Monday, 2 May 2011

Come fly with me...

Yes I am as scared and confused as you, my dear...

I have been having the most intense cam sessions with a very sexy pilot these last few weeks. He is based abroad but is coming back to the UK soon and wants us to meet in person. We swapped emails and have been more like pen pals than anything else, but he still comes to my chat room once a week to take me away for conversation and orgasms.

I really like him, he is funny and sweet and probably the most normal person I have had in my rooms. He said the main reason he does this, is because he can afford to, its better than wanking solo and he doesn't want to sleep with his workmates or pick up strangers in the bar. He says his job doesn't give him much time for relationships and so it's nice to be able to chat to someone regularly and have some fun without all the complications. He told me he has been engaged but where his job dominates so much of his life its just been too hard for him to make the time for his partner and so he felt he couldn't commitment and the relationship ended.

Obviously I can't know how much of this is true, but he seems to be a very genuine nice guy. I am contemplating meeting up with him purely because he turns me on. He has a great body and a really cute face. If I met him in a bar I would definitely consider going home with him.

He says he has family in London he is planning on visiting and if I am available during these days then he would love to get together for some drinks and see what happens. No money would exchange hands because this wouldn't be any kind of escorting thing, it would just be two people who happen to be attracted to each other meeting up for fun.

I am still debating whether or not I should. Meeting anyone, anywhere online does not guarantee they are safe or crazy. I mean I'm pretty certain I can tell who is crazy and who isn't. He hasn't displayed any stalkerish behaviour or said anything weird, but I also know that mental, serial killer types come in all shapes and sizes. That being said, the vast majority of men out there are not Jack the Ripper. The men who use these sites are mostly normal, however the weirdos just happen to be the most fun to write about!

I already know the basic guidelines for safety and thankfully if I do decide to meet him then telling Cherry about this camgirl thing is already an advantage. I would give her information on exactly where we are going, his car make/model/colour/registration should he have one, his name, his description and a time I will call her by. She will have a full description of what both of us are wearing, possibly even a picture message of him and I will have two phones on me with full battery. If i do not call her by the time we state and if I do not answer either of my phones after two calls on each she is to call the police. She can then explain where I am supposed to be and that the man is probably trying to murder me along with all the information I have provided prior to the attempted murder.

This might sound extreme, but I would not chance it. This isn't just online dating, these people have seen me naked, gotten to know me over some time and could have a crazy Jack the Ripper thing going on. They may think I'm a prostitute or they may think it's a sure thing we are having sex, which it is not. While I think it very likely sexy pilot man and me will have sex, there is certainly nothing set in stone as who knows how I will feel about him in person. I plan to tell him my safety plans shortly before the date, say 30mins and if he is put off by it and then declines that is up to him and I will certainly not feel as though I lost out.

I know that once my safety has been accounted for I will be able to relax and fully enjoy his company. I can concentrate on flirting and imagining the deviant things we will get up to once we leave the bar...

One of my main reasons not meet him now is really in my mind the guy I'm sort of seeing. Maybe I'm going soft?! It's way to early for me to be exclusive! At least that's what I normally think? Exclusivity has never been in my nature!

Do you think my safety measures are extreme? Would you ever consider meeting a client? I have had loads of offers of course, it's the nature of the industry, but this is the first one I have considered. What do you think? Answers on a postcard!

Wishing you all much peace and love and be safe in whatever you get up to.


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  1. I think you're actually being smart by telling your best friend the plans, dress apparel and what not. Not something I would've thought of but really good advise. My first initial thought is defintatetly meet him someplace public where there is lots of other people around and check in with your girlfriend every so often.
    I actually met my bf from an online dating site and I wasn't all that paranoid about meeting guys in person from the internet until now...probably cause I have a son now and I can't take chances, lol.
    So whether you do meet this guy or not, it's something you gotta debate on yourself but definately take precautions, hun. All the best :)

  2. Yeh I think meeting in public is a good idea. We will probably meet for a few drinks in the city centre in a packed bar, but I will not be letting him go to get the drinks alone! Will have my hawk eyes on lol! I'm not getting roofied!

    I mention online dating because of the whole lawsuit that was happening due to a woman being assaulted by a sex offender who had registered with the site, but had obviously not been checked out because anyone can join and therefore hide things/lie. I think it goes to show you just have to be careful whether its a guy you meet on a porn site or a reputable dating site, or even in a bar, just because you simply dont know them.

    Thanks for the advice though! :) Good to have another good opinion to help me decide. Will take lots of precautions if it does happen and will of course dish all the dirt on here lol!