Monday, 23 May 2011 got back to me...

Ah, the no credit card needed line. Wasting a camgirl's time since online whoring began!

Just got the most long winded and ridiculously mathmatical response from regarding model pay rates. Thank you Jeremy D for doing everything humanly possible to make me feel like I was back in maths class. The main things I got from all this was that basically take 75-80% of your earnings and part of this is taken in "fees" for being on the site, and having customers pay by credit card. I love that they charge the models for that privilege. I don't know why they don't just say "We take about 75% of your earnings, babe!"

So basically I am just gonna put this out there... suck! And here is the email from the delightful Jeremy D for your delectation.

Dear Member,

Thank you for your email regarding prices for your shows.

We allow changes to occur to the pricing of Private Chats, Nude Chats, and Voyeur views. Pricing can be set from $1.49 - $9.99 a minute for nude shows or private shows and $1.49 - $5.99 a minute for voyeur view.

As for percentage earnings. deducts 10% credit card fees and 25% for marketing fees from all charges prior to the earnings percentage being calculated.

For Example:

If you set your earning percent to 45%, you can earn up to 29.25% of the gross of the charge.

If a model does a private show for 20 minutes and she is charging $4.99 per minute, this is how her share earnings breakdown occurs: card fees fees fees deducted from the gross amount of $99.80

35% of $99.80 = $34.93

$ gross earned
-$34.93................minus 35% worth of fees
=$64.87................balance after fees

45% of the balance after fees is the models portion.

45% of $64.87 = $29.20

In the example above, the model earnings will be $29.20 which is 29.25% of the $99.80 total gross.

Please keep in mind if you lower your earning percentage earned it will drop the percentage you can earn from your total gross, however it helps your conversion rate for moving up on the Who's Online Now page. You may choose to do this occasionally as it may increase how many members enter your room.

Please let us know if we can assist you with anything else.

Thank you,

Jeremy D.
Streamray Model_Service Support

So... that clear it all up for you? Jargon anyone?

I am still gonna be plugging away finding the best cam sites for us ladies, but for now MFC is still on top and untouchable! If you get any hot tips you want me to research drop me and email at or hit me via a comment here or tweet @LondonCamgirl.

Much love to Jeremy D wherever he may be!




  1. Hi London!

    As you know I've been lurking around your site (not to sound creepy!). Your info and feedback is SO helpful to a new girl like me.

    I'm currently on LiveJasmin and wanting to sign up with another site or two (honestly anymore and I'd lose track of them all!). As alluring as MFC is I dont think its suited to me (hardcore in public chat albiet being optional - not my thing, at least not yet.) What is your feedback on Streamate, SkinVideo and SakuraLive? I'm eyeing those three.

  2. Hey Natalia.

    I have emailed those sites today and will review them when they get back to me. Thank you for posting them :) I have not heard positive things about streamate. I hear they only pay out 15% but I will see what they have to say. I did notice all their payment options excluding check and direct deposit have fees attached to the accounts you hold with those e-wallets. I think the fees apply even if you dont use the account and are applied per day if I remember rightly so I think when I looked at them before the payment methods put me off.

    I don't like paying for anything like that really! I have a thrifty mind set I think.

    I will let you know as soon as they get back to me and will put the emails I receive online.

    Thanks again for sharing :)


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