexual, tattooed, pale, tan, black, asian, big ass, three eyes, a dorsal fin, tentacles instead of legs... you get the idea. There is a market for every single look and hundreds and thousands of men will come into your room during your time online and decide if you float their boat. And you will, trust me! The taste of the clients is so varied you really will find a fan club soon enough. The main thing you need to attract customers is personality. A stunning girl with no personality will make far less money than a "plain" one who knows how to work her room!

With regard to the site nakedchatlive.com I honestly hadn't heard of them prior to this email. Bearing in mind I have done many a cam site search on google this was surprising, which in turn made me question their traffic. They seem to be a perfectly legit operation, but again like many cam sites, I could find no payment information from them. This was most disappointing. They even have a wiki with info for models, but still just vague promises of what could be made without pay per min or percentage rates. I have emailed the site to see what they say, but I wont hold my breath. These sites prefer to divulge information after you have already signed up.

I am still recommending myfreecams.com as the go to site for girls. You make $3 a min in private chat ladies and can sell videos, gallery passwords, skype shows, panties, anything! Until I find another site as open to creativity and with as good a pay percentage I will keep promoting this one!

My hottest tip for now with MFC is to think about the money you are making offline as well as online. If you have the option to make and sell videos, photosets, panties and stockings, then take full advantage. List your services and amounts on your profile and check your MFC mail once a day for offline tips relating to these products. Videos are always the biggest seller, but with a growing fanbase you will see the others going way up too.

Hopefully some of this info has been helpful. Big thanks to Alternative Model for allowing me to repost her email!

Much Love




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