Tuesday, 31 May 2011

5 Points Model Management - Liars and Charlatans!

Charlatans! Liars! Bastardos!

I am going to start this post by saying that while this does contain facts and emails, you should make up your own minds regarding this studio. I have strong opinions and feel that I am correct about this site, but some of this is personal opinion based on the information made available to me. I am confident you will draw the same conclusions though.

Remember I said in this post there are some sleazy studios out there pretending to be actual modelling agencies or cam sites that will give you an amazing rate of pay? Well this studio here is a fantastic example of what to avoid and look out for.

5 Points have been doing the rounds on Twitter and were foolish enough to approach me through one of their agents. Clearly they have never read my blog, or they have and thought I would just forget all my principles and be all for joining without doing any research. Anyways! Lets break down all the lies on their site, or rather their carefully worded phrases that promise everything and deliver nothing.

Starting with their home page they are essentially making out they are an adult modelling company when they are clearly just a cam studio. They say they can help you reach your goals and that they will assess and develop your talent, but the big alarm bells here are that there are no pages regarding any other form of adult modelling or talent on their site. DING DING DING CAM STUDIO ALERT!

"A large percentage of our models decide that they're quite content webcam modeling and don't pursue other jobs." - Is that because you are just a cam studio perhaps and have no other positions available?

It's very refreshing to work with an honest, non-sleazy adult modeling company. I can't even tell you how nice it is not to be hit on by my manager or get jipped out of my money! Thanks 5 Points! - Brittany J, San Hose, CA

Thank you 5 Points for posting what I am sure is a fake testimonial. Her name and location rhyme for fucks sake! She's a freaking Dr. Seuss character "Miss Brittany J from San Hose that's in CA!" And FYI "Brittany J" of course you haven't been hit on by your manager! You never see him because they have no listed offices on their web page! Or maybe you are one of the admin team and were just letting us know you are OK? Either way thanks for that useless nugget of info. As most of us work from home it's pretty irrelevant.

Models who prove themselves as expert entertainers may be invited to build an online portfolio, their own website, attend casting events, and much more. Whatever your modeling goals may be, let us open the door for you.
You "MAY" be invited. What a fab little word "may" is. So ambiguous, giving you hope and a promise that something could happen, but inevitably with this site it won't. I can see absolutely no evidence of  girls furthering their careers after searching their site. Surely if they are saying they have the potential to do this they would have some links or pages showing other girls successes? After all nothing manipulates people into signing away all their personal details like seeing other people who have made it worth while. Sadly there is no such incentive on 5 Points site.

In fact I will condense this article and what I am trying to say about 5 Points Model Agency into one word for you now... Dickheads.

You absolutely do not need a manager unless you are a porn star. This site makes no promises regarding increasing current earnings, social networking or actual doors into the adult industry like real modelling or porn so why bother? It is a cleverly worded front for a studio who will do nothing but take your money. They are charlatans, and you should kill your potential application with fire and get the fuck away!

The site are a studio for several actual camsites. The main one being Video Secrets: Webcam4money also known as VS Media. They simulcast the models over about 15 or so different websites, many with rather obscure names. These sites have never cropped up in my google searches so I'm not sure they really have the amazing traffic they claim. You can sign up direct with this site, but I haven't heard back from my email to them yet. 3 working days and counting...

Listed below are the fabulous places you can work, and nearly all of them are VS media sites with the same cookie cutter appearance and text, just with different colour schemes.They show this add on their FAQ page. 5 Point are a studio for these sites, as after visiting each one I have found it is easy to sign up with them all directly.

They also mentioned Playboy Live as well which surprised me as I would not have though Playboy would use outsourcing to get camgirls. They would surely want only the best of the best and it would be an accolade to be chosen by that site, right?


You can join up with playboylive.com here directly, but 5 Points are a Studio sourcing models for them. The site looks pretty amateurish for Playboy but it does say Beta under the main header so could look very different in the future. It appears Playboy are using Naked.com as their chat host client and that is where the models and studios are logging on. I will have to ask them for a bit of info regarding their prices too! But regarding 5 points pay rates I have been given those already.

I mentioned I could find no information regarding pay on this site too so I took the time to email them through one of their contact forms, what with them having no real contact details on the site. I simply requested some details. Here is that email:


Sorry if I missed this previously but how much do models make in your rooms? I want to know the pay percentage the models take home and their actual per minute rates before I commit to anything.

I was also wondering how you pay your models? Is it direct bank transfer or something like paypal?


This is their response:

Hi London,

Thank you for your interested in working with our company. New models are typically paid between 21%-25% and that rate can be increased. That percentage equates to between $1.26 and $2.25 per minute (depending on chat mode). We pay via Payoneer, Paxum, Wire Transfer, and AlertPay for non-US models.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,
Tori Sanders
Talent Executive
5 Points Model Management

She also listed a phone number but I wont pop that on here. To be fair her response was polite with an explanation regardless of the typo. Thank you for your response, Tori Sanders.

Sooooo.... 21-25%. That is... something... hardly anything in fact. They are taking 79-75% of your earnings ladies. Woohoo! Let's face it that is one bad pay percentage right there. Terrible, considering you can make 60% elsewhere.  But wait? I'm having a flashback to something they mentioned on the site...

Oh that's right the big dirty lie they put on their scam prevention page here! Apparently you don't have to worry that anyone is taking a percentage of your earnings... except the 79% that 5 Points modelling will take of course. And you will be paid one of the highest pay rates in the industry... except 20-25% is one of the lowest take home rates and 60% is the highest I have found so far. And if we are even talking per minute $1.26 does not compare to $3.00.

I questioned them regarding this and got an awesome response. I include this to allow you to judge for yourself how they come across as a company. This was my email:

Hi Tori

Thank you for your response. I would just like you to clarify something I noticed on your web page entitled "Scam Prevention" Specifically this phrase:  "Join our elite team of models and never worry about whether or not you’ll be paid, or whether someone is taking a percentage of your earnings. You'll be paid one of the highest pay rates in the industry, on time, every time!"

Now please excuse me if I am misunderstanding you, but I find the sentence "Never worry about whether someone is taking a percentage of your earnings" incredibly misleading due to the fact that actually, 5 points are taking up to 79% of my earnings. Do you not agree? I really think you should change the wording.

I would also disagree that your cam studio is paying one of the best rates in the industry. 25% is a pittance compared to the sites that offer 60% and 40% with plenty of traffic. Again I find your claims misleading and as you arent forthcoming with actual pay rates and information unless requested. I feel you shouldnt make these claims without evidence as you are misleading potential models.

You also state that you are opening doors for models into the adult industry and would like more info on how you actually do this as there is no info or success stories on your site regarding women who have made a successful transition thanks to your intervention. You also dont mention if you will help build model websites, help with social networking etc like a real agent would do. Do you have any info on whether or not you offer these services. To me it seems you are just a cam studio really at the moment.

Would love to hear you thoughts on this or hear that you will consider changing your wording. I look forward to receiving the info I requested also.

Kind regards

I think I worded that pretty fairly, don't you? Anyway this time I got a response from Jason Garrison, Tori's line manager. I think he was a bit pissed off because he seems a bit short with me. Can't think why... I'm going to insert my own dissection of his email in red as we go and you can judge for yourself


It sounds like you already have your mind made up, so I won’t spend too much time going into great detail. I will tell you that our wordage was well thought out and it entirely accurate. Let me clear up your misinterpretation of our wordage:
1.       We never claim to pay out the highest percentage. However, our per minute rates are definitely the highest in the industry, (MFC pays $3 per min so your $1.26 is not the highest by a considerable leap...) higher than other top ranking sites such as LiveJasmin, Cams, and Streamate. Going for the highest percentage isn’t always the wisest decision. After all, would you rather be paid 100% of $1, or 60% of $2? (Neither, I would rather be paid 100% of my $3 a minute by signing up direct with MFC) The only site that I know of that offers a higher per minute rate AND actually has traffic is MyFreeCams, where you have to perform in open chat for hundreds of non-paying customers in hopes some will tip you. (Oooooooh a begrudging admission there is a higher paying site, but wait isn't that a contradiction of what you said at the start of this paragraph, Jason? I thought you were definitely the highest in the industry.) If you know of any other sites, please enlighten me.
2.       We don’t take a cut of your earnings. What the customer pays and what the model earns are two entirely separate things. No site pays 100% of what the customer pays. We pay models the same as if they were to go direct through the host company since the host company pays us a higher percentage than direct models simply for lightening their work load and signing up models in bulk. (I will assume this is true. So that makes sense. I have of course contacted the sites directly for pay rates to confirm this is not just bullshit and I am waiting to hear back.)
3.       We never claim to be an agent in any aspect (Except when you call yourself a modelling agency all over your website?) (in fact doing so would be illegal) (Well I think you may be breaking the law then, Jason, Good for you!). We’re a management company which contracts with agents in the industry to provide our models with additional opportunities. Those agents may create sites, negotiate contracts, social network, etc. (That last part seems like a cop out. Didn't offer me any examples of times they have furthered a girls career, even with these "contract agents")

My advice – If you’ve found better opportunities, don’t pass them up. Stop wasting your energy analyzing our site word by word and putting your own spin on the information contained therein. (Oooooooh sorry Jason! Excuse me for wanting to question your absolute power! I'm just a simple model so of course I should hand over all my personal details without asking any questions at all! Silly me! I will stop wasting my time on your shitty site now you have given me all the info I need) If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me directly.


Jason Garrison
Senior Talent Executive
5 Points Model Management

I think he likes me!

Think of that email what you will. I can appreciate what he is saying, but I still personally feel they are misleading. I feel he contradicts himself a lot because he knows that their site isn't really wording their stuff properly and he thinks that by chatting a load of shitty jargon at me I will just accept what he is saying.

Seriously one of these days I swear we need to form a cam girl union! Then these sites could not get away with taking our personal bank details, names, addresses, social security before divulging pay rates. They make it as hard as possible for girls to get clear answers and contact them and I don't think its okay. I think pay percentages would be better and this shit could not keep happening to us. Could you imagine what would happen if every cam girl went on strike? They would lose billions of dollars in just a single day. Maybe then they might consider giving us a better percentage. It's not like they provide you with health care or other benefits.

Just a thought for now but who knows where that may take us...

So in summary this is a prime example of a studio masquerading as something more. They are a pile of lies and bullshit and give you a crappy pay rate and percentage as the cherry on top. They are another site with the Official London Jones - They Suck Ass Seal of Approval. I am going to seriously need to create one of those for real one day! Even though really it's a seal of disapproval. A seal of approval for sucking ass is a bit of an oxymoron... Regardless, I digress!

They are not a doorway into the adult industry and if you are serious about getting into porn or adult modelling you need to get in touch with proper modelling agencies and adult film makers. Camming is a start, great experience and great fun, but you can't just expect a real porn career to fall into your lap.

Don't let these charlatans get their hooks in and hands up who wants to start a union!

I think charlatans is my favourite word of the day. Say it with me now...


Much love and peace



Monday, 30 May 2011

Lacey, Lamé, Latex, Leather... We love lingerie!

I less than 3 lingerie!!!!!

I think most women nowadays have a love affair with lingerie. Whatever the budget most stores are catering our desire to look good with most of our clothes on the floor. Even when we aren't meeting our lover in a hotel for some kinky, escort style sex, wearing an expensive silk thong is a treat in itself. We have realised lingerie is for us as much as our partner and it can be a liberating thrill to know you have crotchless panties on while sat on the bus in your work uniform with no one else on your mind.

As a cam girl, lingerie really is our uniform and we need to remember this more often. At a regular job where a manager excepts their employees to look a certain way, someone looking slovenly and sloppy would be called aside and told to buck their ideas up. In this industry we need to take a step back and make sure we are being the most presentable version of ourselves or face the consequences of lower traffic and less hits.

Most men are very visual, and frankly the very fact they are on a video chat site should be a testament to that fact. And because the first thing the men assess you with are their eyes you need to be ensuring that what they see is more than desirable and you would be surprised how big a part lingerie plays in this. Here I have compiled a few of the reasons why lingerie matters and what you can do to increase tips and customers in your room through outfit selection alone.

The Size!

Before we even get into colours and styles, you need to make sure you have your bra size right. If you haven't been measured in the last year get measured. Our weight fluctuates and we go up and down dress sizes so of course the same applies to our breasts. Nothing will make your boobs look better than a correctly fitting bra. You want them hoisted up, clearly visible as two breasts, not four or one and you don't want the dreaded back fat hanging over fastenings and straps that are too small.

Many stores offer this fitting service free of charge so take advantage and the assistants will be more than happy to help. In The UK you can get this done in La Senza or Marks and Spencers quickly and easily. In the US I have heard Victoria's Secrets and Nordstroms offer fittings. I'm sure there are many more, but you only need to find one store you like to do this and you can revisit them time and time again.

With regards to underwear and hosiery don't kid yourself either way and go too small or too big. Nothing is less appealing in my mind than what could be beautiful, full figured thighs looking like over stuffed sausages bursting out of their skins in too small stockings. Too big is no good either. You need to try on different sizes and be realistic about how your body is. If you are a size 14 but are desperate to be a 12, please don't buy clothes that don't fit out of plans to diet! Own your size. You can of course lose weight etc if it makes you happy, but make the most of who you are now and love it because I guarantee the men do!


Talk to store assistants about a flattering cut for your bust size. Bigger breasts look fantastic in a balcony bra, while smaller breasts can handle bras lacking underwire far better while looking pert. The same should apply to your pantie choice. My customers are happy if I'm in lacy french knickers or a thong so if you have a nice arse it's not too much of a problem. But if your booty is not your strongest asset or you are nervous about showing it off outside of private chats then a french knicker shouldn't hurt your traffic at all. In fact some men go wild for the whole school girl white cotton panties bit so if you are considering a bit of cosplay then why not?!


You are buying some lingerie for your shows, not yourself in the long term here so try to put some of your personal tastes aside. While you may just adore the lime green and pink 1960s flower power print granny panties, its probably a bit of a niche appeal customer wise so keep that in mind when shopping. As a general rule there are three colours in lingerie that men love to see over and over again and these are black, red and white. Generally they are pretty fail safe so i recommend you own some lacy sets in these colours as well as some stockings.

Aside from the obvious red, black and white selection pick something flattering to your skin tone and hair colour. If you are pale consider rich gemstone colours and flattering pastels. Avoid too many muted, nude colours that may wash you out. If you are darker skinned, bright colours and an earthy, chocolate palette could be quite flattering.


 I cannot tell you how many customers have come into my room and asked me "Do your panties match your bra?" So many men have commented that they love that I wear matching lingerie. One told me he was always devastated when a pretty model would stand up and her bottoms didn't match the top. It's such a simple thing to manage and I honest believe it makes a big difference. What we think is sexy is very different to what they see in their lads mags and their skin flicks.

Little details like matching sets, suspender belts, stockings etc go a long way to pleasing the clients in your room, trust me.


Another popular choice. When you are new stick to generically sexy outfits like police woman, nurse, etc. Basically anything you can get in the Ann Summers catalogue. Once you have a base of regulars you may wish to branch out into stuff they are more specifically interested in like anime characters, video game characters, etc. My guys are huge sci fi nerds so Princess Leia is a big one for them!


Again down to budget and tastes, but I would recommend going for mid range high street prices at least to make sure you have a good fit and support along with nice designs. This means no Primark! Believe it or not some of your customers can tell when you are wearing cheap panties. And as a point of interest my biggest spending customers always comment on the quality of my underwear and how it looks expensive so I think this is a factor in their choosing me for privates. The love to see me as a cut above the other girls. They want to think they are picking up some rare, high class gem that is truly the best so they get their moneys worth.

I always wear mid range panties as a rule because I am an unusual bra size so cheap clothing stores don't really cater for me. I shop a lot at La Senza, Ann Summers, Debenhams, etc so a mix of high street and some designer. I mean if you are feeling flush and want to splurge on some Agent Provocateur it couldn't hurt that's for sure, but mid range high street is generally good. Topshop do some great sets, but sadly they only cater for very common, average sizes so I can never take advantage.

If you kind of like going for the cheap, trashy look though and its working for your customers just ignore me on this point. And when I say trashy please don't think of it as a dis, because some men love girls who look like absolute filth on legs and if you can pull that off I say work it. I am more of an alternative style cam girl with my pin up stuff so obviously underwear is quite a big part of my stage presence. Cheap looking pin up just doesn't work as well!

Ultimately your underwear choice will reflect you as a product so make sure they are clean, well fitting and suited for your shows. Larger, lacy french knickers with suspenders indicate a more glamorous, vintage, pin up style whore, whereas a teeny neon g string just screams, I am a cheap, vibrant, fun, young slut. If you have been crafting a clear stage persona you need to remember them when you are picking their underwear.

I would recommend you shop online to find the best styles and deals in your size, however I would also suggest you stay away from underwear sets, baby dolls, etc sold cheaply on eBay that are manufactured and shipped from what are essentially sweat shops in Hong Kong and China. There are lots of fabulous looking sets selling for pennies on eBay by several international sellers, but trust me they quality is terrible. I have seen several bad experiences with items that friends have bought. The clothes are usually either ridiculously small, or ridiculously big, poor quality and break quickly. Don't feed these businesses or waste your money on inferior products when you could purchase something better if you wait a little longer or pay a little more.

I hope this post has been enlightening and you use it as an excuse to go blow your pay cheque on fabulous underwear!

Much love and lingerie!



Sunday, 29 May 2011

Sunday Camgirl Anthems - Peaches & Cream

Is there anything better than a group of hot guys singing about how much they wanna go down on a woman? I think not.

Best line = "Put ya hand's in the air, represent ya clits!"




Friday, 27 May 2011

Nakedchatlive got back to me!

So... they kept it short and sweet let's put it that way.

My email was this:

I am interested in working as a model but would first like to know the percentage models earn and the rates they get per minute etc. Any payment information you can provide me with would be most helpful. I have several interested studios but want to make sure I will be making the most wherever I am :)

I tried looking on the site but the information was not available as far as i could see. Please just direct me to the info if I am wrong.

Thank you so much for your time



Their response was:

we pay $1.00 a minute while in private; additional spy money $.30 for each minute for each member spying, movie money, tip money and contests.  We pay check, paypal and direct deposit.  Support

That was their entire reply... So basically from that I gather you only make $0.30 on everything except private in which you make $1? They did not really answer my question well in my opinion and their customer service has left a lot to be desired. As a potential model this reply would not encourage me that they are a professional operation. So now nakedchatlive.com have the London Jones Seal of They Suck Ass! I am recommending that they be avoided by potential models in favour of sites with better rates and model support! Check my advice index for the post about various sites and their model pay rates or just click here.

Keep on camming!


Thursday, 26 May 2011

Making the most of Twitter...


Being a webcam model does mean ideally you will be a sociable creature from time to time and allow your customers safe ways to contact you and keep up to date with your comings and goings. Some girls chose to keep public blogs, some of the cam sites even offer this service, but in my opinion social media is the best way to connect with your customers.

Twitter is a fabulous method of reaching new customers and keeping in contact with regulars. My favourite thing about it is it's versatility. Let's say I'm out underwear shopping, if I like I can take a snap of the underwear I like on my phone and upload it to twitter instantly via twitpic or one of the other apps you can download for your phone OS. By doing this and leaving a little comment like "What do you guys think? Sexy for my next show?" along with the picture, you are allowing your followers to feel involved in your day to day life as well as giving them a hot little taster of what you could be wearing during your next show.

Twitter is also a fabulous marketing campaign if you are looking to expand and reach new people. By tweeting regularly and replying to the trending threads, usually with a # prefix, you could add new traffic to your room purely through social media. Making alliances and networking with people in the business is also a great way to move forward in the camgirl/adult entertainment industry.


 My hot tip at the moment is @CamgirlTweet. Camgirl Tweet are a site verifying camgirl twitter accounts and promoting them on their own site. They are associated with iFriends but you don't need to be on iFriends to register or get verified. They promote you on their own feed and will give you a profile on their site. It's a great way to get noticed, and network, but on top of all that they also hold events all over the place so you can get actively involved offline as well as on! I am highly recommending them and loving the work they do. You can find them on twitter by clicking the above link or visit their web page http://www.camgirltweet.com/

I'm on there too so you know it must be good! Check it out London Jones on camgirltweet!

But seriously, Twitter is a great tool to have in the camgirl game so I am highly recommending you sign up. It's so short and sweet, you can be barely literate and still make it work for you. It's a hell of a lot easier than blogging that's for sure! You can use it to thank people for tipping and big up your biggest supporters. Anything that makes your clients feel special and like they are getting something exclusive is a good thing. You can also send out a tweet when your show is about to start or let them know if it's a special themed show. For crying out loud it's all free so take advantage!

Hopefully will be hearing more from you tweeters! Don't forget to find me @LondonCamgirl!

Much Love



Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Stop changing the goal posts or my whip will have something to say about it!

Really starting to get pissed off with one of my private regulars. It frustrates me because I am a very nice, patient person (in fact I pride myself on my patience) but he is getting on my last nerve and I actually think what he's doing is quite rude and bad camgirl/customer netiquette. I also think he is incredibly manipulative and tries to get emotional response out of me to gain extra stuff all the time. Let me give you the low down and you tell me what you think.

This guy wants a Dom/Sub relationship and wants me to humiliate him on cam. This is what he has said and he had a free 2 hour chat with me detailing exactly what he wanted. He had that because he had such a specific idea of what he wanted and would be paying a lot due to having 1 hour a week sessions. During this he set an hourly rate and it all seemed pretty good. I even took notes as he requested so I was ready for the partnership to commence, but now when I read over the notes they seem pretty pointless and fictional.

He told me when we started I was to be as evil as possible with my punishments, but then every time I plan the show and email him to tell him what to be prepared for he says "No." and changes it to something else. He then even requests things I have repeatedly stated I will not do, and that are not even in character for a Domme. If I remain in Domme character and tell him not to be so insolent he emails me to say he's not in character and he wants to do something else and can I please shit on camera for him or something else he knows I won't do.

When we finally get to our show time he will spend another hour avoiding payment and video chat, but instead try and keep me talking about the show and stuff in general. As my time is money in a very literal sense here I am starting to get a bit annoyed. Whenever I have attempted to start the show and end the pointless chatter he gets upset and says he needs to talk as it's been a really hard day and hes getting in the mood or whatever. Really just giving me a load of bullshit so he can milk an extra hour or two out of me.

The first show I was understanding and thought it was a one off. The second I thought it was a little rude and hoped this wasn't going to be a habit, but when he did it again last night, I lost it with him and cancelled the show as punishment and said I had other things to attend to. He had already rescheduled our show after taking an hour chatting to me the day before, all the time knowing he would be rescheduling. Just so fucking rude! He never pays unless I tell him several times either because he knows the show will be delayed if he doesn't get on with it.

He got all emotional and acted like he was really hurt by my actions. I couldn't have cared any less though and stuck up for myself. I told him "I am a cam whore not your fucking girlfriend." That really upset him and he said it was obvious I didn't care about him and only cared about money. My response to that was "If I care so much about money I wouldn't tell you to go fuck yourself and stick your money up your fucking ass." I told him if things don't change then I'm not prepared to work with him and he can find another girl to passive aggressively manipulate and toy with. I mean it too!

He got freaked out about me cancelling the shows and said things would get better but I'm not convinced. I told him he is making all show decisions now regardless of me being the Domme. If he makes any requests I have stated I will not do, I am cancelling the shows and if he does not pay as soon as I arrive online I will leave in the first 10 minutes of waiting for it.

I have also said that I will not begin talking to him until he has paid and once we begin talking the show has started. So that way if he chooses to waste his time on chatter that's his problem but I'm logging out an hour after I switch on the camera and tell him the show has started. I hate being like that, but he seems to have no problem being disrespectful to me so really there is no point me worrying about his feelings any more. I honestly don't care if I lose his business because the time spent fucking around with his shows could be more lucrative spent in my public room.

Sorry for the rant, I suppose it has just really been annoying me the way some people can be. Do you guys think this customer is rude and that I tackled it the right way? Maybe I need to research camgirl/customer netiquette some time!

Hope everyone is being kind to you lovely people.

Much love and peace



Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Dear London - From Alternative Model

Alt girls are a hot commodity in the adult industry right now!

Received this email from a reader and thought I would post it publically as I get a fair few emails that are worth sharing. Its great when people ask questions because it makes me think about things and do even more research, and you must know by now I love my research!

From: The Alternative Model

As someone considering getting into this business your blog has been a very interesting and entertaining read and I would like to thank you for that! I’ve been considering it for a while and been reading model tutorials. I’m happy enough to do what is required and confident in my rockin’ body but there are so many choices I don’t know the best site to apply for. I was considering applying to InternetModeling.com till I read your recent post about agency's and since the sites themselves are all fighting for models and trying to seem like the best thing since the invention of porn I am really stuck. 

I’m not a blonde haired, blue eyed goddess, I’m more of an alternative lass with piercings and tattoos, should this effect what site I choose to join?  Also do you know anything about nakedchatlive.com? It's a site that seems to have popped up a lot in my quest for knowledge and I would love an unbiased opinion from a model about them. Beyond being a bit of a hoebag on camera to friends for free I have no experience at all so any other tips you could give me as well would be great. 

Thanks in advance! x

Alternative Model is fantastic! I love the term being a hoebag on camera because that  is essentially what we do each and every day and I just love, love, love it! I am still giggling. Anyway! She has raised some great questions here already. Three questions to be exact! 
  1. Should your style/look affect the site you choose to work for? 
  2. What is nakedlivechats deal?
  3. What tips can you give a new webcam model?
I am only going answer the first two, because I am building up what will hopefully be a wonderful stock of tips for a future advice post. But that is the future and this is the now so lets get down to business.

Unless you are looking to get into a really niche market of cam site to make a name as an alternative model it really doesn't make a difference where you go. There will be guys who love an alt girl on every site and every sites aim is to be full of variety like a smorgas board of lovelies waiting to be sampled. If they offered only one type of woman they would lose too much business. In fact your unique look could make you very valuable to them and be lucrative for you if there are less alt girls on the camsite. You could be the go to alt girl for that site!

Your look and personal style can be absolutely anything to be a cam model, let me make that clear for all you girls thinking you might not have the right look. Fortunately Alternative Model knows she is foxy, which I am loving! Nothing better than owning it! But to be a camgirl you can be old, young, fat, thin, no boobs, huge boobs, pregnant, transgender, transexual, tattooed, pale, tan, black, asian, big ass, three eyes, a dorsal fin, tentacles instead of legs... you get the idea. There is a market for every single look and hundreds and thousands of men will come into your room during your time online and decide if you float their boat. And you will, trust me! The taste of the clients is so varied you really will find a fan club soon enough. The main thing you need to attract customers is personality. A stunning girl with no personality will make far less money than a "plain" one who knows how to work her room!

With regard to the site nakedchatlive.com I honestly hadn't heard of them prior to this email. Bearing in mind I have done many a cam site search on google this was surprising, which in turn made me question their traffic. They seem to be a perfectly legit operation, but again like many cam sites, I could find no payment information from them. This was most disappointing. They even have a wiki with info for models, but still just vague promises of what could be made without pay per min or percentage rates. I have emailed the site to see what they say, but I wont hold my breath. These sites prefer to divulge information after you have already signed up.

I am still recommending myfreecams.com as the go to site for girls. You make $3 a min in private chat ladies and can sell videos, gallery passwords, skype shows, panties, anything! Until I find another site as open to creativity and with as good a pay percentage I will keep promoting this one!

My hottest tip for now with MFC is to think about the money you are making offline as well as online. If you have the option to make and sell videos, photosets, panties and stockings, then take full advantage. List your services and amounts on your profile and check your MFC mail once a day for offline tips relating to these products. Videos are always the biggest seller, but with a growing fanbase you will see the others going way up too.

Hopefully some of this info has been helpful. Big thanks to Alternative Model for allowing me to repost her email!

Much Love



Monday, 23 May 2011

Cams.com got back to me...

Ah, the no credit card needed line. Wasting a camgirl's time since online whoring began!

Just got the most long winded and ridiculously mathmatical response from cams.com regarding model pay rates. Thank you Jeremy D for doing everything humanly possible to make me feel like I was back in maths class. The main things I got from all this was that Cams.com basically take 75-80% of your earnings and part of this is taken in "fees" for being on the site, and having customers pay by credit card. I love that they charge the models for that privilege. I don't know why they don't just say "We take about 75% of your earnings, babe!"

So basically I am just gonna put this out there... Cams.com suck! And here is the email from the delightful Jeremy D for your delectation.

Dear Member,

Thank you for your email regarding prices for your shows.

We allow changes to occur to the pricing of Private Chats, Nude Chats, and Voyeur views. Pricing can be set from $1.49 - $9.99 a minute for nude shows or private shows and $1.49 - $5.99 a minute for voyeur view.

As for percentage earnings. Cams.com deducts 10% credit card fees and 25% for marketing fees from all charges prior to the earnings percentage being calculated.

For Example:

If you set your earning percent to 45%, you can earn up to 29.25% of the gross of the charge.

If a model does a private show for 20 minutes and she is charging $4.99 per minute, this is how her share earnings breakdown occurs:

10%...................credit card fees
+25%...................marketing fees
=35%...................total fees deducted from the gross amount of $99.80

35% of $99.80 = $34.93

$99.80................total gross earned
-$34.93................minus 35% worth of fees
=$64.87................balance after fees

45% of the balance after fees is the models portion.

45% of $64.87 = $29.20

In the example above, the model earnings will be $29.20 which is 29.25% of the $99.80 total gross.

Please keep in mind if you lower your earning percentage earned it will drop the percentage you can earn from your total gross, however it helps your conversion rate for moving up on the Who's Online Now page. You may choose to do this occasionally as it may increase how many members enter your room.

Please let us know if we can assist you with anything else.

Thank you,

Jeremy D.
Streamray Model_Service Support

So... that clear it all up for you? Jargon anyone?

I am still gonna be plugging away finding the best cam sites for us ladies, but for now MFC is still on top and untouchable! If you get any hot tips you want me to research drop me and email at londoncamgirl@gmail.com or hit me via a comment here or tweet @LondonCamgirl.

Much love to Jeremy D wherever he may be!



Sunday, 22 May 2011

Sunday Camgirl Anthems - All about the Benjamins!

Because this week has been all about the Benjamins! Skip to about 2:40 to skip all Puffy's tomfoolery and jibber jabber. Skip to 5:15 to see Lil Kim being bad ass as always! Love the Dave Grohl rock remix!

Enjoy it! Be proud of yourself!



Saturday, 21 May 2011

Don't call me BB!

I'm not 100% sure why but some girls are really, really touchy about their customers calling them bb (short for baby). I personally don't mind but some girls seem to be stating its an instant ban from their room. Can anyone shed any light on this?

I mean, and now this is just a crazy thought, we are supposed to be polite to our customers and it's not like bb is a slur of any kind. Also bear in mind these men are probably typing with one hand so surely a little text speak is to be expected. I mean, man alive, when did we get to be so intolerant? It's an adult cam site for god's sake. It's not the Oxford debate team. Good grammar should not be expected, although of course as I will always prefer to read the comments of someone in my room who can be bothered to use correctly spelled words, full sentences and appropriate punctuation.

All caps and text speak are annoying, but these are potentially paying customers, is it really that hard to just smile when he calls you bb? To many rules and a shitty attitude are not conducive to masturbation and big spending. Unless of course that is your customer base's fetish, but in most cases I would recommend sucking it up if you can and not following the example of the grumpy camgirl pros who think they are too awesome for text speak and poorly typed, overused compliments. Remember it's just a pet name, not an insult.

Of course if it's someone you know if real life, just give them a slap and be as rude as you like.

Much love!



Friday, 20 May 2011

Naughty London...

That's a bad girl, London! A very bad girl!

The friend who said he liked me has been calling and texting me all week. The night I may have been drinking too much white wine, things may have been said... or shown...

He and I were in a class at college together and had a lot of mutual friends. He never noticed me much back then because I was the good girl who dressed like a nerd and he was a bit of a bad boy with several girlfriends on the go and so I don't think he ever really looked at me in that way. It's funny how things change.

I used to be a complete ironing board in school. My breasts didn't explode into the ample puppies they are now until I was nearly 20. I was a rake until 19 when I went on the pill and then kalblamo! Instant curves of DD proportions. I have been blessed now with the hourglass shape I prayed for from the age of 13 when all the girls were laughing at my lack of breasts. It is the only thing I have prayed for that I can remember being so spectacularly answered, albeit 5 years late. But you know all in God's timing and all that!

Anyway, I bumped into this guy at a party a few months ago and we started chatting and texting again. I was anti relationships at this point having gone through a nasty break up, but he was fun and he was one of the few people I decided to tell when I got into the camgirl game. He said he would never be able to look at my shows because it would feel to pervy, but he was 100% for me doing it. He even said it was a brilliant career choice for me, but then again what horny single man wouldn't be all for his hot friend stripping!

So here we have been texting off and on for several months and he sees me out and about on the town with Beau. I think he may have been offended. Well... I say I think...

He pulled me to one side and said "What are you doing with that guy? I thought you didn't want a relationship!"
"I didn't..." I replied, somewhat confused at the notion I couldn't change my mind.
"I see... So why didn't you say anything to me?"

I honestly had no idea what to say. Fortuitously Beau came over to mark his territory so I didn't have to answer. I still don't know what I would have said if he hadn't appeared.

I think my main reason for not telling him was that I didn't want to rush into something at the time and when I met Beau it just kind of happened. I'm not some malicious girl plotting to hurt men the world over. I have already lost one dear friend this year due to my stupidity and flirtatious ways so I am determined not to lose another. Although I can't really compare the two. The love I felt for my other friend was far greater and built over a much longer period of time. Sometimes I wish I hadn't started this job so that it could never have come between us, but sometimes you just have to do what you have to do and let things fall at the wayside.

After Beau and I had left the pub my friend text me to say I looked nice and we should catch up soon and so we did. Which leads me to where we are now...

I didn't realise that there was going to be such a huge volume of sexual tension between me and this man. We shall now call him Mr. FWB (friends with benefits...). FWB and I were chatting over webcam after one of my shows when he had been drinking and I had just started. We were laughing and joking and eventually both steaming drunk. He and I together when drunk is a bad combination at the best of times, but with the added addition of knowing I was open to relationships seemed to spur the flirtation well past the normal boundaries.

"I can't believe the things you text me, girl. You will get me in trouble at work! The stuff you IM me when you are working has everyone looking over my shoulder laughing. That thing about the guy with the anal beads had the guy sat next to me crying with laughter!"
"It's a good thing your office has such strict restrictions on adult sites really." I smiled.
"I know otherwise I might get tempted and end up seeing you naked!" he replied. He had a cheeky glint in his eye. I knew his was trying to tempt me into flirtation and I took the bait.
"Would that really be so bad?" I pouted. "You know most of our mutual friends have seen me naked anyway. I did date most of them!" This was true, and while I had not slept with them we had done the typical nice girl hoping that everything but vaginal penetration is still virginal enough for Jesus sex stuff.
"True..." he stopped to mull over the concept. After a pause he grinned widely and said "I dare you to flash me then!"
I laughed. "Are you sure you want to see my breasts? This could change the entire boundaries of our relationship forever. You may be so struck by how exquisite they are I will have ruined you for all other women! Nothing else may compare..."
"Hmmmm... nope I still want to see them! Get them out!"

After several chants of "Get them out!" I slid off my top and slowly unhooked my bra. I felt very deviant and sexy as my hair fell about my shoulders tickling me softly. He wasn't a customer or my boyfriend. He was a man I was playing with for free. It felt naughty and hot.

I exposed my breasts and arched my back for him giving him the full view of their soft, supple peaks. I ran my hands over my creamy skin and tugged on my little pink nipples getting them hard and my pussy wet while he stared at my form and passed judgement.

The sexual tension was palpable as he remained silent. I'm not sure he knew what to say. I was sat there, kittenish yet brazen with my ample tits exposed, biting my lip, waiting for his move. "You look so good." he said. I saw the crotch of his pants stretch as he grew hard. "You are such a bad girl."
"I know." I said. I had never felt so reckless or so in control. I had a perfectly nice guy in my life already but after a few drinks I wanted to play with FWB. I didn't feel the need to justify myself or even say anything to FWB, silently watching him get aroused was getting me off and I needed no excuses to slide my hands into my panties.

"What are you doing?" he asked with a crack in his voice.
"I'm rubbing my clit." I said breathlessly. My thighs were tingling as my fingers slid over my soaking pussy. I spread my legs and slid off my panties without saying a word and showed him my cunt. His eyes were wide and his mouth was open with shock. I watched him reach down and pull out his big, rock hard cock as my fingers pulled gently at my throbbing clit.

"I'm already getting close." I said, my eyes locked on the image of him stroking himself hard and fast to me. My pussy was clenching and spasming as I slid my fingers in and out, desperate for me to push myself over the edge. I stroked my g spot and could feel so much pressure built up inside. I was so turned on it was happening almost instantly.
"Mmmm... Me too, babe." he panted as he pounded his dick hard. I could just imagine myself sliding down on his thick, member, coming all over it while he filled my tight little pussy.

I fucked my pussy and pinched on my nipples to get me off. The gorgeous sensations took over my body and soon I was crying out in pleasure as wave after wave of orgasm hit me hard. As I came I watched his strokes grew faster and faster and with a heavy groan he blew his load all over his stomach. I was desperate to be there to lick it off. My back arched with the final wave and I could feel my cum dripping onto the bed. I love being naughty.

We lay naked and talking for a while but agreed that nothing would come of it for now and nothing would be said. I am nervous of what will happen if we meet though. Sometimes I'm just too damn bad for my own good. I really need to stay off the wine around FWB. I suppose where it's such early days with Beau I didn't imagine I was expected to be exclusive, but I should know better really. Is it wrong that I don't feel guilty? I should probably tell Beau I have been seeing other people just so he can make an informed decision. What do you think?

I'm a very bad girl.

Behave yourselves and learn from my mistakes!



InternetModeling.com - Webcam Models Wanted!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Webcam Model Rates - Various sites

Money matters, after all if it didn't why would we be doing this?

Ok so for those of you who are interested in breaking away from studios here is a brief breakdown of some camsites I have looked at and their rates if available.

1) Myfreecams.com = The sites payment system works on a prepaid tokens systems so MFC take their cut before the customer has even spent it on the model. Tokens are worth 5 cents each and private chats charge 1 token per second. This equates to $3 per min private chat. Tokens worth 5 cents each. Group show 50 cents per participant. Check out their breakdown below. Worth remembering MFC only accepts female models/female couples. Men and transgenders will need to look elsewhere...

2) Livejasmin =  Livejasmin takes 30-35% of the models takings. Models can set their rates between $1.99 - $3.99 so models will take home roughly 60 cents - $1.20 per minute per customer in paid chat. I struggled to find this info on their website but managed to get some clarity from their live online support as pictured below. The fact that she was switching from referring to payments as credits and USD confused me as you can see...

Livejasmin takes males, females, transgenders, couples of any combination so may be more suitable in that sense, however their pricing could be clearer.

3) Webcams.com =  They are claiming to be one of the biggest sites and advertise a lot of benefits. However they still take 37% of $2.99 to $3.99 of the models earnings as outlined below. Some of the features on webcams.com are that you can turn off free chat so you only get paying customers and they claim to have the best site name. The take men and women, but if you are a women you still arent getting as much per minute with a single customer.

4) extasycams.com = Pretty basic stuff here. It is 20 cents per min, per client with no free chat

5) Cams.com = Fuck knows what they are charging because they are as cagey as anything. The site states girls set own prices but wont say anything unless you register about percentages/per minute rates etc it seems. They say you can earn up to £120 per hour and it seems you can turn off free chat.

6) Xcam.co.uk = Random prices in euros. Quite low per min rate but again no free chat so potentially high traffic. Check out pricing below.

7) Adultwork.com = Prepaid credits similar to MFC but not idea what credits are worth as I personally find the site hard to navigate and cluttered. They site takes 5% of your credits earned in every session and then a 30% admin fee to cover whatever you choose to take out of your credit earnings to convert to real payments. Any gender can use this, its not exclusively a cam site either. It's pretty much an anything goes sex site. Escorts can advertise there too.

8) iFriends.net = a 50% take home of whatever there rates are plus bonuses for recruitment etc. Seems like a fairly good site, but again not too much info to be found without signing up.

Not an amazingly interesting post I know, but hopefully helps you make an informed choice. Do your site research and sign up with the one that seems like the best fit for you.

Good luck!